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 To say 2017 was a roller coaster for our area, is an understatement.  Houston started out the year being the center of attention as Lady GaGa catapulted off the top of NRG stadium into the screaming crowd at the Super Bowl.  Our fair city hosted folks from far and wide who watched one of the gre...
As you may have seen on the news, a guy named Harvey moved through Houston in slow motion and definitely wore out his welcome.  We had rain.  Lots of rain.  Enough rain that the weather channel had to code it with a new color. I've heard lots of different estimates regarding the number of homes t...
First of all, let me tell you that I am about to climb up on my soapbox here.   Last week I went to meet a potential seller.  The property next door was listed as a For Sale by Owner, or FSBO, in real estate language.  The lady I was meeting with said the owner next door had the home on Zillow an...
 This is my first attempt to enter a contest, but I felt compelled to add my 2 cents to Bill Spear's challenge for February.  Why do I love what I do?  People.  That's all.  Just people.  I spent what seemed like 20 years at an accounting job that only actually lasted 6 months.  Early in my worki...
I get together with a group of high school friends every year. We are now in our 16th season and look forward to exploring new places together.  This year we chose to visit Seattle.  There were two outstanding reasons for this.  It's cooler in Seattle in July than where most of us live and the to...
It's that time of year again!  Girl Scout cookie time!  Yes, another temptation to foil that diet plan, but that is totally another subject.  Yesterday, I took my 8 year old twin granddaughters out to sell cookies.  I'm not a big proponent of taking the list and passing it around my office.  They...
First of all, this is not meant to be a political commentary.  I am not here to bash or support either side. I don't care who you vote for, nor am I going to tell you who I support.  This is merely my observation and honest opinion.A week or so ago,  I logged on to Facebook just to check a status...
I know, I checked the calendar.  It's only October.  October, that wonderful month when Texans get to take a breath of crisp air that isn't  98 degrees and 79% water!  That wonderful month when the leaves on only one tree in my yard change color.  County and state fairs open and those wonderful "...
It's a rainy Monday in Sugar Land, TX.  A great day to catch up on paperwork and do all those things on the list that I've put off for "someday".  I have been thinking of trying a new photographer for my listings.  The one that I have used for years still takes awesome photos, but has been laggin...
It's been raining here.  It's been raining for a long time.  It's been raining a REALLY long time.  In the Houston/Sugar Land/Richmond Rosenberg area, we had the tax day flood (April 18th).  And since, it seems like every day there has been rain.  Sometimes a little rain and a lot of thunder.  So...

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