air quality mold: The Home Inspector Mold Test "Buyer Beware" - 01/17/10 02:58 AM
It's time to stop unqualified home inspectors from charging clients for mold testing.  I've followed behind dozens of home inspectors who have charged clients to collect air samples, swab samples, and tape samples just to then hand the client a lab report with no ability to interpret the results.  What are the clients paying for?
The reality is that all AIHA accredited laboratories state "Interpretation and use of test results are the responsibility of the client."  When I turn in samples that I collect, I am the client that the Laboratory is referring to, not the homeowner or the homebuyer - … (1 comments)

air quality mold: Whats in the Air You Breathe - 12/07/09 05:28 AM
Are your allergies bothering you in your home or office?  Does your asthma get triggered when you enter a room?  Maybe it's time for the professionals at Microshield Environmental Services help you isolate and identify the allergens or asthma triggers in your home or office.  Microshield can then help you eliminate those allergens and triggers and improve your Indoor Air Quality.
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