blythewood sc homes for sale: Zillow's Latest Smokescreen. "We Buy Houses!" - 04/13/18 10:57 AM
  Anyone else have companies that put out "bandit" signs at busy intersections of their city that say "We buy Houses!" There usually handwritten and little more than an effort to dive headfirst into bait and switch advertising to make desperate would be sellers to call up an agent who then tries to talk them into listing.
  Well, you can now catch the digital version of teh very same thing. Zillow, per an article on HousingWire, has announced what is being called a games changer in the industry. Zillow has announced that they will now be buying real estate from and … (35 comments)

blythewood sc homes for sale: Hiding Under a Rock Does You no Good if the Rock Falls on You - 04/07/18 08:20 AM
  While I can certainly understand that at some points in life and business that there is safety in a well timed retreat, there is success in a well times strike. So often we become complacent in the safety of our comfort that we forget that in order to succeed, there is a certain amount of risk that one must take.
  I myself am not one to jump on the bandwagon of every shinny object that crosses my path, but once and a while you have to roll to dice to advance. People in general do not like uncertainty and … (5 comments)

blythewood sc homes for sale: Nothing Good Ever Came From Blending in - 04/05/18 01:23 PM
  Ok so I guess that's not always entirely the truth. If you are a hunter or something of the sort, then there are certainly occasions in which camouflage and becoming a pert of your surroundings is a very good thing. But in terms of real estate, this nowhere near the best practice.
  It's easy to do, don't get me wrong, blending in with the crowd takes very little effort. In fact if you are a Real Estate agent and you do nothing at all, you can simply blend right into the background, lost forever and tossed in a sea of mediocrity.
  But … (10 comments)

blythewood sc homes for sale: Educating and Selling. Why One Always Makes the Other Easier. - 03/29/18 01:11 PM
  When I was in high school, I thoroughly  enjoyed playing basketball. One day while playing in the gym a P.E. teacher asked if I would be willing to tryout for the school team. I did make the team and I did play all 4 years in high school, but it was a rocky start for me to say the least. I was very good at shooting and very good at pick up games with my friends, but as far as the true sport itself was concerned, I didn't really know that much.
The coaches had to teach me that when playing … (17 comments)

blythewood sc homes for sale: There's no Such Thing as a Part Time Agent - 03/19/18 09:59 AM
  While I was in line at my local grocery store one day, I looked up and saw a gentleman I recognized at the front of the line. I couldn't quite place him, but I knew I had seen him before. He was somewhat unhappy with whatever was transpiring at the register and as a result he spoke very harshly with the young lady ringing him up. he then demanded the manager come over and really had something of a fit right in front of everyone over what turned out to be an issue with his coupons.
Now forever etched in my memory is … (85 comments)

blythewood sc homes for sale: Sales Were Down Last Month...Why that's not a Bad Thing for You - 03/15/18 07:02 AM
  I know that after the rupture of the last real estate bubble that the slightest sign of bad news can send waves of panic through sellers and with good reason. I know many people that lost their shirt as a result of the recession and many agent that were forced of the business as well.
 Well, brace yourself, sales were down last month. But here's why that's not a bad thing for you if you plan to list your home this month. We had a minor drop in sales that has been widely attributed to one condition in the market. Not enough homes … (8 comments)

blythewood sc homes for sale: Why Should We Make Repairs Before Someone Complains - 03/12/18 12:42 PM
  Did you ever wonder why it is that you hear certain phrases over and over again and why they always seem to stand the test of time? Well, that's usually because the phrase is true or because it always holds true as good advice. So today we will focus on a phrase that I am sure everyone is familiar with, YOU NEVER GET A SECOND CHANCE TO MAKE A FIRST IMPRESSION.
  It's true, so if you don't put your best foot forward from the start, you stand the chance of losing buyers that would otherwise be interested in your house. The … (14 comments)

blythewood sc homes for sale: The High Road is Never Closed - 02/26/18 03:48 PM
  I have written on the topic of learning to let things go once all is said and done and I can assure you that advice always bares repeating. Once a tough deal is done or you get jilted by a seller or buyer for that matter, it's always best to just move on and put things behind you. But what about when you are in the thick of things?
  I can assure you from personal experience that there is nothing easy about remaining calm when others do not subscribe to the same practice, but I can also tell you it's … (39 comments)

blythewood sc homes for sale: Does Being a Realtor Matter Anymore or are we Branded Past Importance - 02/24/18 12:43 PM
  Everyone understands what we mean by branding and creating name recognition right, so I won't go through the trouble of explaining that. I will however explain that when I ask if being a Realtor matters, I don't necessarily mean does it matter to thoughts that are Realtors. they pay their dues and joined, as do I, therefore I assume it matters to you. What I mean to ask for the most part is, does it matter anymore to the general public whose attention and  affection we so desire, or has the term Realtor itself simply become synonymous with being a real estate agent?
For the first … (42 comments)

blythewood sc homes for sale: They Can't Ask For What They Can't See - 01/30/18 08:29 AM
  In this business every deal is unique and each one has it's own set of obstacles to overcome. Whether it's a low ball offer that requires you to convince a buyer to become more reasonable or a frustrated seller who is angry over frivolous requests from a repair addendum.
  Some of the worst offenders to derail an otherwise perfectly good offer can be upfront requests that come as part of the offer itself. It's not unusual for a buyer to ask a seller to leave window treatments or the like, but what if the request is a little more personal?
Years ago a … (38 comments)

blythewood sc homes for sale: Testing the Market is Always a Bad Idea - 01/18/18 11:30 AM
  From time to time when speaking with someone that is considering listing their house, I will hear people make the statement that they are going to "test the Market." I can promise you that it's not only a bad idea, but the market will test you way more than you will test it by the time all is said and done.
  The fact of the matter is that even if you do everything you are supposed to do, sometimes selling a house can be a challenge. Less in this market than in years past, but still the process does not … (7 comments)

blythewood sc homes for sale: Is Your Real Estate Info Locally Sourced and Sustainable - 01/17/18 09:31 AM
  We all know the hot button phrases when it comes to food right? Certified organic, sustainable, gluten-free. The fact of the matter is that these days the world has rightfully gone crazy for locally sourced food and a farm to table mentality. A focus on local goods helps tremendously with the local economy and goes a long way to ensuring that you have fresh produce.
  So during this movement towards local focus, are you ensuring that your real estate information is also coming from a local and sustainable source?
These days national websites such as Zillow and the like are more popular … (1 comments)

blythewood sc homes for sale: That's a Great Looking Christmas Tree..But isn't it April? - 12/12/17 12:37 PM

Chances are if you list a home for sale this time of year, you might run into the occasional Holiday decor. Be it a Christmas Tree, wreaths on the doors, or lights and garland. All these decorations can certainly make for some stunning pictures that look great online and the MLS.
 But what if the home does not sell throughout the Holidays? What if Spring rolls around and those beautiful pictures are still there for all the world to see? By March those once lovely shots of icicle lights and the rosy cheeks of old Santa start to serve as a smoke signal that … (4 comments)

blythewood sc homes for sale: Homes for Sale in Blythewood SC Under $150,000 1163 N Firetower Rd - 11/05/13 02:43 AM

$142,900 , 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 0 half baths, 1,200 square feet  

blythewood sc homes for sale: Columbia, SC Homes for Sale in Cooper's Pond - 12/20/09 03:02 PM
Columbia, SC Homes for Sale in Cooper's Pond
 Look for Columbia, SC homes for sale in the Blythewood area, then I suggest you take a look at Cooper's Pond. Cooper's Pond in a new home community located on Rimer Pond Road in Blythewood, SC. With close proximity to I-77 and 277, Cooper's Pond is a short ride to Fort Jackson, within 30 minutes of downtown Columbia, SC, and only minutes away from Northeast Columbia and all the shopping and dinning you could want.
 With a wide variety of floor plans and available elevations, you're sure to find a home in Cooper's … (6 comments)

blythewood sc homes for sale: Blythewood, SC Homes for Sale - 6 W. Canterbury Court - 11/15/09 01:37 PM

blythewood sc homes for sale: Blythewood SC Homes for Sale in Longcreek Plantation - 07/26/09 11:43 AM
                              Blythewood, SC Homes for Sale in Longcreek Plantation
 If you're looking for homes for sale in Blythewood, SC and you would like to be in one of Columbia's most desired communities, then you need to stop by Longcreek Plantation. Longcreek Plantation is located in Blythewood, SC on Longtown Road just minute from all the conveniences of Northeast Columbia.
 Only minutes off of I-77 and about 15 minutes from the Village at Sandhill, Longcreek Plantation in zoned for Blythewood schools in the Richland two school district. This lovely, quiet community has a lot to offer no matter what you are looking … (4 comments)

blythewood sc homes for sale: Blythewood, SC Homes for Sale in Longcreek Plantation - 6 W. Canterbury Court - 05/27/09 11:59 PM

blythewood sc homes for sale: The Death of the Multimillion Dollar Producer - 05/09/09 07:29 AM
 Lately I have noticed a trend on the part of local Realtor boards and real estate companies to downplay the use of the phrase multimillion dollar producer. I have discussed it with several agents, brokers, and instructors from out local Realtor board. It seems the decision to do so stems from misconceptions on the part of the public as to the exact definition of a multimillion dollar producer in the industry.
 You see, many consumers hear the phrase and immediately think that it means the carrier of the title makes millions of dollars by selling real estate. This is not at … (7 comments)

blythewood sc homes for sale: So What Are You Waiting For? - 02/04/09 03:50 AM
 Realtors- There are more opportunities before you these days than you realize. You have the ability through the Internet to spread your message across the world like never before. Times are hard and now is not the time to give up or give in. You have to want it and you have to ask for the business. Most of the time business is not going to find you and while you are kicked back waiting on it to come your way, someone else is already chasing the business down and claiming it as their own.
 You have to see past all … (11 comments)

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