indoor air quality solutions: Residential Indoor Air Quality Assessments - 07/21/16 07:25 AM
What will be discussed in this white paper presentation is simply our approach to the assessment of a single family residential home in Florida. We will describe the how and the why of our residential IAQ assessments, the basis for our opinions and the equipment used during our assessments.

indoor air quality solutions: The Art of Over Selling and Under Delivering - 07/19/16 04:10 AM
Air Sampling for Mold Spores is NOT a Mold Inspection and NOT an Air Quality Sample
Mold has become an issue for homeowners and home buyers across the country.  Mold inspections have become a part of most real estate transactions.   However, here in Florida, a mold inspection has become a bit cliché even passé.  Today it’s all about Air Quality.  Why call it a mold sample if you can charge more and call it an Air Quality Sample?  I’ve given my 2 cents about the value of mold sampling and the total lack of value in simply sampling for mold and calling … (0 comments)

indoor air quality solutions: What "IS" a Real Mold Inspection - 07/13/16 11:42 AM
What is a Mold Assessment?
I once again raise this question because I’ve been called in to provide yet another second opinion of a mold inspection that consisted of nothing more than the collection of a few air samples for mold spores.  I assure you that a correct mold assessment in accordance with the only industry standard of practice does not involve the random sampling of mold.  The only industry standard of practice is the ASTM D-7338 Assessment of Fungal Growth in Buildings.
The question of just what is a mold assessment is a frustrating and surprisingly hard question for many industry professionals … (1 comments)

indoor air quality solutions: Chemical Free Mold Remediation - 05/12/14 01:53 AM
Mold Remediation is the process of removing mold while protecting unaffected areas of a home or office from unnecessary cross contamination.  At no time is it necessary to KILL Mold.  Mold must be Removed regardless of its ability to germinate and grow into a colony.  The safest way to end the life cycle of mold is to simply eliminate the water source that is allowing the mold to grow.  Removing the water source is far safer that using Biocides and you will still need to remove the mold regardless of the molds viability.
Remember ALL Mold Remediation Should be Chemical Free … (3 comments)

indoor air quality solutions: Orlando’s Indoor Air Quality Expert Elected to IAQA Board of Directors - 03/22/14 10:59 AM
John P. Lapotaire, CIEC, has been elected to a six-year term on the Indoor Air Quality Association’s (IAQA) International Board of Directors.
Orlando, FL, March 24th, 2014
Last week, the Indoor Air Quality Association concluded their 17th Annual Meeting & Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. The event is the indoor air quality (IAQ) industry’s premier conference and brings together professionals from across the globe.  
During the annual meeting, elections were held for a number of important leadership positions within IAQA.  They included positions for both Officers and Directors that provide critical direction for IAQA’s continued growth and mission.  … (2 comments)