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My blog is simply a place for people find out my thoughts and feelings on a variety of topics. Anything from Columbia, SC real estate and bussiness to life in general. Please feel free to search any and all of my blogs and leave as many good or bad comments as you like.



Columbia, SC Homes For Sale in Heather Green  Looking for Columbia, SC homes for sale, you may want to try Heather Green. Located between Longreen Parkway and Longtown Road, just off of Clemson Road in Northeast Columbia, SC, Heather Green is a great small community that's close to everything. Le...
   Shadow inventory is the name given to describe home owners who are sitting on the sidelines waiting for a good time to list their house. I read a recent report, I apologize because I cannot remember the source, that said 29% of home owners polled in a study were watching the market and were r...
 Have you ever heard the statement that it's hard to hit a moving target, well that's a true statement. When things sit still, they become stagnate and lethargic. The more you move the further you make and the better off you are in the end.  If you're at home sitting on the couch and wondering w...
 We all know the obvious benefits of blogging on a regular basis. Excellent SEO results, spreading your message to the masses, building your brand, and solidifying your reputation in the eyes of the world. But what about the outside benefits to blogging that you may not have thought about being a...
  photo courtesy of nodomain1 I love blogging. You may have noticed before, but it's a fact, I love to blog about real estate.  It's good for my business, but I actually find it enjoyable too.  In that vein, I would like to make it to this year's Blogworld and New Media Expo (including REBlogwor...
 Well, I guess it's not quite wordless altogether. I'll at the very least explain what these are and where they were taken for anyone who is curious. These are Orchids as you may have guessed from the catchy title. They are in the green house on the grounds of the Biltmore Mansion in Asheville, ...
   One of the very first things that I do with a potential home buyer is make an appointment to sit down and see where they are in the process and to figure out their wants and needs. I usually take a very low tech approach to the wants and needs list, I just give them a sheet of paper and have ...
 Selling a homes is actually serious business, and it takes a lot of hard work and dedication on the part of you Realtor as well as yourself. So, if you're not really ready to commit to what it takes to sell a house in today's market, then you really shouldn't put your house on the market.  If yo...
Is That Foreclosure the Deal of the Century, or the Trap of the Decade  I'm guessing that by now the secret is out when it comes to many markets being over run by foreclosures and short sales. Here in Columbia, SC, we've been pretty lucky compared to the national average, but we do none the less ...
 Many people who have followed me for some time now have noticed that I have started to add images and pictures to my posts. The pictures that I add are mine and I have found a wonderful piece of FREE software that helps me in the process. It's called MariusSoft Bulk Image Resizer and it allows y...

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