first time buyers: Hidden Costs to Buying a House - 04/06/17 09:56 AM
Buying a home should be a simple undertaking.  However, purchasing a home can become complicated quickly, especially if buyers fail to consider or plan for the immediate and long-term costs associated with owning a home.
This is  especially true with first-time buyers. They can be so wrapped up in the actual purchase price of the home that they sometimes fail to account the hidden costs of homeownership.
Utilities     Utilities are paramount, and the costs asscoiated need to be evaluated during the homebuying process. Utilities are often include in your rent, but now they will be your responsibilty. Heating and coolling costs, water and … (1 comments)

first time buyers: Millenials Staying With Mom and Dad - 08/04/15 12:58 AM
As a parent who finally had his 29 year old daughter move outr just two weeks ago, I can understand why so many millenials still live with their parents.
Even though the job market may be improving, many 25-34 year olds are still living with Mom and Dad. Some even come back with their children as well.
There are several reasons for this:
Student loan debt: Many millenials are strapped with high student laon debt 
Sluggish economy: Many graduating students can not find jobs; they find thyemselves competing with older workers who are taking those jobs that the millenials would traditionally take. Many … (1 comments)

first time buyers: How to Use Gift Money For a Down Payment - 07/28/14 01:28 AM
How to Use Gift Money fro a Down Payment
Many first time home buyers struggle with saving up enough money for a down payment on their first home.  One way that many buyers come up with down payment money is from gifts from family or friends.  If you are planning on using gift money to help buy a home there are some guidelines you will need to follow.
There are  a couple of rules when it comes to using gift money:
1. If you are getting gift money to help you buy a house you will need a gift letter. The letter has … (0 comments)

first time buyers: Where Have the First Time Buyers Gone? - 06/09/14 04:57 AM
Where Have the First Time Buyers Gone?
 According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the number of first time buyers is declining in the US. First time buyers accounted for about 27% of buyers compared to 40% in a more normal market.
What is behind the decline? There are several factors playing a role:
·         Many young buyers are hampered by student loan debt. New mortgage rules make it harder for new buyers to qualify for a mortgage as a result of their student loan debt.
·         There is a lack of suitable inventory that … (0 comments)

first time buyers: The Traits of Generation Y Home Buyers - 05/27/14 01:58 AM
The Traits of Generation Y Home Buyers
There are different and unique trends among the generations when it comes to purchasing a home. The reason for buying , what kind of home are they buying and where they are buying differs between the five major generational groups; Gen Y, Gen X, Young Baby Boomers, Older Baby Boomers and the Silent Generation.
The largest share of home buyers are members of Generation Y (Gen Y), also known as the Millennial generation. These are buyers born between 1980 and 1995 and are aged 33 and younger.
According to information compiled by the National … (0 comments)

first time buyers: What are MassHousing Mortgage Loans? - 03/07/14 04:59 AM
What are MassHousing Mortgage loans?
If you are looking to purchase a home in the North Attleboro- Attleboro area you might be eligible for a MassHousing Mortgage loan.
 MassHousing Mortgage loans are affordable mortgage loans for low and moderate-income residents of Massachusetts. They can offer an alternative to FHA loans.  MassHousing   mortgages are offered by MassHousing, a state agency that works to increase affordable housing in the commonwealth of Massachusetts.
 MassHousing mortgage income limits vary by community. North Attleboro and Attleboro are in Bristol County and the income limit is $95,985, Plainville is in Norfolk County where the income … (3 comments)

first time buyers: Buying Your First Home? Be Prepared. - 03/03/14 05:11 AM
Buying your first home? Be prepared.       Buying your first home can appear to be a daunting and stressful task. But if you are well prepared and have a good Real Estate agent working for you, it can be a rewarding experience.   Do your homework before you start looking. Assess what features you want or do not want in a home.Be realistic, these needs and wants may change over time.  
Get your finances in order. Review you credit report and make sure you have sufficient funds to cover your down payment and closing costs.  
Before you … (0 comments)

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