free phoenix mls: Give Thanks to the "Garden Gnomes" In Our Yards - 11/24/21 10:55 AM
Thankfully those Garden Gnomes in our yard are always there for you, a source of stability, but do you actually communicate with them? You may have questions about real estate about such as "What to fix up on my home" to add to your personal enjoyment or make your home sell and not sure whom to ask?
You could ask me as your personal REALTOR® or you could ask the usually reliable but sometimes erratic "Garden Gnomes". You prefer to start with the garden gnomes, you say. OK, OK. Your REALTOR® is busy and the Garden Gnomes are sitting around outside, in where else, your … (5 comments)

free phoenix mls: Homes For Sale Nov 2021 in Arcadia...Phoenix AZ - 11/13/21 08:07 PM
Do you want to live in Arcadia neighborhood in Phoenix? Many people do. Here are November 2021 Arcadia in Phoenix Arizona Homes for Sale on the MLS and always up to date right here! The Arcadia neighborhood of Phoenix Arizona is immediately to the west of Scottsdale and south of Camelback Mountain and characterized by beautiful traditional homes and estates many with green lawns (irrigated area), large lots and custom homes with traditional themes. See Arcadia in Phoenix Arizona Homes for Sale, named after the utopian or paradise theme of "Arcadia" in mythology, presents a plesant and green alternative from many desert cities in the Southwest. If you … (2 comments)

free phoenix mls: In between Phoenix and Scottsdale? Think Arcadia! - 10/08/21 11:15 PM
The Arcadia neighborhood of Phoenix Arizona is northeast of downtown Phoenix and to the west of Scottsdale and south of Camelback Mountain and characterized by beautiful traditional homes and estates many with green lawns (irrigated area), large lots and custom homes with traditional themes.  Arcadia Neighborhood of Phoenix Homes For Sale

See Arcadia in Phoenix Arizona Homes for Sale detached homes on a FULL PAGE view  and create your own Arizona FREE MLS SEARCH PORTAL
  See Arcadia homes for sale, named after the utopian or paradise theme of "Arcadia" in mythology, presents a plesant and green alternative from many desert cities in the Southwest. If you are … (0 comments)

free phoenix mls: First Time Home Buyer in Phoenix Metro? This is for YOU - 09/16/21 06:11 PM
Are you a first time home buyer? It can be a daunting task. I am here to help you.
Jeff Masich, REALTOR® talking specifically to first time home buyers
Do you need help on where to start, how to get financial assistance or free grants?
Are you interested in Free Grants and/or No or Low Down Payments For Arizona Home Buyers, well you have come to the right place!
Ask me your Buyer's Realtor, looking out for your best interests, about the free home buyer grants that are still available in the Phoenix Arizona metro area of Maricopa County. There are also no and low down … (0 comments)

free phoenix mls: Ask Garden Gnomes- Best Way to De-Clutter Garage? - 04/25/21 06:02 PM
 OK Winter is over, you have been throwing things in the garage...half completed projects, extra furtniture, Christmas decorations, tools from handy many projects. Things are....shall we say....accumulating.
You may have questions about garage de-clutter projects and real estate and the steps you need to get your home ready for sale or purchase another home and not sure whom to ask? You could ask me as your personal Realtor "OR" you could ask the usually reliable but sometimes erratic "Garden Gnomes".
You prefer to start with the garden gnomes, you say? OK, OK. Your Realtor is busy and the Garden Gnomes are sitting around outside in where else, … (1 comments)

free phoenix mls: More Marvelous Man Caves in Phoenix AZ Metro Area - 04/19/21 10:28 PM
Are you ready for More Marvelous Man Cave Homes For Sale in the Phoenix Arizona metro area? What is better than a Man Cave! Well, see what is on the market in the Phoenix Arizona metro area with an always up to date list from the MLS.
If you are looking for Homes with a Man Cave for sale on the MLS in the Phoenix Arizona metro area including Scottsdale you came to the right place. Man Caves are Me! Jeff Masich the King of homes for sale with RV garages and/or parking or just a man cave.

free phoenix mls: What's Up in Real Estate For April 2021? - 03/30/21 05:42 PM
What is UP and the latest news in the US real estate market for April 2021? Check here for the always updated topics and full stories that real estate experts are talking about. See the latest information on real estate issues. Where are Mortgage Rates? See the answers here and for more great stories see on Real Estate News from 
What's Up in Real Estate?
What is up with the future of housing in the US and other real estate industry news?
Top Headlines this Week from Real Estate News from
1. Decluttering for Dummies: 5 Step Guide to Making Junk Drawer Functional
2. 5 Things About a VA Loan … (2 comments)

free phoenix mls: Home Buyer WANTS a 86" TV...But NEEDS this... - 03/25/21 10:08 PM
Do Home Buyers WANT something extravagant such as a Big Screen TV (Photo: "The Wall" by Samsung) with theater seating. I do have to admit they are reallyl nice. However what a Home Buyer real NEED is something completely different. Have you evered wondered what a home buyer really "needs" vs "wants". An important distinction.
A Home Buyer May really "NEED" the following?
1. Garage (cars or storage)
2. Single Story (age or lifestyle)
3. Proximity to school (many kids and parents need to get them to school before work)
4. Paved road (some vehicles are not meant for dirt roads like a Ford F-150 owner)
5. … (2 comments)

free phoenix mls: Have it YOUR Way...Buy Home in Carefree Arizona - 02/07/21 08:49 PM
Have it Your Way (Haviture Way) and Live the Carefree lifestyle in Carefree Arizona bordering Scottsdale to the north. Read on for an always up to date list of Carefree homes for sale on the actual MLS
Carefree Arizona Sun Dial (Photo from
Carefree is a cool and laid back town with a great name and wonderful street names and beautiful desert vistas. How about "Meander Way, This Is It Place, Tranquil Way, Whileaway Rd" and many more? Read on...
Looking to move to Carefree, Arizona? A town with great street names like Ho-Hum Road and  Easy Street and awesome views … (1 comments)

free phoenix mls: 2020 Gone...This Inter-Galactic REALTOR Blasting Off- 2021! - 01/02/21 08:53 PM
OK 2020 is done, gone...Kiss It Good Bye! It is time for this Inter-Galactic Realtor to blast off for 2021! In the world of Real Estate the future greets us every day from Smart Phones to eKeys to Electric Cars to virtual tours to 3D Tours. I am ready to get Beamed Up and Down to my next showing appointments ...just saying. When your REALLY Need to Move...give me a call.
Are you ready to get away from densely populated urban area and COVID-19? The Phoenix suburbs are not far enough away or a rural ranch in Arizona? You say, that you need to … (4 comments)

free phoenix mls: ANOTHER Nor'Easter! Move and See Arizona Sunsets - 12/18/20 07:54 PM
Are you being buried in snow in the Northeast with this week's "Pre-Winter" Nor'Easter? Are you tired of the continuous winter storms that pound your part of the US every winter?  Are you waiting for global warming to return in the Summer? Does the thought of another pre-winter and pre-Christmas blizzard get you down? Think Arizona my friends and majestic Sunsets!
Time Elapse of Nor'Easter hitting on December 17, 2020
Nor'Easter in Eastern US with record snow in Boston and it is not even winter yet!
A neighbor of mine, Art Buck. took this recent wonderful sunset photo in Scottsdale Arizona looking to the … (4 comments)

free phoenix mls: ANOTHER Record Low Mortgage Rate Drop! Don't Wait... - 12/18/20 09:30 AM
"Mortgage rates in the US have hit another record low" and the time to buy a home or refinance have never been better as reported by Christine Maurus of Bloomberg News on December 13, 2020.
The average for 30 year fixed rate loans dropped from 2.87% the previous week to 2.81% which is the lowest in the 50 years that these records have been tracked. The previous low prior to the new 2.81% average was 2.86% in October.
These low mortgage rates have been the energy needed in a continuing housing rally nationwide and also here in our Phoenix metro market. Although the … (4 comments)

free phoenix mls: Make My Home SMILE! - 12/10/20 09:31 AM
What is the best thing to do in order to sell a home? What would you do?
Make it "SMILE"!

A baby's smile is inviting, your home should be also

You heard right! A smile makes the difference. Same as a cute baby, or in an interview. Smile, sparkle, make the interviewer like you and remember you. Same thing with your home, to attract a buyer....make it smile!

Make your house SMILE and inviting so the buyer says....."I remember that one"
The buyer may not remember the street name of your house, but when they get home they will say, remember "the picket fence home"...the one that smiled.

free phoenix mls: Too Many Cars In Driveway? Phoenix Circle Drive Homes For Sale - 12/05/20 10:47 AM
Do you have a lot of cars and no where to park them? I have a solution for you. I love homes with a circle driveway. You have come to the right place for those Homes for Sale with Circle Driveway in the Phoenix metro and always up to date on the Arizona MLS. Plenty of parking and these homes look way COOL!
Here is the latest and always up to date MLS list of homes for sale in the Phoenix metro with a circle driveway? They are great in appearance and also for parking all of those cars at your home parties or … (2 comments)

free phoenix mls: Time on your hands? Turn JUNK into ART - 11/14/20 07:54 AM
Do you have a little too much time on hour hand and another government shut down on the horizon? May be time to putter around the house and find some junk and turn it into art for fun and therapy.
With more since my last blog on this subject, here are more recycle ideas that create fun and interest in your home. Don't throw those unused items away! Use them to create magical and unique functional uses in your home. Recycle those items back to life with ideas that may be better than their original use!
Try Duskyswondersite for many pictures of recycling ideas for … (6 comments)

free phoenix mls: Moving to Phoenix Arizona? Money Saving Tips - 11/12/20 09:54 PM
If you are one of the 6,000 people moving to the Phoenix metro in Maricopa County each month (US Census) here are some move saving tips. Welcome to you Californians to the Grand Canyon State where 50% of the new arrivals are coming from!
Are you getting ready to move to Arizona this year from California, like everyone else it seems, making Maricopa County (Phoenix and Scottsdale) the fastest growing county in the US? 

Save money on your family move with these tips as you prepare for your move to Arizona or anywhere else.
From selling your current home to … (3 comments)

free phoenix mls: Halloween? Ready for Trip to Skull Valley Arizona... - 10/31/20 09:38 AM
Today is Halloween. Have you thought about the best Halloween sounding town names in America? I grew up near Sleepy Hollow New York, the home of the poem by Washington Irving "The Headless Horseman". The old Sleepy Hollow Cemetery  is still there. That was always scary as a kid....The Headless Horseman came riding, riding through the cemetery that we drove by as a child in Westchester County.  Of course in Arizona, we have Tombstone and the home of the gunfight at the OK Corral and Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday and the Earp brothers.
In Arizona we have also the town of Skull Valley. Skull Valley, … (3 comments)

free phoenix mls: To SHUT DOWN....Yes or No? Sometimes GOTTA Laugh! - 10/29/20 07:54 PM
 You Gotta Laugh sometimes. SHUT DOWN Again? Yes or No. Each state has their own opinion. 
An observer stated on their State's SHUT DOWN mandates, "I can't believe that I can walk into a store to buy weed or liquor but I have to meet my hairdresser in  a dark alley with unmarked bills to get a haircut"
 Come on Grandma! 
That makes sense to me?
This doggies is a Lover at heart
Strange but true
If you need more help selling your home in the Phoenix Arizona metro give me a call at Arizona Homes and Land Group of HomeSmart.
Meet Jeff Masich REALTOR® and Look For Your Next Home with … (5 comments)

free phoenix mls: Monster Mash! Herman Munster as YOUR Realtor? - 10/27/20 09:34 AM
Halloween is approaching. Are you looking for a CREEPY Home that you can fix up and build some sweat equity? Who would you ask for advice on Creepy Home or other Real Estate in the Phoenix Arizona metro area, Herman Munster or me, your personal REALTOR? Choosing among Realtors could cause you to go to a MONSTER MASH this Halloween.
MONSTER MASH of Real Estate and Creepy Fixer Upper Homes
As sung by Bobby Pickett and the Crypt Kickers (1962)
Sure Herman looks the part as a Realtor on Halloween but I have been in the Phoenix metro and Arizona for a long time. … (4 comments)

free phoenix mls: 22 Farmers Markets in the Phoenix Arizona Metro - 10/18/20 05:53 PM
Ready to start eating bettter in the Phoenix metro? Well, the weather is starting to get cooler and the Farmers Markets are opening.
Per the Arizona Republic and Georgann Yara on October 13, 2020, see this full list o 22 Phoenix Metro Farmers Markests "Cooler fall days signal that farmers market season is upon us. Some of the Valley's regular markets have decided to keep their fingers on the pause button for now, many continue to offer the fresh local produce, unique Arizona-made wares and an open-air experience.
If you haven’t checked out a market since before March, there are a few changes … (4 comments)

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