northeast cloumbia sc real estate: Columbia, SC Homes for Sale in Lake Carolina - Woodleigh Park - 12/15/17 01:50 PM
Columbia, SC Homes for Sale in Lake Carolina
Woodleigh Park
  Located in Popular Lake Carolina in Northeast Columbia, SC, Woodleigh Park offers a mixture of Townhomes as well as detached single family homes. Woodleigh Park is only  a few blocks away from Jeep Rogers YMCA, the Lake Carolina dog park, and both Kelly Mill Middle and Lake Carolina Elementary lower campus. All of this plus access to Lake Carolina amenities like 2 community pools, playgrounds, walking trails, parks, and a 200 lake make Woodleigh a highly desirable neighborhood withing the Lake Carolina Community.
Here are the statistics for Woodleigh Park in Lake Carolina for the … (0 comments)

northeast cloumbia sc real estate: Condos for Sale in Columbia, SC - The Village at Sandhill - 07/29/09 03:15 PM
Condos for Sale in Columbia, SC - The Village at Sandhill

Have you decided that maybe a house itself is not the right place for you to call home and you're now looking at condos for sale in Columbia, SC? Maybe you should take a look at the Promenade in the Village at Sandhill. If you are looking for a high end condo, then you really don't need to go any further.
 Located within the Village at Sandhill, Northeast Columbia's premiere shopping experience, these luxurious condos really have it all. Hardwood floor, stainless steel appliances, open floor plans, and granite … (5 comments)

northeast cloumbia sc real estate: When Foreclosures Help a Community - 07/27/09 06:43 AM

 Foreclosed Homes for Sale in Columbia, SC
While I am well aware of how strange the title sounds, I have actually noticed one community in Columbia, SC that has actually seemed to benefit from the foreclosure market. This community has always carried a decent amount of foreclosed homes for sale, even when the market is hot. The current market has not really affected the amount of foreclosed homes that are available in this particular community, however, it has created a strange little paradox for the market.

  I'm not by any stretch of the imagination saying that foreclosures are … (18 comments)

northeast cloumbia sc real estate: The Price of Freedom - 04/16/09 02:59 PM
 There is a horrible price to pay for the freedom we enjoy. It's a price that has been paid in blood since before the beginning of this great nation and regular payments have been since our founding. It's the blood of those that have sacrificed themselves in the belief that all of us have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The blood of patriots that made no complaints about lying on the alter freedom so that we may enjoy the simple pleasures that we are afforded the right to take for granted.
 Yes, there is a price … (19 comments)

northeast cloumbia sc real estate: So You Think You're "Cutting Edge" Do Ya - 04/16/09 06:44 AM
 It seems to me these days that there is something new and exciting that becomes all the rage every five minutes. Some go on to maintain their initial success, while others flop out of existence as rapidly as they pop into the picture. You just never really know which fad will continue on to fortune and which one will be left in the dust by an increased A.D.D. ridden population.
 I have friends that believe that they must remain on the cutting edge of everything and that they must remain one step ahead of the rest of the pack. By the … (13 comments)

northeast cloumbia sc real estate: Is That Good News I'm Reading? Recession Turning Around - 03/26/09 08:38 AM
 I don't know for the life of me how much stock anyone puts into reports they read on Yahoo, but if you haven't read the latest on about the recession, it's pretty optimistic. Financial experts are claiming that the recession should see an end by the end of the year. At this point, companies should begin adding jobs back to the market and unemployment should top out somewhere around 10%.
 There's even good news for the housing market, as the same experts say that the housing market should start to pick up as well. Home sales should start to pick up … (9 comments)

northeast cloumbia sc real estate: Spring Has Sprung, But Have You - 03/07/09 08:06 AM
 Now that it is time to once again reset the clocks and enjoy longer days of daylight, the grass is starting to green in certain areas and soon the flowers will start to awake from their Winter slumber. We all know that Spring is just around the corner and we can sense the delight that it will bring by thawing the frost and making the world look new again. Mother nature is ready and you should be too.
 Now is the time to start the arguous and preparing fa the months ahead in order to embrace the bounty that they bring. The … (50 comments)

northeast cloumbia sc real estate: Are You Participating in this Recession? - 03/03/09 04:18 AM
 I know that we are in a recession, I just refuse to be a part of it. I am well aware that this is a foolishly optimistic statement, but if you read my post on ignorance, then you know just how proud I am of mine. So, I will remain foolish in my pursuit of success and my belief that I can survive anything including the current state of affairs with our economy. The truth of the matter is though, that if our nation suffers, then we are inherently affected in one way or another simply though our citizenship. We all … (17 comments)

northeast cloumbia sc real estate: Northeast Columbia, SC Real Estate - 02/28/09 06:01 AM

northeast cloumbia sc real estate: Santee, SC Real Estate for Sale - 02/28/09 05:49 AM

northeast cloumbia sc real estate: That's a Nice Sign in the Yard...Have Thought of Marketing the Property - 02/17/09 05:10 AM
 The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of Realtors out there that are all too comfortable with listing a property on the MLS, throwing a sign in the yard, and just waiting around. Don't kid yourself, that is not how it works, and there is lot more involved than that. Maybe when the market is ultra hot, you can get away with it due to the overwhelming interest in the market and the mass of buyers beating down the door. However, in this day and age, that will get you two things, an expired listing and an … (32 comments)

northeast cloumbia sc real estate: Reality, Real Estate, and What Today's Sellers Can Learn From my Pets - 02/04/09 08:51 AM
 I have a dog named Peter Parker, that's right, you heard correct he is named after Spider Man. I inherited him when my wife and I first got together, but that's neither here nor there. We also have a two year old cat named Scooter. They don't exactly like each other all that much, but they tolerate each other due to the fact that they have to. They have a mutual agreement to simply avoid one another whenever possible and that's just the way it goes in our home.
 They both seem to want what the other has, but not as … (18 comments)

northeast cloumbia sc real estate: So What Are You Waiting For? - 02/04/09 03:50 AM
 Realtors- There are more opportunities before you these days than you realize. You have the ability through the Internet to spread your message across the world like never before. Times are hard and now is not the time to give up or give in. You have to want it and you have to ask for the business. Most of the time business is not going to find you and while you are kicked back waiting on it to come your way, someone else is already chasing the business down and claiming it as their own.
 You have to see past all … (11 comments)

northeast cloumbia sc real estate: Blythewood SC Real Estate - 02/03/09 12:47 PM

northeast cloumbia sc real estate: Northeast Columbia SC Real Estate - 02/03/09 12:41 PM

northeast cloumbia sc real estate: My Zestimate is You're Going to Lose Money - 01/03/09 07:10 AM
 With all the websites available to consumers today, it's easy to research most any topic you choose. When it comes time to list a house on the market for sale, there are plenty of options out there for you to take a look at on line. Zillow is one of the more popular as is However, there is still substitute to good old fashioned professional help.
 When studying the MLS to price a house for the current market, just for the fun of it, I usually check Zillow for their Zestimate of the property. I have yet to see a single … (18 comments)

northeast cloumbia sc real estate: How Not to Sell a House - 12/30/08 04:37 AM
 For any of you out there that are currently thinking listing your house, but you really do not want it to sell, here are some simple steps to follow. I'm sure that if you go along with this program you'll be able to avoid the sell of your house any time in the near future. These are tried and truth methods for decreasing your chances of receiving an offer, so be sure you bookmark this for future reference in order to ruin your chances of successfully marketing your home.
 1- Over price! Under no circumstance should you price your house for … (13 comments)

northeast cloumbia sc real estate: You Can Heal The Symptoms and Not Affect The Cause - 12/15/08 10:24 AM
 There is no doubt that though out the nation today that real estate is having to say the very least a great deal of trouble. Real estate itself gets sick, but it never dies. So, if you consider the current market from this perspective, we are plagued by pneumonia. More and more people that have been thinking of making an investment in real estate have begun to shy away in the fear that these issues are contagious and will will cause there investment to contract the same illness that's running rampant.
 There are several symptoms that currently affect investors and home … (6 comments)

northeast cloumbia sc real estate: Homes For Sale In Northeast Columbia, SC - 99 Loggerhead Drive - 11/14/08 01:49 AM

northeast cloumbia sc real estate: Columbia, SC Homes For Sale - 6405 Saye Cut Road. - 11/09/08 12:30 PM

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