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My blog is simply a place for people find out my thoughts and feelings on a variety of topics. Anything from Columbia, SC real estate and bussiness to life in general. Please feel free to search any and all of my blogs and leave as many good or bad comments as you like.



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 Currently the market is in a down turn in many parts of the nation. However, much the same way that all politics is local, all real estate is local also. Remember those three L's of real estate, location, location, and location. Well, that fact of the matter is that they still hold true. How bad...
 I posted a blog a while back called Credit vs. Education. It got very poor response, in fact, it got absolutely no response at all. But since it is still important to me, I will once again Harp on the subject. I feel that we seriously need to consider educating  children in school on the subject...
 Call me a sceptic, but when the politicians speak, I automatically assume that they are lying. This has always been my point of view and I find that more often than not I am correct.  Currently here in Columbia we have voted in a 1% increase in the sales tax. This is according to the politicians...
 My wife tells me all the time that I am too sarcastic and I don not give people enough credit for who and what they are. Therefore I write this blog to give credit to special group of people who quite frankly affect us all in our everyday lives. These people are stupid people. The Darwin types, ...
 It seems to me that the hardest thing to do certain situations is to just breathe. I am currently working with a couple who is about to purchase their first home. I feel very fortunate to take part in this experience. But at the same time they are a nervous wreck. I myself am not a very nervous ...
 All my life I have simply loved a new adventure. Anywhere for any reason or without a reason, just as long as I got to go. It's not at all that I feel as if I'm getting old, because I can still go for days without sleep and I still love a good party as much as the next guy. But here lately I hav...
 I myself have heard several fellow agents speak poorly of their experiences with fsbo's. I know some agents who simply disregard them and make no effort to speak with them at all. In short, most of the Realtors I know avoid fsbo's as much as possible. Though, I must admit that my experience with...
 My wife has now learned that the vast majority of the men in my family are not known for their longevity in life. That is, they simply don't live to be very old people. Instead the Boney men seem to feel very comfortable checking out somewhere around fifty. Being that my in-laws are seventy-thre...
Recently I wrote a blog called dressed for success. It got mixed reviews from the people who commented, and in it I stated that I feel a bit old fashioned because I feel that we as Realtors should be well dressed. For taday's old fashioned feeling, I will turn to the Internet. I wonder if many of...
 This home is 1250 square feet on a large lot. Located in Windmill Orchard, just off of Two Notch Rd. New carpet throughout the house, new tile in kitchen and foyer, freshly grouted tile in both remodeled bathrooms, large master bedroom with walk in closet and vanity area, stone fireplace in livi...

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