progressive realty boise idaho: Using the best tools to help people buy/sell real estate! - 06/28/18 12:50 PM
It is imperative that Realtors use today's technology tools to help manage their business.  Think about what tools your Realtor uses in their professional trade.  Are they upgrading their tools or still hanging onto their original equipment like they are their "professional" personal photo from their high school prom on their business card?
Just having the right tools will not make you a great Realtor any more than having the best tools will make you a great carpenter or mechanic.  However is your agent still using a Juno or AOL email address?  If so, their laptop may look like this:
I remember when I … (2 comments)

progressive realty boise idaho: Vanity License Plates for a Realtor - 01/02/18 07:28 PM
I just bought another real estate vehicle and will be getting custom license plates (vanity tags).  I sell real estate in Boise, Idaho and our standard license plates indicate the county you live in.  Therefore, if I am out in an adjacent county, it stands out.  That isn't always bad; however you may not seem like the "local guy" if you come from the adjacent county.  When I go hunting, it is best to not show you are from the capital city when you are up in the mountains hunting deer or elk.  Having vanity tags drop the county designation so … (5 comments)

progressive realty boise idaho: Catastrophic Emergency Best Practices? - 09/01/17 07:43 AM
I have pondered a lot about disaster preparedness after watching and reading about Hurricane Harvey.  I used to think I was be prepared since most of my data is stored and backed up in the cloud.  After reading some of the first hand accounts of the people affected, I finally realized my thinking was too linear, it isn't just about my data!
As the owner/broker of Progressive Realty Corporation in Boise, Idaho; I started expanding my thinking to see what else it might impact.
What about the impact on my agents and their families What about my clients and their families What … (26 comments)

progressive realty boise idaho: Google Guide Surprise - I never expected this! - 03/04/17 11:54 AM
I am a huge fan of Google, and only recently became a Local Guide for Google.  I love posting my photos and helping them update data for places.  I have lived in many different countries and most of the United States of America so I thought I might as well contribute.  I am amazed that one of the photos I uploaded has been viewed 31,295 times so far and I only uploaded it seven months ago!
Today's email from Google didn't intentionally have anyting to do with me, but the photo that popped up reminded me of a place I lived nearly 40 … (9 comments)

progressive realty boise idaho: Be the author of your own epitaph! - 01/01/17 11:19 AM
If you have turned on the news at all the past week, you have seen memorial tributes and eulogies for people that passed away in 2016.  Also, many of you are probably working on sticking to or still creating your New Year's resolutions for 2017.
I too have been working on mine.  We can get bogged down with what we can't do in life, or we can decide what we can do with our life!
I want to use more colored pencils, I want my life line to look like a Spirograph, I want to see what the outside of the box looks like!
I … (4 comments)

progressive realty boise idaho: Realtor has over 50,000 people live streaming his web cam! - 12/31/16 06:03 AM
I pride myself in trying to stay up with technology but had a great reality check just in time for the New Year.
In this world of constant advertising messages, how do you get your brand to stand out?  Well kudo's to Dick Pritchett Real Estate, Inc. in Fort Meyers, Florida for learning how to get millions of people to look for him online.  I don't know anything about him or his company other than what he is offering the world for free!  What, Wait - Free?
Yes, he is live streaming web cam views of an Eagle's nest that has a nesting … (5 comments)

progressive realty boise idaho: News flash (back) - 1960's legalized! - 06/27/15 02:12 AM
After reading and watching all the major news events recently, I just realized essentially we just finally decriminalized the 1960's.  Rock and roll will never die, marijuana is becoming legal, and free love is becoming a reality.

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