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An article on Yahoo Finance provides yet another example of why artificial attempts to stimulate the housing market are a bad idea. When offered on a grand scale, as in the easy money of the last decade, they only serve to create bubble markets which at some point must collapse. And we’ve all exp...
While those in the northeast may disagree, with many areas still white from a season of record-breaking snowfall, spring is only three weeks away. It’s not too early to get out the tool box and start planning your home’s seasonal maintenance. Developing a routine of home maintenance will keep it ...
In a post I did a couple of days ago, Six Reasons Why The Housing Market Peaks Will Not Return, I outlined reasons why I don't anticipate a return the glory days of the past decade; and while most seemed to understand my purpose for writing the post, some suggested that I should refrain from such...
Recent conflicting reports about the housing market and whether or not it is truly in recovery have left consumers as well as those in the real estate business more than a bit confused; those whose business plan is dependent upon a full or quick recovery should proceed with caution. I believe the...
In some just released numbers and reported in the LA Times, the Obama administration admits that the $5 billion Weatherization Program, affectionately known as Cash for Caulkers, is a bit more expensive than expected. Like many of the other “Stimulus” programs, it is beginning to look like just a...
Following its most recent meeting, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) has issued a statement of its projections about the economy, but instead of “sugar coating” or garbling the message, let’s call it like it is—it’s not a recovery. Chairman Bernanke had already warned us to expect a “joble...
With all the news about the declines in residential real estate, I thought it would be good to remember that home values have remained unchanged, and, in fact, haven’t changed in decades. In the midst of a recession, and with real estate prices plummeting across the country, how can that be?   It...
There seems to be a lot of confusion among consumers regarding credit scores, credit reports, where to get them, which ones are accurate, and how to access your credit report and score without getting scammed. With the economy in the doldrums and with mortgage lenders and credit card issuers havi...
As Treasury copes with mounting foreclosures and the ineffectiveness of its modifications programs, many attempt to ignore how declining home prices impact all of us. Some assume or hope the problem will “self cure” over time. It won’t.   The current foreclosure crisis demands our attention; to i...
All the confusing information about the economy and housing market has left potential home buyers scratching their heads and wondering, if this is the best of times or the worst of times to buy a home? Recent news reports have shown charts that demonstrate how renting may be significantly less ex...

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