boise real estate: 2018 Meridian Idaho Real Estate Market Summary - 01/20/19 08:05 AM
If you are thinking of buying or selling a home in the Boise, Idaho area, you need to start by looking at statistics of where the market is first!  You need to drill down to the type of property specific to your situation.
This blog is designed to be a mile high overview of the market in Meridian (adjacent to Boise).  I chose to report on Meridian instead of Boise since that is where a lot of the growth is and the homes are newer than Boise.  I am also going to drill down to just resale homes, since new homes skew … (2 comments)

boise real estate: Beware of malicious attachments in emails and programs! - 02/21/17 10:41 AM
The real estate industry is getting blasted with viruses and malware so please take the time to be vigilant and make sure you have up to date quality anti-virus software!
I know a lot of people that were hacked via clicking on links that claimed to be important real estate closing documents, but weren't.  Fortunately, I have never been caught by that.  I know a few local real estate offices who's networks were almost taken down buy that.
There is another scam out there where people are intercepting email addresses and sending fake wire instruction changes for down payments which end up in … (8 comments)

boise real estate: Positioning yourself in today's competitive world - 02/19/17 04:10 PM
The only thing constant in today's world is . . . CHANGE.
Years ago, I changed and started blogging.  I was getting pretty active on the blogging website,  I was pleased with how it was working.  It wasn't overnight, it was a process that took time and effort.  
It was driving people to my websites: and
I was getting "Featured" meaning the powers to be on that website liked what I had to say.  I was building relationships with agents around the country.  I was learning different perspectives on real estate.  They have a point system based on a variety of factors (blogging, … (7 comments)

boise real estate: How to choose the right Realtor in today's market? Do a CMA on them! - 02/19/17 03:25 PM
According to Google, there are already 13,400,000 results for this question, so why am I still adding #13,400,001?  Because things have changed and some Realtor's have not!
When I Google'd "How to choose a Realtor", I read each one that showed up on the first page, excluding the paid for advertising one, and here was their consensus:  get references x6;  experience counts x5;  hire a local agent x5; review advertising/marketing plans; etc.
Albeit none of them is bad advice, I have been a Realtor for 25 years and I have a different perspective altogether.  Why not spin the table and use what the Realtors … (2 comments)

boise real estate: Is it possible to be too digitally connected? - 02/18/17 09:50 AM
I pride myself for how connected I am to my clients!  However, on some days, I wonder if that is a bad thing?
I consistently tell my students in the various real estate classes that I teach, that it is important to relate and communicate with your clients on THEIR level.  If you receive an email, respond via email; calls require calls back; texts should be responded via text; etc. However, when does the information age become information overload?
Some people don't appear to have much patience, so when they want to reach you, they want you now!  They are like Geppetto pulling on … (6 comments)

boise real estate: Normal is just the average of the extremes! - 02/09/17 10:43 AM
One day as I was relaxing enjoying a beer after work and I overheard a question on the other side of the bar:  "What is normal anyway?" 
I really wasn't evesdropping, but for some reason that question came across crystal clear.  Out of nowwhere, the answer popped into my head and I responded "It is the average of the extremes!"
That sparked quite the conversation.  If you ever studied statistical analysis, you probably are familiar with the bell curve and standard deviations.  
As the graph above shows, one standard deviation encompasses 68.2% of the entire sample.  When you go out 2 standard deviations, … (33 comments)

boise real estate: Think you don't make enough to buy a home - think again! - 12/22/16 12:20 PM
Did you know that making less money can actually HELP you buy home?  Did you know you can make too much money to buy a home with some programs?
I have been teaching first time home buyer classes in Boise, Idaho for over 20 years and am always tracking new loan programs and buyer assistance options.
For example, did you know that Freddie Mac just rolled out a new program especially for people that make half the average median income for an area?  That means, in Ada County (Boise, Meridian, Kuna, Star) you might qualify if you make LESS than $31,200.  Income limits … (2 comments)

boise real estate: Project Fi Phone Service For Real Estate - 12/09/16 10:38 AM
Isn't it frustrating as a Realtor that as you drive around your community that your cell phone carrier drops signal or doesn't have data service in certain parts of your market?  I think I finally found the answer:  Google Fi.
Why, because unlike every other carrier, it isn't just one carrier.  Wait, . . . what?
Google is a hybrid cell phone carrier that will switch between Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular and WIFI even when you are in the middle of using it.  This is huge for me because here in the Boise, Idaho area, my Sprint signal gets week just west of … (14 comments)

boise real estate: Dream home for sale - 3862 W. Braveheart, Eagle Idaho - 12/18/15 03:06 AM

Check out this impressive 5 bedroom home that has an extremely flexible floor plan located at 3862 W Braveheart in Eagle, Idaho located in Henry's Fork Subdivision.  Enjoy the quiet setting on nearly a half acre lot. 
Don't take my word for it though, check out the home yourself with the 3D Home Tour:
Be sure to check out the doll house views, the first and second floor plan then take the time to scroll or mouse you way through the house!
Luxury main level master suite and a second full guest suite on main level. There are three more large bedrooms and bonus or … (5 comments)

boise real estate: Top ten reasons why renting a home is better than buying one! - 06/26/15 05:00 AM
1.    1.  Taxes suck.  Let your landlord worry about how to handle the tax write offs and tax benefits (less stress).
2.  Pets:  You don’t have to worry about pets (because you can’t have them).
3.  Pride:  No pride of ownership means you can save your pride for things like the Pride Parade or take a trip to the zoo to check out the lion’s pride instead.
4.  Make new friends: (because you landlord will decide to sell for a profit forcing you to move at your expense)
5.  Less chance of a house fire (many rentals don’t have a garage and since most … (6 comments)

boise real estate: How to use the internet to shop for the right home - 05/02/15 04:17 AM
If you are going to be successful looking for your next home online, you need to know how to search effectively.  According to the National Association of Realtors, 93 percent of home buyers are looking online to find their next home. 
Start by searching the most comprehensive up to date website (database) possible.  Understand the benefits and limits of other databases (websites).  For example, if you are looking to buy a home in Boise Idaho, the largest and most accurate source of current homes for sale is the Intermountain Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  Other websites typically team up with the MLS providers … (6 comments)

boise real estate: Jim Paulson's target demographic for Boise real estate clients - 03/17/15 03:27 AM
I just received an introductory call from a lender that just moved to Boise Idaho from California.  He sent me a nice email follow up telling me more about himself, so I emailed him back telling him about my business philosophy and my target market for clients. 

Here is Jim Paulson's target demographic for Boise real estate clients:
Smart people - many of my peers are intimidated by smart clients (engineers, doctors, programmers, etc.) and I thrive with them!  If I could select an IQ base to work with it would be clients in the 120 - 150 range. People … (3 comments)

boise real estate: Pat Wray, licensed Boise Realtor, joins Progressive Realty Corporation - 02/28/15 01:00 PM
Pat Wray has successfully passed all his classes, finger print check, paid his E&O insurance and paid to join the National, Idaho & Ada County Association of Realtors. Pat Wray is very familiar with the real estate industry due to his previous positions as a loan officer with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and as a marketing representative for Alliance Title here in the Boise area. As the owner and broker of Progressive Realty Corporation, I was honored when Pat asked me about my brokerage and decided to join even before he took his first official real estate class. During one of … (0 comments)

boise real estate: What does a Realtor do all day anyway? - 12/18/14 01:04 PM
Wouldn't it be great to be a Realtor so you could work part time and make great money?
Well here is a summary of my day today and I didn't make a dime (yet).  About nine o'clock tonight, I took a break just to add up my communications from today and was shocked at the results:
22 text messages 33 phone calls 52 emails sent 69 unanswered emails (not including junk folders) What do I have to show for all this at the end of the day?
One new offer submitted hope to close in two weeks on a cash sale … (6 comments)

boise real estate: How to predict future housing inventory - 01/30/14 02:22 AM
Since most economists can’t seem to ever agree on the future of much of anything, I suggest a different approach.  Historians have a much better factual database to select from so if you look backwards, it can give you an idea of what might be coming.
If you are looking for an “average” home, you should almost always have a few choices out there.  However, if you are looking for something unique, how do you predict what might be worth waiting for?
I suggest going back a full year in the local MLS and search for every home that met your … (3 comments)

boise real estate: Is the website you use to find a home up to date and complete? - 11/22/11 02:22 AM
It is almost impossible to know how accurate a website is when you are searching for homes online.  Websites have different reasons for posting homes for sale and therefore you will find different levels of data and data integrity.  Think back a few years ago when the various real estate booklets were popular (Harmon Homes, Homes and Land, Real Estate Book, etc) which had print deadlines roughly 2-3 weeks prior to printing then only published every month so you could have a listing sell even prior to publication!
Some websites require individual agents and consumers to upload and update their listings. … (0 comments)

boise real estate: Does Your Real Estate Agent Have Klout? - 09/26/11 04:44 AM
Social Media is forever changing the way we communicate and do business.  We post things on Facebook, Tweet this or that, + things on Google, and then go blog about our life.
In the revised EPRO class, one thing they cover is a relatively new company called Klout which attempts to guage how much online influence you have based on:
How many people you influence (True Reach) How much you influence them via responses and sharing your data (Amplification) How influential they are based on if top influencers are influenced by you (Network Score) When you first sign up for Klout, … (8 comments)

boise real estate: Example of a bank email scam - 08/25/11 10:17 AM
If you do much online, you probably get your share of online scams.  Some of them do a pretty effective job of spoofing the email addresses of major companies.  Some of them scape logos and images to make them look really official.

I had to laugh at this one today since it says it is regarding my Chase account, yet they used a Bank of America spoofed email address.  If they didn't make this glaring mistake, you could still typically "mouse over" their lnks to see if they actually to to what they say their are going to. 

boise real estate: Google + Hangout's = Realtor's Dream Marketing plan - 07/23/11 07:35 AM
I was very fortunate to have received an invite to join Google + fairly early in the Beta test.  When I heard of the "Hangout" feature where you can do live video chats with multiple people I recognized what a powerful marketing tool this will be.
I have a client in Seattle moving to Boise.  I went out to preview homes he was considering and thought instead of taking a video and uploading it to Youtube for him to watch, I could just do it live using Google +!  Think of the power in while previewing real estate for our clients, … (6 comments)

boise real estate: Emergency HomeOwners Loan Program (EHLP) Available in Idaho! - 07/23/11 05:56 AM
Idaho Housing and Finance Association is working directly with HUD on a new program called the Emergency Homeowners’ Loan Program (EHLP).  This program will offer a forgivable, deferred payment “bridge loan” (zero percent interest, non-recourse, subordinate loan) to assist eligible borrowers with their mortgage arrearages and payments on their mortgage principal, interest, mortgage insurance premiums, taxes and hazard insurance for up to 24 months.
I would have named it the Homeowner's Emergency Loan Program (HELP) so it wouldn't look like I was dislexic  when referencing the EHLP program, but it is still a great program!
EHLP is designed to provide mortgage … (5 comments)

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