real estate agents: Zombie Real Estate Agents getting hammered on The Walking Dead - 07/10/13 03:33 AM
ZOMBIES, ZOMBIES, ZOMBIES!  There are thousands of agents out there that are just doing the usual day to day tasks that are completely wasting time.  They are just walking the streets, roaming around, arms in the air, moaning and groaning, looking for new business.  If you're not careful, you too can get bit and be overtaken by wasteful zombie like activities. 
If you were to sit down and list out all the daily tasks that you complete or don't complete, then what tasks actually end up making you MONEY?!?  You can email, Facebook, make calls, go to Starbucks, Facebook again, show … (31 comments)

real estate agents: Proven FREE tool that sells listings 26% faster - 07/09/13 06:04 AM
A proven free tool that sells listings 26% faster is a no brainer for real estate agents.  Why is it a no brainer?  If you are on a listing appointment and giving your presentation and ask the sellers the question "would you like me to implement a tool that that has proven itself to aid in selling listed homes 26% faster than homes not using it?"  Will they say no?  Not likely. 
Most home owner's prefer to sell their homes fast and for top dollar.  In order to sell quickly and receive the best offer, you must create demand.  Demand … (0 comments)

real estate agents: Peachtree City, Georgia Real Estate Agents - 11/08/09 07:23 AM

Peachtree City, Georgia real estate agents are a fantastic way to find the right home at the right price.  Homes for sale in Peachtree City, GA have begun to see a turnaround.  The turnaround has not necessarily taken off, but listings have started to move.  If you are thinking about listing your home or if you are simply new to the area and are in need of a great agent, then take a moment to review a few of the local offices. We have many fantastic real estate offices located in Peachtree City, Georgia.  These realtor offices are located all … (0 comments)