active rain: Opportunity is Everywhere. Even in Disaster - 05/13/18 08:10 PM
  Nearly a decade ago now, when I was fairly new to real estate my doorbell began to go nuts one random morning about 6AM. I was equal parts curious and  confused as I tried to figure out who on Earth needed my attention so bad and so early. As I opened my front door I came face to face with a Richland County Sheriff's Deputy and he was holding my briefcase. He immediately asked me if I recognized the briefcase and if I would step outside.
  As I explained that it was my briefcase and pointed to the company name on the … (26 comments)

active rain: Ever Wanted to be Your Own Ghost Writer? Well, on Active Rain You Can - 04/08/18 02:53 PM
  Given the demands of most of our daily schedules in this ever heating market, it's hard to find the time to be here everyday. We know the importance of continuing our efforts, especially if it's driving traffic to your website or making your phone ring, we all know the old say that you can't be in two places at once. Well, thanks to advancements in technology, while that may remain true, it doesn't have to appear to be true. In fact at the time that this post loads onto my blog, I will not be here at all. I will … (4 comments)

active rain: Don't Let Your Leads Waste Away - 03/24/18 02:09 PM
  Everyone knows that the life blood of this business is to get leads and to tell you the truth, everyone pays for them. Whether you spend hours pushing your website and blog through the ranks, work your sphere, or hire a third party. You pay for those leads one way or another whether that's with time and effort or with money.
  So why would you not maintain the leads once you get them? The fact is thing will fall apart without proper maintenance and your hard earned or purchased leads are no different. This is why follow up and the right system … (7 comments)

active rain: The Long and Short of Long Tail Keywords - 03/22/18 01:26 PM

  When I first started blogging here on Active Rain, I barely knew what a keyword was much less what a long tail keyword was and how to target one. But,  10 years later and I have pretty clear understanding of what I am doing.
fast forward
  Now, before I get too far ahead of myself, just in case there's someone reading this post that doesn't know what a long tail keyword is, let me  explain that first. A long tail keyword is simply a longer segment of keywords or phrases that is very specific. In other words, it's a set of words … (28 comments)

active rain: The Road to 500,000. A Few Things I've Learned Wandering in the Rain - 03/20/18 08:37 AM
  Well, I'm not going to lie, this took a lot longer than it should have, but as I logged in this morning I noticed that thanks to some over night comments, I was pushed over the 500,000 point mark here on Active Rain. I have been a member of this site since late 2007 or early 2008, whichever the case may be and there was a wide expanse of time that I abandoned my efforts and moved on. This is the main reason that I am just now reaching this mark, but I am now there none the less.
  A lot of … (35 comments)

active rain: What if You get What You Want? Why Transparency is Important Here. - 02/28/18 06:22 PM
  I assume that we all basically want the same thing out of our blogging efforts here at Active Rain right? We want to reach more people and learn from those in the trenches with us and at the end of the day, maybe just maybe we will see our hard work rewarded with dare I say a phone call or two that leads to some business. You are not alone. In fact that are tons of writers here blistering their keyboards for the chance to meet their next client or catch their next referral. This leads directly to the point … (17 comments)

active rain: Are You Winner Picking Active Rain? - 02/07/18 01:10 PM
  Do you know what a winner picker is? Maybe you know a few and just don't realize it. Have you noticed a few of your friends walking around with new Eagles hats now that they won the Super Bowl but that's the first time they've ever been an Eagles fan? Maybe you had some friends suddenly rocking a Crimson Tide jersey since Alabama won another national championship, but you know they've never watched a game in their life. Those are winner pickers. People that only seem to pull for winning teams and jump on the bandwagon when times are good. … (32 comments)

active rain: Why Active Rain Sucks - 12/07/09 05:24 AM

 In my time here I have read countless posts, wrote over 550, and commented nearly 10,000 times. In short, I have had the privilege to see a lot on AR, some good, some bad, and some that just defies any category that you could possibly put them in and those seem to be my favorite.
 One thing that I have encountered in the comments on posts that I have written, as well as the posts of others several times, is an occurrence that always makes me laugh. I call them uninformed commenters, and if you look closely, you will see … (160 comments)

active rain: Is Active Rain Making a Run at Your Market - 07/01/09 04:33 AM

 Above are the results of a Goolge search using the keyword Columbia, SC Real estate. Notice that Active Rain has now leaped into the #2 position. For the past week or so AR has been holding firm at #3 behind and When searched today AR had moved up one more spot.
 When I first started here on AR, in a search for Columbia, SC real estate, you could barely find Active Rain in the results. Now that I have been here for about a year and a half, both Active Rain and have climbed their way up … (15 comments)

active rain: I'm Sorry, Have We Met - 06/15/09 06:29 AM
 With the member numbers still on the rise at Active Rain, I have noticed something that happens to me from time to time. Every once and a while I open my AR newsletter and take a look at the featured posts only to realize that I don't know any of the faces starring back at me. I have done the same thing on several occasions when clicking over to the dashboard to check out all the features.
 At one time it was rare that I saw a newsletter or a featured article from a writer that I did not know. Now … (29 comments)

active rain: When Transparency Didn't Mean You Couldn't Keep it Real - 06/01/09 08:49 AM
 Once upon a time here on AR, people spoke their minds and said what they needed to say. They didn't sugar coat the truth and they didn't bite their tongue for fear that someone disapprove of their opinion. This was by far the largest draw for me to the forum. I liked the idea that we were all off the wall and that creativity didn't feel boxed up and processed.
 At least as far as those that I encountered, you just never knew what was going to pop up next. You just knew it would be interesting and that before it … (23 comments)

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