selfcare: 7 Healthy Ways to Treat Yourself After Reaching a Goal - 11/22/21 11:49 AM
Sometimes life gets you down and you need a quick pick-me-up. Or maybe you've overcome a big life challenge. Or perhaps you use small rewards as a way to do something you know you should. 
Like get those dream goals!
For me, my love for “treating myself” led to a not-so-small sugar addiction. (Talk about personal sabotage!) Thus began a quest to find better alternatives.
Now, self-care can make you feel indulgent too. Luxurious even.
So check out these fun and easy ways to treat yourself right! Use them the next time you've hit a milestone worth celebrating.
1. Give Yourself a Night OffFirst, the … (1 comments)

selfcare: 5 Monday Actions That Protect Your Wellness - 09/15/21 11:30 AM
Monday is the worst day of the week for many people. 
After coming off of a relaxing weekend (or full Sunday of self-care), it can be hard to focus and get back to the daily grind.
I know for me, Monday is a sprint to get the most done possible in order to make the rest of the week a little better. But by the end of Monday I can feel overwhelmed and burned out (after just one day!)
So, today here are a few actions that help protect your wellness even when you are going hard throughout the week. They are all simple … (1 comments)

selfcare: Why Summer Should Be Your Recharge Time - 05/25/21 10:54 AM
It's almost here! Whether you have kids at home or are not, summer is the BEST time of year to take advantage of a slower pace, and truly set yourself up to renew and recharge.
Why should you take this time to reflect, rest, and bond with family?
Well, studies show that constant work and no play leads to long-term burnout, depression, and anxiety. Not to mention your overall happiness decreases rapidly.
We all know this! Think about the last time you didn't give yourself a break when you needed it. Were the mental health ramifications worth the sub-par productivity?
By taking more time off … (0 comments)

selfcare: 5 Easy Sunday Self Care Ideas - 05/12/21 11:10 AM
After a long week of balancing work and family, it can be difficult to relax into a weekend. My husband and I have found it especially hard since the pandemic to separate work and life. Even on the weekend, our minds travel to work more often than we care to admit.
And therefore, this has become a huge problem in our household. Studies show that without rest and recovery, our energy becomes depleted and we actually perform poorly. So, how do we let go?
If you're like us, and need a little nudge for rest and relaxation, try one of these tips!
1.  Schedule … (0 comments)

selfcare: How to Reset When You Feel Burned Out - 04/28/21 11:49 AM
Most of us have felt it in the last year. It's that feeling of burnout we just can't escape.
With the pandemic, high stress levels, and LOTS of changes to routine, we've all been stretched thin in recent months.
So, what do you do when you need to re-set? When it's time to re-evaluate and find peace and tranquility? Here are a few great ideas:
1. Plan a Self-Care Day
I mean, why not? Schedule a day (or a few hours) in your calendar to do exactly what you want to do. Read a book outside, take a nature walk, or get together with old … (3 comments)

selfcare: January Is for Putting YOU First - 01/09/21 04:56 AM
The holidays have come and gone. And often, this time of year, it feels we're staring our New Year's Resolutions into existence.
Now, new goals are great to have, but in the case of January resolutions, it's common to burn out and throw in the towel before we've even seen the fruits of our efforts. 
Instead, let's step back from the self-made pressure and approach this fresh year with the belief that January is for YOU. Mind, body, and soul. To rebalance and reset. Not to punish yourself for an indulgent holiday or make up for lost goals in the past. 
So, here are … (4 comments)

selfcare: 4 Unique Ways to Calm Your Mind for a Better Night's Sleep - 10/08/20 10:56 AM
We all know the standard ways to wind down at night. Drink a cup of tea or watch a relaxing show before we hit the sack.
But what about unique ways, that are much more effective? 
Here are four activities you can do before bed to prime yourself for your best night's sleep.
1. Do a Brain Dump
A brain dump consists of writing all of your thoughts down on a piece of paper until your restlessness from the day begins to ease. Do you struggle with racing thoughts? This is incredibly therapeutic because it gets your spiraling thoughts out of your mind and onto … (1 comments)

selfcare: Four 30 Day Challenges to Try Before the Year Ends - 10/03/20 03:44 PM
As we enter the fourth quarter, we begin to take stock in whether we've made progress and done well this year. The truth is, it's been a rough year. And perhaps you've been a little off-kilter in the past months.
Also, we're not just talking about professional progress, but also our personal growth too. So, if you're looking to mix things up to end out the year, try out one of these amazing challenge ideas.
4 Effective Challenges
1. A Habit Challenge
Need to amp up your habits? Tweak your morning routine? Create more effective habits to become a more productive professional?
Start a habit challenge! … (1 comments)

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