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Great achievers are often loners who find sustenance in the pursuit of something they feel strongly about - caring, of course, what others think but not needing interaction or confirmation to continue their quest. I have a friendship with a four-time Olympian who has held 10 world records in trac...
I have been an entrepreneur my entire business life.  There are good parts and bad parts.  But, for me, the good far outweigh the bad.Whether you work for yourself or not, it is my view that you need to always think like an entrepreneur.  Here are ten suggestions as to how to do that:1. If you ha...
I feel that if my blog entry’s are going to be valuable to you, I need to read as much as I can about subjects of personal achievement and financial literacy. I feel that my job is to uncover, distill and select the most important points or concepts you may wish to know. My hope is that this info...
Over the last year I have read every book or article I could find on the subjects of willpower and self-discipline.  As we entered challenging economic times, I felt that an understanding of how people dealt with adversity would be important. Here is what I have concluded: All of willpower and se...

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