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Being an entrepreneur is tough… very tough. There are many reasons some entrepreneurs make it big, and others do not. Tonight I would like to speak to the organic, the personal, reasons that some entrepreneurs fall short of their promise. This is not about capital, which is a challenge for all en...
Sooner or later, we have to talk about the economy and there are perhaps no greater influences on thinking in Washington today than Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” and Keynes’ “animal spirits.” Let me outline for you the difference between the two:Adam Smith: Smith believed that the result of lots ...
I represent a group of six doctors who formed a partnership to buy a medical office building. And, they formed a partnership of another type: these doctors have a pact. If any one of them starts to lose his ability or drive to provide top-flight medical services, the other five can force him to r...
I don’t even like the sound of the word: WHO – BRIS.Hubris is an overarching self-importance. Someone who thinks that he or she is different from (a better version of) the rest of us.Oftentimes hubris is the result of some high level of success. That to me is particularly galling because after st...
Everyone sets goals at one time or another. Some people reach them, others don’t.A major reason people give up on their goals is that they underestimate the length of time it takes to achieve whatever they are seeking.Yesterday was the New York Marathon. All the runners in the race understood tha...

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