advice for realtors: Did You Say More Than You Should Have During That Toddler Fit? - 08/16/18 03:22 AM
  These days with the market being as hot as it is and with more and more people looking to cash in on it, the agent population has swelled quite a bit. Agents pushed out by the recession have returned for round two and brand new agents are graduating their post licensing class everyday ready to become the next rock star.
  With so many new agents signing up and just so many agents period, you get to deal with a broad spectrum of people on the other end of a transaction and every style is a little different. What I coming across a lot these … (36 comments)

advice for realtors: Dear Keyboard Warriors. Remember that People See What You Write Online - 08/06/18 09:58 AM
  A few months back I wrote a post warning sellers that they should be careful not to shoot themselves in the foot online. Well, equally important is that those of us in the industry watch our step online as well. After all, our reputation is pretty important when it comes to our clients, potential clients, and counterparts.
  We live in a time where there are seemingly endless platforms for agents and other members of the industry to spread their word and garner the attention it brings. But remember, attention can be a good or a bad thing. Especially if you conduct yourself … (39 comments)

advice for realtors: A Text Can Convey a Message. Not a Tone. - 06/05/18 12:12 PM
  I recently had a deal that I was working, representing a buyer, and in the process of setting up inspections I sent an email with all the times and days for each appointment to the listing agent. When the market was slow, I used to be able to schedule all the inspections for the same day and close to the same time to get everything over at once, but these days with everyone being so busy, that is often times not the case. That being said, the listing agent replied that she received the message and she would contact the sellers and let me know … (27 comments)

advice for realtors: Those Old Posts are Still Hard at Work - 05/02/18 10:41 AM
  The other day while out of town, I received a phone call from a nice lady that had just registered on my website to search for homes and had a few questions about a particular community. I took a few minutes to speak with her and see how I could help and answered all of her questions the best I could.
  She was out of state and looking to relocate to Columbia, so she explained that her house was currently on the market and getting good showings, so she was ready to start looking for a new home here. At the end … (31 comments)

advice for realtors: Hiding Under a Rock Does You no Good if the Rock Falls on You - 04/07/18 08:20 AM
  While I can certainly understand that at some points in life and business that there is safety in a well timed retreat, there is success in a well times strike. So often we become complacent in the safety of our comfort that we forget that in order to succeed, there is a certain amount of risk that one must take.
  I myself am not one to jump on the bandwagon of every shinny object that crosses my path, but once and a while you have to roll to dice to advance. People in general do not like uncertainty and … (5 comments)

advice for realtors: Nothing Good Ever Came From Blending in - 04/05/18 01:23 PM
  Ok so I guess that's not always entirely the truth. If you are a hunter or something of the sort, then there are certainly occasions in which camouflage and becoming a pert of your surroundings is a very good thing. But in terms of real estate, this nowhere near the best practice.
  It's easy to do, don't get me wrong, blending in with the crowd takes very little effort. In fact if you are a Real Estate agent and you do nothing at all, you can simply blend right into the background, lost forever and tossed in a sea of mediocrity.
  But … (10 comments)

advice for realtors: Time to Spring into Action - 04/04/18 10:19 AM
 Well, Spring has sprung though out the Great Columbia, SC area and no doubt every other place now warm enough to sustain life. The trees are starting to show genuine signs of life, the grass all across the city is starting to green, the flowers are starting to erupt with every color of the rainbow. 
  The sight is a spectacle every year and welcome break from the dull browns and gray that seem to haunt our Winters.
So now Spring in full swing can only mean on thing, time to update those listing photos! Even in today's market where many homes for sale are flying off the … (6 comments)

advice for realtors: Educating and Selling. Why One Always Makes the Other Easier. - 03/29/18 01:11 PM
  When I was in high school, I thoroughly  enjoyed playing basketball. One day while playing in the gym a P.E. teacher asked if I would be willing to tryout for the school team. I did make the team and I did play all 4 years in high school, but it was a rocky start for me to say the least. I was very good at shooting and very good at pick up games with my friends, but as far as the true sport itself was concerned, I didn't really know that much.
The coaches had to teach me that when playing … (17 comments)

advice for realtors: The Most Difficult Word in Real Estate - 03/08/18 10:09 AM
  I use real estate as an example more or less do to the fact that I myself am in real estate of course, but it's really the most difficult word in sales period. But if you can learn when and how to use it, then I assure you that you will save yourself a lot of time and grief. What's this magical word? NO.
  I know it seems simple to just say it out loud while you're reading along to this post, but I can promise you that many people have a difficult time using it in their business and … (13 comments)

advice for realtors: What if You get What You Want? Why Transparency is Important Here. - 02/28/18 06:22 PM
  I assume that we all basically want the same thing out of our blogging efforts here at Active Rain right? We want to reach more people and learn from those in the trenches with us and at the end of the day, maybe just maybe we will see our hard work rewarded with dare I say a phone call or two that leads to some business. You are not alone. In fact that are tons of writers here blistering their keyboards for the chance to meet their next client or catch their next referral. This leads directly to the point … (17 comments)

advice for realtors: You Want to Improve Your Sphere of Business Owners? You Have a Blog? - 02/20/18 09:29 AM
  I from time to time hear agents say that they would like to opportunity to build their sphere of business owners. Why would they want to do that exactly? Well I'm glad you asked. That's because you catch more fish with a net than you do with a hook. You see having business owners in your sphere helps you reach out to their contacts through them.
  So how would you go about meeting new business owners to add to your sphere? Well, you have a blog and a business card right? I started doing Local Spotlight blogs years ago and I … (17 comments)

advice for realtors: Learn to Drop Dead Weight Before You Sink - 02/13/18 11:05 AM
  If you stick around in this business long enough you will get to see and hear a lot. If you're new and you haven't gone through very much on your own just yet, hang in there, it's coming. If you want to know what's on the horizon, go find a seasoned agent in your office and ask them what's the craziest thing they've ever seen in a transaction and you'll be floored by some of the answers.
  One of the toughest lessons to learn early on is to just let go and move on. Sometimes a buyer will feed you … (31 comments)

advice for realtors: There are no Participation Trophies in Real Estate - 01/31/18 06:41 PM
  It was a beautiful day in early 2008 when I, having just secured my real estate license and a position with the top local firm in my hometown, showed up for my first full day at the office. I stepped out of my truck, strolled across the parking lot, and triumphantly made my way into the building. The lobby was a site to behold. Hard floors stretched through the room to a couch and coffee table and  the opening was held together by a desk on either side where the admins sat.
  If nothing else I certainly looked the part in a … (7 comments)

advice for realtors: Be the Calm...Not the Storm. - 01/08/18 10:54 AM
  I write this as much to remind myself as I do to advise others, but we are all aware that from time to time in this business you can end up in difficult situations. Either a misunderstanding, a difficult buyer, or unreasonable seller. Or maybe something simply goes wrong throughout the process. It's not unheard of you know.
  The important thing to remember is that you can't control the actions of others, but you can control the way that you react to them. You can't stop sellers or buyers from being difficult, but you can remember that for them it's personal and … (4 comments)

advice for realtors: Realtors Using the "N" Word - 04/26/10 08:28 AM

 There are simply times when being a Realtor, our any other form of sales person for that matter, will require you to use the "N" word. As dreaded as it may be and I have seen many people who just can't say it to save their lives, you need to learn the proper use of the word NO.
 It can be one of the most difficult aspects of this business to learn,but knowing the right time and place to use that little two letter word can save a lot of hassle and heartache. No one likes to take … (21 comments)

advice for realtors: So You Want to Make More Sales....It's Not a Secret Recipe - 01/28/10 06:05 AM
 I talk to a lot of agents and salespeople in general who are a little more than depressed about the current market. It's understandable as frankly, times are hard for a lot of folks. But there are some tried a true methods that will bring you success in virtually any market and most of them are common sense.
 10 - Make the call - I know how hard it can be sometimes to pick up that 20 pound phone and make the call. The last thing you want to hear is another no, but you have to reach out to people … (136 comments)

advice for realtors: How Often do You Use a Drive Thru - 01/27/10 06:10 AM
 One thing is for certain today, people like convenience. People love the advancements in technology that allow them to do their shopping from their living room, and run through the drive thru to pick up dinner. It makes things easier for many people, and of course there is our favorite thing, convenience.
 But real estate is and always has been a people business. In the end it is people that you are here to help. People buy homes and sell houses and it's their best interests that you are here to protect. And since you are in a people business, and … (62 comments)

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