fairfield sc real estate: Reality, Real Estate, and What Today's Sellers Can Learn From my Pets - 02/04/09 08:51 AM
 I have a dog named Peter Parker, that's right, you heard correct he is named after Spider Man. I inherited him when my wife and I first got together, but that's neither here nor there. We also have a two year old cat named Scooter. They don't exactly like each other all that much, but they tolerate each other due to the fact that they have to. They have a mutual agreement to simply avoid one another whenever possible and that's just the way it goes in our home.
 They both seem to want what the other has, but not as … (18 comments)

fairfield sc real estate: Fairfield County, SC Real Estate Market Report 5/1/08 - 6/1/08 - 06/16/08 06:47 AM

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fairfield sc real estate: Fairfield County, SC Real Estate- Market Report April 2008 - 05/01/08 01:32 AM
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fairfield sc real estate: Are you a Salesman or a Realtor? - 02/14/08 07:14 AM
 Do you see yourself as a salesman
Or as a Realtor?
 Is there really any difference between the two? I for one do not use any high pressure sales techniques in order to sell houses. Though we all have to be somewhat a salesman, I believe that houses really sell themselves.
 There has been much debate on this subject, and many Realtors have been successful by both high pressure and low pressure tactics. I guess for me, it feels unnatural for me to be high pressure. Usually, you are better off if you just be yourself in any situation. … (23 comments)

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