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Unhealthy Remodeling By-Products Asbestos Lead-based Paint (see p. 11 for details) Formaldeyde Volatile Organic Compounds You may not have realized that your remodeling project may be creating unhealthy household air. Q: What remodeling hazards should I be concerned about? A: Asbestos, formaldehy...
IAQ Indoor Air QualityThere is good news and bad news about indoor air: the bad news is that indoor air often contains higher concentrations of hazardous pollutants than outdoor air; however, the good news is that everyone can reduce indoor air pollution.How can the air inside our homes be so bad...
What Building Facility Managers Can Do to Promote Good Indoor Air QualityAs an occupant of an office building, understanding the role of the building management in maintaining a healthy and comfortable indoor environment is an important step in understanding how you can fit into the picture. EPA ...
What the Office Manager/Tenant Can Do In leased space, the office manager or other person responsible for office policies and/or relations with the property owner is often in a position to directly and significantly impact indoor air quality in the space. For some businesses, responsibility for d...
Factors that Affect Occupant Comfort and ProductivityBesides the factors that directly impact the levels of pollutants to which people are exposed, a number of environmental and personal factors can affect how people perceive air quality. Some of these factors affect both the levels of pollutants...
Factors that Contribute to Indoor Air Quality Indoor air quality is not a simple, easily defined concept like a desk or a leaky faucet. It is a constantly changing interaction of complex factors that affect the types, levels, and importance of pollutants in indoor environments. These factors incl...
Why is Indoor Air Quality Important?Indoor air quality is a major concern to businesses, building managers, tenants, and employees because it can impact the health, comfort, well being, and productivity of building occupants.Most Americans spend up to 90% of their time indoors and many spend most...
Humidity Control, IAQ, and You The New Webster's Dictionary defines air conditioning as: "The process of regulating the quality, temperature, humidity, and circulation of air in a space enclosure." These are the criteria for basic comfort management for the occupants within the modern office envi...
What Is the Best Air Filter?If you have ever suffered from seasonal allergies or breathing related disorders such as asthma, or chronic sinusitis, you have undoubtedly heard of the necessity for better air filtration than what is provided standard in homes by air conditioning contractors. Underst...
A Breath of Fresh AirDo you remember the first time in the spring, when you would open all the windows in the house to "air it out"? That breath of fresh air that I used to look forward to each spring seems to be missing today in our lives. Subdivisions have brought our homes closer together, dev...

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Indoor Air Quality Solutions, IAQS
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