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My office is on the perimeter of a golf course.  I enjoy watching the golfers. There is a member of this club who is a world-class, amateur golfer.  He has won several international tournaments.  And here is what I have learned from him:  success is earned in the shadows.  Let me explain.This man...
Taking a new direction in business or life is really really scary.  Inertia is a powerful force and it pushes us to do today what we did yesterday - for better or worse. While I would never advocate “ready, fire, aim,” I do believe that there are times when you need to stop the analysis, take yo...
In this past Saturday's New York Times, writer Joe Nocera (Pulitzer prize finalist) writes about standing in line on Thursday, March 12 to see Bernie Madoff plead guilty... speaking with victims of Madoff's chicanery. In Nocera's unscientific survey of victims, he found that many of them want "ju...
Last week’s blog entry was about the mindset and strategies we all need to bring to the economic crisis, the goals being both survival and prosperity. I would be remiss in discussing any challenge without focusing on the subject of persistence. In both good times and bad, an unwillingness to give...
No one knows when the meltdown is going to end. I am predicting 24 months. My guess is as good as anyone else's. However, after studying successful people for 30+ years, I do feel I have insight into the approaches of those who will survive and prosper during and after the meltdown. Here are four...

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