arizona homes land: Phoenix Arizona Metro Basement Homes ALWAYS UP TO DATE on MLS Oct 2022 - 10/25/22 09:06 AM
For those of you that love basements, here are the latest and ALWAYS UP TO DATE full page list of homes for sale with a basement in the Phoenix metro area (60 miles) with pictures, prices, details and map locations and free MLS search.
    Basement homes in the Phoenix metro come finished and unfinished
Homes for sale with a basement are more rare in the Phoenix metro than in Eastern cities where land is more scarce. In Arizona desert cities most homes are built on concrete slabs with no crawl space and no basements. Basements can have many uses from … (0 comments)

arizona homes land: My Most Read Blog: Ghost Towns in Arizona - 10/24/22 09:56 PM
My most read blog? Well it was written six plus years ago on June 18, 2016 and it was titled Ghost Towns in Arizona and you can read it right here in this link. To date I have had 18,324 readers of that old blog. (Archive photo Geronimo surrender at Fort Bowie in 1886)
Why is that one blog on Ghost Towns in Arizona so well read you may ask? Well it is a different subject, out of the ordinary, for a real estate blog but yet it does involve real estate in a way so the subject is both mysterious and catchy. … (15 comments)

arizona homes land: Ask Garden Gnomes For Real Estate Advice? - 10/22/22 08:13 PM
COME ON MAN! Really now...are you going to ask a GARDEN GNOME or your REALTOR® for real estate advice? Who you gonna call?
Ask a grouchy GARDEN GNOME or your Friendly
You may have questions about real estate such as what should I fix up on my home before I sell and why and not sure whom to ask? You could ask me as your personal REALTOR® or you could ask the usually friendly, reliable but sometimes erratic and misunderstood "Garden Gnomes".
You prefer to start with the garden gnomes, you say. OK, OK. Your REALTOR® is busy and the Garden Gnomes are sitting around outside, in where else, … (4 comments)

arizona homes land: Less Stress? Carefree AZ Homes ALWAYS UP TO DATE on MLS Oct 2022 - 10/21/22 12:07 PM
Need less stress in your life? Here are homes for sale in Carefree Arizona ALWAYS UP TO DATE on the actual MLS whenever you read this but written in October 2022. As your buyer's Realtor, I can show you any of these homes listed by all brokers. Call or text me at 480-242-6500. Live the "Carefree Lifestyle" on (Photo: Less Stress RENE RAUSCHENBERGER from Pixabay)
Latest homes for sale in Carefree Arizona on MLS which is next to Scottsdale & Cave Creek- Updated Daily
Homes for sale in Carefree see ALWAYS UP TO DATE link for a FULL PAGE view and sign up for your FREE MLS SEARCH Portal from Your Buyer's … (0 comments)

arizona homes land: Looking For Circle Driveway Phoenix Homes ALWAYS UP TO DATE Oct 2022 - 10/20/22 09:43 PM
Here are Homes for Sale with Circle Driveway in the Phoenix metro for sale ALWAYS UP TO DATE on the MLS on the day you read this article written in October 2022.  As a Buyer's Realtor, I love to track the circle driveway homes for sale in the Phoenix Arizona metro area because I think they are great and I love them. Do you have a lot of cars but no where to park them? I have a solution for you. I believe that homes with a circular driveway are special with plenty of parking and these homes look way COOL! Let … (8 comments)

arizona homes land: Free MLS Home Search Arizona ALWAYS UP TO DATE Oct 2022 - 10/19/22 10:28 PM
Here is a FREE MLS Search access portal that I provide for homes for sale on the largest Arizona MLS (ARMLS) ALWAYS UP TO DATE for YOU. This MLS Search is updated daily for the day you read this but written here in October, 2022.  As your Buyer's Realtor, I am pleased to help you find Arizona Homes For Sale while watching out for YOUR best interest and finding you the right home at the right price! There is no cost to you to use my services for homes listed on the MLS.
Press FREE MLS Search to search for Arizona Homes and Land for sale.
MLS Real Estate … (0 comments)

arizona homes land: Fountain Hills AZ Homes ALWAYS UP TO DATE on MLS For Sale Oct 2022 - 10/18/22 01:36 PM
Here are Homes for sale in Fountain Hills Arizona and ALWAYS UP TO DATE on the MLS for the day you are reading this but written in October 2022. As you Buyer's Realtor I can show you any of these homes listed on the MLS. Let me know if you need a lender to get pre-qualified. Call or text me at Jeff Masich 480-242-6500 to get started. (Photo: Fountain Hills from Fountain Hills website)
Fountain Hills is more than the "Fountain" one of the tallest in the world and the namesake.  Fountain Hills is next to Scottsdale with higher elevation with great views and golf courses. A … (0 comments)

arizona homes land: Owner Carry Paradise Valley Homes ALWAYS UP TO DATE on MLS Oct 2022 - 10/17/22 02:03 PM
Here are Paradise Valley homes for sale with Seller May Carry or Owner Financing next to Scottsdale Arizona and ALWAYS UP TO DATE on the MLS for the day you are reading this. (Photo: Paradise Valley from Town Website)
Also, read on for a separate list of all Homes for sale in Paradise Valley. Note, there are not many on the Seller (Owner) May Carry list but see what is available here. Check back often to see what may come onto the market. These lists are always up to date with the latest listings. I would be pleased to represent you as your … (4 comments)

arizona homes land: Buenavante Scottsdale AZ Homes ALWAYS UP TO DATE on MLS Oct 2022 - 10/16/22 04:13 PM
Here are the ALWAYS UP TO DATE list of custom and semi custom homes in Buenavante of Scottdale Arizona homes for sale with pictures, prices and map location. Buenavante is a hidden jewel in Scottsdale at a generally lower price when compared to the surrounding other multi Million Dollar custom homes. Relax in your new beautiful home with the great Arizona weather in the heart of Scottsdale surrounded by million dollar homes. (Photo: Buenavante Jeff Masich)
Buenavante was built between Scottsdale and Hayden Roads on the west and east and between Sweetwater and Cactus on the north and south. The wonderful Cactus Park with basketball, city … (2 comments)

arizona homes land: Scottsdale AZ Homes ALWAYS UP TO DATE For Sale on MLS Oct 2022 - 10/15/22 02:00 PM
In the best Arizona city to live are Scottsdale Single Family Homes For Sale on the MLS and ALWAYS UP TO DATE on the day you read this but written in October 2022. As your Buyer's Realtor I can show you any of the these homes listed on the MLS listed by all brokers. I will also look out for YOUR best interests at no cost to you. (Photo: Jeff Masich, Buyer's Realtor showing Scottsdale homes with Camelback Mountain in background)
Scottsdale Arizona Homes For Sale on MLS and ALWAYS UP TO DATE
For FULL PAGE view Scottsdale Single Family Homes For Sale and feel free to "filter" or create … (0 comments)

arizona homes land: Scottsdale Arizona Pool Homes ALWAYS UP TO DATE on MLS Oct 2022 - 10/13/22 08:34 PM
Here are the ALWAYS UP TO DATE Scottsdale Pool Homes For Sale on the MLS with pictures, prices and maps when you read this but written in October 2022. As your Buyer's Realtor, I can show you any home listed by any broker and watch our for YOUR best interests at no cost to you.  Scottsdale Arizona is one of the top 10 cities to live in the US! 
Scottsdale Arizona Pool Homes For Sale (ALWAYS UP TO DATE)
Scottsdale Pool Homes For Sale for FULL PAGE view and ALWAYS UP TO DATE or to create your own personal Arizona MLS Search Portal
Islands at McCormick Ranch in Scottsdale pool home … (2 comments)

arizona homes land: Arcadia Area Phoenix Arizona Homes For Sale on MLS - 07/03/22 09:03 PM
The coveted "Arcadia" neighborhood of Phoenix Arizona is immediately to the west of Scottsdale and south of local landmark Camelback Mountain and characterized by beautiful traditional homes and estates many with green lawns (irrigated area), large lots and custom homes with traditional themes.  See the current and always up to date Arcadia in Phoenix Arizona Homes for Sale, named after the utopian or paradise theme of "Arcadia" in mythology, presents a pleasant and green alternative from many desert cities in the Southwest. If you are visiting Scottsdale you may have noticed those large homes south of Camelback Road in the area of Camelback Mountain and north of Indian School … (1 comments)

arizona homes land: Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776 - 07/02/22 11:25 PM
Thank you to our forefathers in those 13 original colonies for their Declaration of Independence and the start of the start of the world's first true democracy. (George Washington and Thomas Jefferson from left on Mount Rushmore by Pixabay). No not perfect, but trying, in a way that continues to attract seekers of "Freedom" from all  around the world.
In Congress, July 4, 1776
"The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the … (9 comments)

arizona homes land: Owner Carry Homes For Sale in Paradise Valley Arizona - 06/22/22 10:09 PM
Interested in a home for sale in Arizona's most expensive zip code, Paradise Valley and have some cash but still need a loan? Here are the latest and always up to date list of Paradise Valley homes for sale with Seller May Carry or Owner Financing in Arizona on the MLS. (Photo: Paradise Valley from Town Website)
Have you thought of purchasing a Paradise Valley Arizona estate? You may not have the cash or financing for a jumbo loan right now. Have you considered buying a Paradise Valley homes for sale with Seller Financing or owner financing assistance? This list is always up … (2 comments)

arizona homes land: GO HOME! Real Estate and Baseball - 06/17/22 11:09 AM
Baseball and Real Estate...Have you noticed that the object of both is to "GO HOME"! As the dog days of Summer are on the way, it may be time to head out to a Diamondbacks game for some fun, relaxation and some real estate wisdom. The wisdom of "going home" and the American Dream! (Photo: Home Plate David Mark from Pixabay)
Owning a home is good for us and for America. Baseball tradition, hot dogs, apple pie & going "Home". The American Dream!
Baseball is an American Tradition  & as the comedian George Carlin would say it is all about going HOME! In John Fogerty's famous song "Centerfield" the … (3 comments)

arizona homes land: 'Ole' Glory Flying in Scottsdale Arizona - 06/16/22 08:35 PM
We have a beautiful flag don't we? It represents a lot for those that went before us to protect the freedoms that we really don't appreciate. It represents democracy. As Winston Churchill said when asked how do you rank democracy as a form of government. He said something to the effect of "Democracy is the worst form of government, until you try to think of a form of government that is better".
Here is the United States flag on McCormick Ranch at the Mercado in Scottsdale near dusk.  See the subsequent photo a sunset on the lake near the flag.
Ole Glory and … (5 comments)

arizona homes land: Time to Buy? Mortgage Rates Up and More Expected - 06/15/22 03:47 PM
The U.S. Federal Reserve has confirmed a 0.75% increase in the federal funds rate today. Mortgage rates increased to 6% accordingly in anticipation of this increase.
This will be the third rate hike initiated by the Fed so far this year, with possibly another expected to follow as soon as the next meeting on July 27th.
Buying a Home or Refinancing...Don't wait
If you've been thinking about buying a new home or refinancing your mortgage, market experts recommend you do so prior to the next rate hike. Rates will be going up as the Fed takes further expected action to halt inflation this year.
Mortgage … (6 comments)

arizona homes land: June 2022 Mesa Arizona Homes For Sale on MLS - 06/14/22 09:52 PM
Are you looking for an affordable single family home in the Phoenix Arizona metro area near shopping, freeways employment, entertainment, shopping? Well, think Mesa Arizona! Mesa is not as far away as the DEEP metro area perimeter cities of Buckeye, Maricopa, San Tan Valley. How about a home with 3+ Bedrooms and a garage with a back yard and a patio cover for some serious grilling? Here are the June 2022 and latest and always up to date Single Family Detached Homes For Sale Mesa. 
Mesa Arizona is a large self contained city is next door to Tempe and Arizona State University … (4 comments)

arizona homes land: Going Up! 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Floors for Real Estate - 06/13/22 04:55 PM
Going Up! The elevator ride for home purchases that is...(Elevator Photo: Markus Crist from Pixabay)
First Floor: Home Prices have reached a median record high of $475K in May 2022 within the Phoenix metro area which is more than double from 5 years ago (Pixabay)
Second Floor: Mortgage Rates have increased from 3+% in December to 5+% in June. The Fed has announced more hikes are coming (Pixabay(
Third Floor: Inflation for Home improvement fix up costs at Home Depot. Inflation is up to 8% so far in 2022. (photo: Foto-Rabe from Pixabay)
Fourth Floor: Gasoline to commute to work (Hint Live closer or work from home. … (3 comments)

arizona homes land: June 2022 McCormick Ranch Scottsdale Homes For Sale - 06/12/22 09:15 PM
Here are the June 2022 current and updated daily ACTIVE and recently SOLD or Comparable (Comp) homes for sale in one my favorite places, McCormick Ranch in Scottsdale Arizona. Save this link for the always current active and comps. When you are ready to buy or sell your McCormick Ranch home give me a call/text at 480-242-6500.
McCormick Ranch in Scottsdale Arizona Comps of Detached Homes (Sold, Pending, Active)....Updated Daily!
Comps for McCormick Ranch Scottsdale on MLS updated daily for FULL PAGE view. Also, create your own FREE MLS SEARCH Portal in Arizona
For more information about the first multi builder Property Association in the US and the … (3 comments)

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