whine complain: Reflections from Boomer’s Back Porch—Whine & Complain—Wednesday, February 28, 2007 - 02/27/07 08:59 PM
It’s a rather nice 28°F, with no wind, making it feel like 28°F, Barometric pressure is 30.07” and steady, the humidity is 69% with a Dewpoint this fine morning of 21°F, if it weren’t for the West Side bluffs of Cherokee Heights, visibility would be 7 miles, the sun will rise precisely at 6:52 am, and our sunset will be at 5:58 pm. So Medford and I are enjoying our porcelain, not China (but made in China) or stoneware Codger Collectible Mugs™ (have I mentioned that TODAY is your LAST OPPORTUNITY to get the February Edition of our collectible mugs?) filled … (20 comments)

whine complain: OLD MEN & COFFEE SHOPS Monday 4 Dec '06 Snow or No Snow - 12/04/06 06:46 AM
“Against the wind I was running against the wind I found myself seeking shelter Against the wind” - Bob Seger
And so it was as I made my way to the coffee shop, anticipating that hot mug of organically & shade grown, fair trade, French roast coffee, first warming my hands, then warming me to my soul!
“Right this way,” shouted Molly as I blew in through the door, “I think I can find a place for you in the back room.”
“Sure Molly,” I said as I sat at our table, in my usual chair, the second one in from … (7 comments)

whine complain: Old Men & Coffee Shops, Thursday Morning, Nov 9th Edition, Fred Adapts - 11/09/06 09:16 PM
“The hardest part,” Fred began, his ever-present morning Pioneer Press still folded and unread, “is the feeling that I’ve lost my freedom and independence. This first week without my car has been very tough for me.”
“You really haven’t lost it, y’know,” Carl replied, “you just gotta adapt.”
“Your wife Annie can still drive,” Medford added, peering over his cup of cream and sugar polluted, organically grown-fair trade-Guatemalan coffee, “Jay ‘n Harold would be happy t’ get you somewhere, and there’s always the bus.”
“I wouldn’t drive that old goat next door!” exclaimed Harold.
“Me either,” I added.
“Yeah, you’re … (4 comments)

whine complain: WHADDAYA GOTTA DO TO EARN A "GOLD STAR?" - 11/02/06 11:00 PM
After this morning's codger meeting, Medford & I removed to his place, and got to talking about AR's coveted "Gold Star" designation for featured posts. We are the recipient of one such award. We like gold stars! We really likethe bragging rights they give us with the codgers: "See, we told ya we could blog!"
But what we don't know is the criteria for earning this coveted designation. We have submitted posts thatwe thought had more merit than the one that earned the star--and zippo--no comments--no nothin!
Is it the time of day we post? Content relevance to the RE industry (we usually … (7 comments)

whine complain: Whine & Complain #1 - 09/21/06 11:00 PM
I’ve worked over the years with many a “Re-al-tor” (rē΄əl tōr), but never—ever—ever with a “Re-li-tor” (rē lĭt΄ tōr). Why is it that this ridiculous pronunciation persists? It’s not easier to say—or is it? I can understand why non-members say it that way, but I don’t understand why members persist in it.