To tell you what these little shapes are, of course! Would you’d care to guess??                When I introduce a new graphic, it seems to follow that I’m asked how I draw the graphic, and what program I use. Although I’ve answered the program question—I’ll cover that again—it’s easi...
…I think he’s suffering from something else! By “Boomerjack” Boardman Jay stopped by at insane o’clock this morning, as he frequently does when he wants to post to Active Rain. This time, he informed me he was too sick due to “his allergies” to post, and gave me the keys to this blog. “Allergies...
WARNING: LINK POST—LINK POST—LINK POST! In my former blog-life as one of five “Codgers” I would with some frequency write from “my corner of cyberspace,” mixing real people with totally fictional people in the cyber-city of “Codger’s Corner.” “Codger’s Corner” occupied the same space along the “C...
WARNING: THIS IS A LINK-POST!  WARNING: THIS IS A LINK-POST!  WARNING: THIS IS A LINK-POST!  One of the things I’ve missed most about the demise of the Active Rain blogging entity “The Codgers,” was the frequent trips to the “Codger-Lodge,” and excursions aboard the “Pegasus II.” So today you ma...
By Jay Merton…and Boomer Jack I’ve invited Boomer over to my back porch this fine 60ºF & clear morning here in Old Saint Paul… …Why, exactly am I here, Jay. We have out of town out-laws, er—in-laws arriving this afternoon—and I’m expected to complete a very long honey-do list before they arrive....
It’s a comfortable 68ºF this fine Saint Paul morning on my back porch as I am enjoying my mug of organically & shade-grown, fair-trade, French-Roast coffee (as is necessary to get my brain firing on all remaining synapses)! Yes—you read the title correctly—I am an introvert. At times, painfully ...
It’s a fine partly-cloudy, 77ºF Sunday afternoon here on my back porch. Don’t let the graphic above fool you, Boomer & I are not enjoying mugs of organically & shade-grown, fair-trade, Guatemalan-Roast coffee, but some nice cold water (don’t need any more coffee, no matter how much I love the st...
It’s a very comfortable 66ºF, although a bit humid this fine Saint Paul morning on my back porch. I served for a time while I was in the Army at Fort Gordon near Augusta, GA, and the weather here this past weekend reminded me of the weather I suffered through then: mid to upper 90s and tropical!...
Life is full of changes. Codger Harold Peterson died on Wednesday morning, peacefully, in his sleep. We buried him today. He will be deeply missed by his family and his friends. We knew sooner or later one of us would make that final journey. We also agreed that would mean the end of the Codgers...

Boomer Jack Boardman & Carl McIntyre, the Codgers

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