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When?  Sunday, November 2 at 2:00 A.M. Here are a few things you can do every 6 months when you turn back or forward your clocks:Check and replace the batteries in your carbon monoxide smoke and alarms. Also, a good idea is to replace your smoke alarms that are over 10 years. Prepare a disaster s...
If you change out the inefficient lighting with new efficient lighting Austin Energy will pay up to 80% of these costs.  That includes the cost of the lights and the installation of the lights.  You will usually get your rebate in 6 months Austin Energy helps by providing the contractors and they...
 Are you tired of wasting time when you try and call a company and all you do is press numbers through a long menu.  I found a great site that give cheat codes so you can get to a live person faster.  This site has over 1000 major companies. You can also view their blog and share your stories wit...
EARLY VOTING STARTS ON OCTOBER 20THLOCATIONS FOR EARLY VOTING Travis County Early Voting Sites Hays County Early Voting SitesWilliamson County Early Voting Sites Your vote does count just think one vote made English the language of America instead of German (1776) and admitted Texas (1845) into t...
The Austin Texas Fire Department is helping seniors over 60 years young by giving away a free smoke alarm. You must be over 60 (of course) and have to live in a single family home.  You can get more information by calling the Austin Fire Department smoke alarm hotline, Their number is 512.974.029...
How does Texas Value your Property Each appraisal district must repeat its appraisal process for property at least once every three years. The appraisal district uses mass appraisal to appraise large numbers of properties this helps save time and money. To start the district first collects a deta...
I was searching for some information and found this site.  This is very interesting.  I think it is free.  This is just a great way to see if you have any money out there. This is a Texas State run website. Let me know what you think. Disclaimer from Texas Compt...
Your vote does count just think one vote  made English the language of America instead of German (1776) and admitted Texas (1845) into the union. SO VOTE.  Here are the canidates and what is up for grabs. If you are not registered to vote or need to know where to vote check out this site. http://...
Today, people like you are using the Internet to search for a new home in Texas. Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio or other cities throughout Texas. However, very few of them know that they can save thousands of dollars by using a Real Estate Agent such as myself, in conjunction with their Int...
I was reading some financial new and ran into this story.  What do you guys out there in Active Rain Think. WASHINGTON - Hundreds of thousands of American families will have a greater opportunity to find housing or keep the homes they have because of $50 million in housing counseling and counseli...

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