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If you buy this home using my services I will give you 2% cash back on this home. You will also receive 80% of $5,000 and you will get a $10,000 buyer incentive from the builder. Mahomet Drive A-1916 SQFT, One Story 3 BED - 2 BathKitchen island overhang, oak ...
Just feels as if I posted my 200th post.  I am still writing about my area and events.  I see a lot of other AR Members writing more details in their posts, but alas I do not have that much time.  I suppose I could slow down on the outdoor activities, but that is way to fun and sitting in front o...
Looks like Central Texas is outpacing the rest of the country and even the state.  The unemployment in the state fell to 4.1 last month and is down from 4.5 last year at this time.This is the lowest it has been since the 1970s. Here in Central Texas we are at 3.6 percent and are down from 3.8 per...
Which cities made the top ten. Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antonio  Why is this?Probably because our Real Estate Market continues to grow even in a depressed market. Hmmmm good news yet the media doesn't report it.Texas continues to attract businesses to the state.  In Austin alone...
Did you know that lawn care equipment is responsible for over 5% of the air pollution in urban areas.  Wow!!! That doesn't seem like a lot, but this is just more pollutants that we have to breath in.So how do we help out.  You could buy an electric lawnmower.You have until April 30th 2008 to orde...
$257154 New Greenridge home. Seller incentives of $15,000 + 2% back off base priceUp to 5% cash back on any new home in Texas.  I work with almost all new home builders in Texas.The seller is giving $15,000 in incentives, plus 3% commission and I will rebate 2% back to you on this home if purchas...
Well it they lit the Beijing Olympic flame in a traditional ceremony at 11:45 am on Monday at the Hera Temple of Ancient Olympia.  "Today will lead to the opening of the first ever Olympic Games in China, where one fifth of the world's population is longing for them," said Rogge. "By crossing fiv...
$176217 Greenridge Neighborhood get $15,000 in incentives plus 2% cash back.The seller is giving $15,000 in incentives, plus 3% commission and I will rebate 2% back to you on this home if purchase through me.309 Boone Valley. H-1893 SQFT. 1-story. 3-bedroom, 2-bath. Living room, dining room, kitc...
I have read so many negative things about Real Estate these days that I decide to start a NEW HOME REBATE PROGRAM for Texas. What a great way to get CASH BACK on YOUR new home in TEXAS.I follow the Federal Trade Commission and US. Department of Justice's, "Competition in the Real Estate Brokerage...
03/23/2008 I find this to be one of the most excite offer out there if you are looking to buy a new home in Texas. Why not get some cash back for closing or other neeeds. If you are thinking about or are looking to buy a new home in Texas with a builder this program is for ...

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