mortgage armstrong county: So Your Ready to Buy a House? Now What? - 05/11/08 07:10 AM
So Your Ready to Buy a House?  Now What? You've made your decision and are ready to pursue homeownership.  What's next? EDUCATE YOURSELF!  
Check your credit:  Your credit history is going to determine what kind of loan you qualify for and what kind of interest rate you are going to pay.   You can check your credit for free through each of the 3 bureaus every 12 months.  Stagger your inquiries so you are checking your credit through one of the 3 bureaus every 3 or 4 months.  You can look at your credit report by visiting you don't … (12 comments)

mortgage armstrong county: This Can Help You Avoid “Steering” and …….. - 05/07/08 03:19 AM
Possibly Give You Information for Your Posts to Localism!
We all know steering a buyer to a particular area is unethical and illegal. 
But what do you do when Joe Buyer asks you questions that may lead you into steering him to a particular area by answering them?
Sperling's Best Places is a great way to help you avoid that issue by allowing your buyer to find out the information they are looking for with out putting you in an unpleasant situation!
You can search this website based on County, Township or City (or even by specific zip code).  There is a ton of … (12 comments)

mortgage armstrong county: What Won’t Fly in the Guaranteed Rural Housing Loan Program – Recognizing Unacceptable Credit - 04/28/08 10:48 AM
As a buyer, should I consider the Rural Housing Loan Program?
As a seller, can my buyer possibly qualify for the Rural Housing Loan Program?
The USDA's Guaranteed Rural Housing Loan is one of the best loan programs out there today.  It is a no down payment, 100% financing loan - the last one available. 
Below is a list of quick ways to see if you or your buyers have a chance to qualify for this program.  These are the other factors that need to be considered as well.
Don't worry if you can't qualify for this particular program.  There are … (5 comments)

mortgage armstrong county: 10 FREE Ways to Improve Your Credit Score and Raise Your Fico STARTING TODAY - 04/27/08 10:30 AM
Are you thinking about buying a house and have more time available than money? 
Okay, I know, who really has too much of either?  But, if you are serious about purchasing a home in the near future, why not start making improvements to your credit history now so you can buy that home of your dreams soon? 
A higher credit score almost always means a lower interest rate when purchasing a home (or anything else for that matter).  This means more money in your pocket instead of the banks!
We all know the basics of improving your credit.  Pay your bills on time, … (3 comments)

mortgage armstrong county: Advantages of the 100% Financing Guaranteed Rural Housing Loan Program - Buy with No Money Down - 04/22/08 10:30 AM
Guaranteed Rural Housing Loan - SIMPLY THE BEST!
The 100% Financing USDA Rural Development Guaranteed No Down-Payment Loan Program is one of the best programs available to borrowers looking for homes in today's market (I specialize in the Armstrong County, Kittanning and Ford City areas).  Why, you may ask?  Let me go over a few of the highlights of this wonderful little gem!
 Highlights of the Rural Housing Loan Program
100% Financing (no down payment required) - buyers are not required to put any of their own money into the deal No Mortgage Insurance (there is a one time … (7 comments)

mortgage armstrong county: Can a buyer with no down payment money buy a house? They can through the USDA - Guaranteed Rural Housing Loan - 04/21/08 04:40 AM
This is pretty common in this day and age.  People want to buy a house, but they haven't save enough.  Some of them haven't even saved a penny.  What gives?
If you have a similiar situation, you may want to check in the Guaranteed Rural Housing loan.  This is a great program and offers some of the following:
100% - No Down Payment
Low Rates on a 30 Year Fixed Mortgage
No Monthly Mortgage Insurance
No Minimum Credit Score to Qualify
Zero Credit Score is O.K.
Accepts Alternative Credit
Unlimited Seller Assists
No Minimum Contribution into the Transaction
I am able to do these loans in PA, but this program … (5 comments)


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