danger bay: Does ActiveRain have the feature?—Should it? - 05/22/08 10:28 PM
I haven’t written a post all week for Our Saint Paul, and yet there was a new post there every day! Like magic a new post (well sorta new—early episodes of Danger Bay repackaged and combined as chapters, but they could just as easily have been new) appeared every day.
There are those who know stuff about blog-building who will tell you that posting every day is important, but sometimes that just isn’t possible. It certainly isn’t for me.
This is not the first time I’ve used a feature found on most blog platforms that allows for timed post deployment. When … (11 comments)

danger bay: Old Men & Coffee Shops—in Danger Bay - 09/02/07 11:21 PM
A Complete Episode (no link-click required)!

Happy Labor Day, Gentle Readers! It is a fine Saint Paul, Minnesota morning with the temperature a pleasant 65ºF. I was just thinking that all too soon we’ll be reporting temperatures in degrees below zero [[shudder]]!
Pleasant as the weather is in Saint Paul, we decided to have our chipped & well-used “Codger Collectible (January ’07 Edition) Mugs” of organically & shade-grown, fair-trade, Guatemalan-Roast coffee, here in Danger Bay at Silverthorn’s Café instead. We both have a very busy Labor Day in front of us.
As we clumped up on the boardwalk and entered the … (8 comments)

danger bay: It’s September the Oneth! (Updated) - 08/31/07 11:09 PM
Boomer & I are enjoying our chipped & well-used “Codger Collectible (January ’07 Edition) Mugs” of organically & shade-grown, fair-trade, Guatemalan-Roast coffee, and enjoying a late summer Saint Paul, Minnesota morning on my back porch.
Yeah, Jay, and your over-sized and totally ripped-off version of my replica “Pruett’s Pig Powders” thermometer tells us the temperature is 65ºF, and I can plainly see that the sky is partly cloudy. And for now, and through Monday, no rain is expected!
This should be a good weekend for the Minnesota State Fair—the harbinger of fall for kids everywhere in the state. Moderate temps, no … (17 comments)

danger bay: It’s Monday! The Weekend has passed (and for SOME the work week is upon us) - 08/19/07 10:34 PM
This gray Saint Paul morning we find Pruett’s telling us the temperature is a cool 62ºF, and out lens-assisted eyes tell us it’s cloudy. The weather people tell us to expect it to be partly cloudy with a slight chance of thunderstorms. High 71ºF. winds ESE at 10 to 15 mph, chance of rain 30%.
We are here on my back porch, savoring our mugs of organically & shade-grown, fair-trade, French-Roast coffee. I am, at least, savoring the week to come, ‘though Boomer may be of a differing opinion.
From Boomer’s point of view, this week could have had … (12 comments)

danger bay: From Saint Paul to Danger Bay… - 08/12/07 10:53 PM
…yet another “link-post” from Jay & Boomer—
It’s a comfortable 66ºF here on my back porch, after a string of very hot & dry days followed by a couple of severe thunderstorms causing damage around the city. Boomer & I are here in body only, but much as the former “Codger Lodge” would draw me away in spirit at least—so too does Danger Bay!
So, in spirit, Boomer & I are enjoying our mugs of  organically & shade-grown, fair-trade, French Roast coffee this morning on the boardwalk of Silverthorn’s Café. Medlar Farkleberry has just opened his “Star Service” station (full service only, … (14 comments)

danger bay: Why would I post on a Sunday around 1:30pm (when I could be napping)? - 07/29/07 06:38 AM

To tell you what these little shapes are, of course! Would you’d care to guess??
When I introduce a new graphic, it seems to follow that I’m asked how I draw the graphic, and what program I use.
Although I’ve answered the program question—I’ll cover that again—it’s easier than linking to earlier explanations. I use three pieces of software: MS Word (kinda old, from Office 2003), MS Publisher (to combine hand drawn graphics with jpeg photos, also from Office 2003), Adobe Photoshop Elements (also a bit long-of tooth: version 2.02, 2002).
The question I’ve never really answered, is how I draw the … (20 comments)

danger bay: Jay CLAIMS “allergies”—but I have a differing opinion... - 07/26/07 10:41 PM
…I think he’s suffering from something else!
By “Boomerjack” Boardman

Jay stopped by at insane o’clock this morning, as he frequently does when he wants to post to Active Rain.
This time, he informed me he was too sick due to “his allergies” to post, and gave me the keys to this blog.
“Allergies” indeed! I think that old curmudgeon has one sip too many of his Summit “Great Northern Porter” (Summit Brewing, St. Paul, MN—support your local business) and had a case of the “Brew Flu” (if you know what I mean).
Okay, so the 2nd & 3rd paragraphs … (13 comments)

danger bay: (UPDATED JULY 26) Village of “Danger Bay” PROGRESS! - 07/24/07 10:54 PM

In my former blog-life as one of five “Codgers” I would with some frequency write from “my corner of cyberspace,” mixing real people with totally fictional people in the cyber-city of “Codger’s Corner.” “Codger’s Corner” occupied the same space along the “Cyber-Mississippi” River as my home town of Saint Paul does along the Mississippi River. When we needed a break from the city, we’d all head to the North Shore of “CyberLake Superior,” which occupied the same space as...well, that much is obvious.
With the passing of one of our number, the blog-entity “The Codgers” … (15 comments)