business plan: Time Flies! - 06/01/10 10:41 AM
This morning when you woke up, you might have been like a lot of people…thinking to yourself, “Holy Cow – It’s JUNE!” Yes, it’s true. It’s June. How is your year shaping up? How many of your goals have you achieved? Are you on track to hit your 2010 goals? I’ll admit it. I’ve surpassed some goals while completely missing others. And you know what? It’s my own fault. The truth is that we only have one life. And our life is the sum total of our days. I failed to make EVERY day special. We only get today once. I … (3 comments)

business plan: Play Ball! - 04/05/10 09:33 AM
Well, it’s that time of year again! Opening day of baseball! For fans everywhere, there is a new excitement for the season to come, renewed hope, a clean slate. Today is a day where everybody cheers for their first place team. But…things will change. There will be wins and there will be losses. Some teams will catapult to the top, others will dive to the bottom. There will be excuses. Some will blame injuries, some will blame travel schedules, some will blame the weather, some will blame the coaches, some will blame the umpires. Sad, isn’t it? If it REALLY is … (3 comments)

business plan: Snowstorms and Real Estate - 01/11/10 02:56 AM
I was "enjoying" a drive through town the other day while my car slid around on the freshly fallen snow, my windshield was caked with salt and smeared slush, and my wipers just made it worse.  But, I had to get where I wanted to I kept driving cautiously until I was done with my work and back safely at home.
And while I was driving, I got to thinking, "How is this like the real estate industry?".  Well, in a snowstorm we have 3 types of people.  1) The ones who keep driving like its summer time.  cruising along … (2 comments)


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