free mls arizona: McCormick Ranch Scottsdale AZ October 2019 Real Estate - 10/22/19 08:05 AM
McCormick Ranch Beckons in October 2019! One of the nicest months of the year. What is there not to like about living in Scottsdale Arizona and McCormick Ranch?
McCormick Ranch with landmark Camelback Mountain and Mummy Mountain in background
McCormick Ranch homes for sale in Scottsdale and next door to Paradise Valley are some of the most popular in Scottsdale, surrounded by resort hotels, golf courses, fine dining, Spring Training, bike paths, Camelback Mountain and more! Scottsdale has been voted as one of the top places in the US to raise a family. Scottsdale also has been voted as one of the … (2 comments)

free mls arizona: Phoenix 2019 Halloween Events from Herman Munster - 10/21/19 01:09 PM
Who would you ask for the best Halloween events for 2019 in the Phoenix Arizona metro area, Herman Munster or me, your personal REALTOR. Sure Herman looks the part but I have been in the Phoenix metro and Arizona for a long time. OK, OK you are going to ask Herman Munster...well here you go! Boo!
If Herman Munster was a Real Estate Agent, he could give you Halloween event choices based on his very specific knowledge, but would his home selling ideas coincide with what most Buyers want? Herman, if you recall on TV's The Munsters had some unique ideas regarding … (8 comments)

free mls arizona: Took a Trip to Roslyn, WA...Remember Northern Exposure? - 10/19/19 11:32 PM
Just got back to my home in sunny Scottsdale Arizona after a trip to Rosyln, Washington. This is the town where the TV show from the 90s Northern Exposure was filmed at least the outside town scenes. The setting for the TV show was the fictional Cicely, Alaska.
Remember the Rosyln Cafe in the opening credits
Here is the Rosyln Cafe in October 2019, where Northern Exposure fans still flock, taken with my phone camera. I had lunch in the Roslyn Cafe on my trip.
Northern Exposure Actors Today
                 Visit with the actors of Northern Exposure including Rob Morrow and Janine … (7 comments)

free mls arizona: Make small Rooms In Your Home Appear BIGGER! - 10/14/19 11:57 PM
           Press FREE MLS Search for Phoenix metro homes or in other areas Arizona Homes For Sale

free mls arizona: Affordable Phoenix Metro Homes: NOT Perimeter Cities? - 10/14/19 10:28 AM
Are you looking for a n affordable single family home in the Phoenix Arizona metro area near shopping, freeways employment, entertainment, shopping and not in the perimeter cities of Buckeye, Maricopa, San Tan Valley? Maybe with 3+ Bedrooms and a garage with a back yard and a patio cover for some serious grilling? Well, think Mesa Arizona!  Here are the least expensive Homes For Sale Mesa Less than $250K or also Single Family Detached Homes For Sale Mesa. 
Mesa Arizona is the third largest city in the Grand Canyon State and is a suburb of Phoenix in the Southeast Valley. Mesa is a thriving city … (4 comments)

free mls arizona: Football Season...Time to Retreat to Man Cave! - 10/13/19 06:25 PM
The college and NFL Football Seasons are in full swing. It is time to choose your line up of weekend games, order some pizza and wings...not to mention nachos and retreat to the Man Cave for uninterrupted relaxation. Wait you say? do not have a man cave? Well you have come to the right place for Homes For Sale with a Man Cave in Arizona.   Man Cave Homes For Sale in the Phoenix Arizona metro  Red Alert, Red Alert...we have "Man Caves" for sale in Arizona and yes, a house comes along with the man cave!
Do you need or … (0 comments)

free mls arizona: Things To Do in Arizona for October 2019 - 10/01/19 06:05 PM
Things to Do in Arizona throughout the state during October 2019 and all year round.  The link provided here is dynamic and updated daily through the year providing activities of all types. Check in often for the latest updates from the best sources in Arizona. Check out the various Octoberfest festivals in the Phoenix metro and around the state. Professional and College Football seasons are in full swing. Get up to the high country and check out changing of the colors and  culinary events,  festivals, art shows, golf, hiking. Halloween is careful out there! Octoberfest Festivals Octoberfest festivals abound, see more at Things to Do in … (1 comments)

free mls arizona: Tips For Highest Price Selling Your Home? - 09/23/19 05:51 PM
How to get the highest price on your home? As a professional REALTOR® licensed and a member of the MLS, here you go with my advice:
1. Start a Bidding War
2. Curb Appeal (no trucks parked on lawn please)
3. Get it looking as good as possible (remember highest price for your home is in current condition)
4. List in the MLS (More Lucrative Sale not to mention Multiple Listing Service) through your REALTOR®...more eyes, more qualified buyers= highest price
1. A Bidding War?

free mls arizona: What's Up in Real Estate for September 2019? - 09/22/19 04:15 PM
What is up and the latest news in the US real estate market for September, 2019? Check here for the always updated topics and full stories that real estate experts are talking about. See the latest information on real estate issues. Mortgage rates on 30 year fixed loans dropped to 3.49%, for good credit, lowest since October 2016. See the more details here and for more great stories check here and on Real Estate News from
What's Up in Real Estate? Check Here For Latest News
               What is up with the future of housing in the US and other real estate industry news?

free mls arizona: Latest Chandler AZ Homes For Sale on the MLS - 09/18/19 09:28 PM
See the latest and always up to date homes for sale on the MLS in Chandler, Arizona right here!
Chandler and sister cities Gilbert and Scottsdale are consistently rated amongst the best places to live and raise a family in the United States of America. Wow, what an honor!
Map Chandler Arizona

   Chandler Arizona is south of Tempe, west of Gilbert and east of Ahwatukee (Phoenix)
Well it is true. Known for great homes, schools, parks, restaurants and access to the Phoenix metro sports, entertainment, golf, dining and arts.
Per the Arizona Republic, CNN and Money Magazine … (0 comments)

free mls arizona: Need a Job and GREAT Place to Live? Move to Arizona! - 09/13/19 07:14 PM
Looking for a job and a great place to live? Well, move to Arizona! Scottsdale (#1 in US), Chandler, and Tempe are all in the top 50 cities in the US to find a job and 10 Arizona cities are in the top 100 per Wallet Hub.
Arizona One of Top States For Job Growth

                             reports Arizona among top states in job growth for past year
Scottsdale and Other Arizona Cities Best Places to Find a Job

free mls arizona: Creating Your Own Man Cave - 09/13/19 08:51 AM
Man Caves are me and I specialize in finding Man Cave Homes For Sale in the phoenix metro area. For more see: Man Caves are Me. Following is a great re-blog  post from Steven De Nazareth  on creating your own man cave once you have identified the space or buy a home with a Man Cave. If you still need to buy the Man Cave home, give me a call and I would be pleased to help you.
You as a homeowner would love to have a beautiful home keeping every one of your family members happy. But you would definitely need … (2 comments)

free mls arizona: Reasons to Move (Bring Family) to Scottsdale or Arizona - 09/12/19 09:23 PM
Thinking of moving to Scottsdale or visiting or wanting to do something new in Arizona? Well you have come to the right place! (Above Photo Scottsdale: Art Buck)
                           Great Day Trips and Hikes from Scottsdale, such as the Apache Trail (Pixabay)
Things to do in Arizona try here.
Things to Do in Arizona with Kids
The Arizona Dog Lover’s Guide to Canine Safety
Ultimate Arizona Bucket List: 47 Things to Do in Phoenix Area
The Best Campgrounds in Arizona
Gardening in Arizona
20 Reasons Why Arizona Might be the Best State to Retire In
Arizona Sunsets
Arizona Sunsets 
   Arizona … (0 comments)

free mls arizona: Home Staging NO NOs! Do NOT Do this. Repeat...NO! - 09/09/19 08:10 AM
No Nos in Home Staging? We have all seen a few. Some mildly bad and others Big Time Bad. 
As submitted by Liz Alterman | Dec 12, 2018 from
No Nos in Home Staging....BAD BAD 
Home staging, when it's done right, can help sell a property quickly and profitably. But, what happens when it's done wrong? Well, first, it can provide plenty of laughs, and then, second, it may offer some serious lessons about what not to do when you're prepping your home for sale.
If you're wondering what types of things you should avoid, look no further. From creepy marionettes to overcrowding an area so it screams … (2 comments)

free mls arizona: Anthem Arizona Homes For Sale - 09/04/19 09:50 PM
Anthem Arizona is a planned community along I-17 North of Desert Hills (Carefree Highway) and South of New River Road.
"Anthem was developed by Del Webb in 1999 as a master-planned community in the foothills approximately 34 miles north of downtown Phoenix.[6] Anthem has been described as one of the best places to raise a family by Parenting magazine and one of the best family friendly neighborhoods in the Phoenix area by Phoenix Magazine" as accounted for by Wikepedia.
Anthem, Arizona
Anthem features shopping, outlet shops, community park along with hiking and bike trails and underground power lines and a water park and golf course for family activities.
Further, "Anthem is well known … (2 comments)

free mls arizona: Tiny is great in God's Creation...Tiny Homes? Not So Much - 08/31/19 11:32 PM
God's beauty is in tiny hummingbirds, bees, butterflies and bats which are all common sights in our own back yards right here in Scottsdale, Arizona. There is beauty in these tiny things.
Tiny Bees and Pollination...a wonder
Beauty of Pollination and what goes on in the Back Yard on full screen at
Tiny Hummingbirds are awesome
                    Hummingbirds are bountiful in Scottsdale, Arizona (Pixabay)
Feast your eyes on some of God's smaller and amazing creatures. So small yet so complex.
Now, tiny homes? Well, it is not my cup of tea (so to speak).
Tiny Homes? I don't understand the Fascination

free mls arizona: Ready to Buy Home? Get Ready, Get Set, GO! ...10 Steps - 08/27/19 05:48 PM
Are you ready to buy a home in Arizona or somewhere else? Great! Get ready, get set, GO!  Here are the 10 steps a Buyer should take.
10 Steps to Buy a Home or What a Home Buyer Should Know
1. Are you ready to settle down? The average homeowner pays 1 to 4% of their income in home maintenance. The average home owner stays in their home 10 years. Are you ready to settle down with your job or need to travel and explore. Are you ready for a different lifestyle? Mowing lawn, fixing and painting on your own? What are the prospects of … (2 comments)

free mls arizona: 7 Tips to Improve Curb Appeal - 08/23/19 12:34 PM
Sometimes it takes some imagination to make your home appear great from the curb. A home that a Buyer will remember creates a wonderful first impression!
Curb appeal, curb appeal is what we say as Realtors all the time. Why? Because it is important and helps a buyer remember a home when selling and makes your home attractive for yourself.
RISMEDIA addresses curb appeal trends each year. Here are their trends from Megan Wild of RISMEDIA along with my own, "Never underestimate the value of a pretty face…on your home or a client’s home. A curbside facelift is money well-spent, whether … (6 comments)

free mls arizona: Moving? Stress Reducing Tips - 08/20/19 11:42 PM
Sources: wise agent and
Meet Jeff Masich, REALTOR® in Scottsdale Arizona to find a home to Move to 
Want to learn how to make your home smile? Contact me Make my house smile in Arizona
For a free MLS search and more Scottsdale homes or Arizona Homes and Land for sale just ask Jeff Masich
Here is a FREE MLS Search for homes for sale in Arizona. I, Jeff Masich would be pleased to help you find Arizona Homes For Sale and the right home at the right price!
                                     Press FREE MLS Search to search for homes for sale in Arizona

free mls arizona: Sunday...Give Thanks - 08/18/19 10:35 PM
Some things in life are perfect, directly from God our creator. Others through strange circumstances that come about human arrangement or a place in time that we occupy. Take a look at these creations and Give Thanks.
Japanese Flower: Phi at its finest!  © Prost68/imgur    The pattern created by the snow on this bench  © unknown/reddit    These piles of spices at a market in Marrakesh  © unknown/reddit   The perfection of this table © snapin/imgur   A living tomato ripeness chart © lwatt/reddit   This glass holds exactly one can of soda right to the brim. © ShadowZale/reddit   The symmetry of this interchange © … (12 comments)

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