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In a presentation made today, Dennis Lockhart, President and CEO of the Atlanta Fed has predicted only a modest economic recovery with unemployment experiencing a “structural” increase. Lockhart pointed out several reasons why employment may be establishing a new normal, with rates to remain abov...
With home prices and sales remaining in a serious slump, is housing still a great investment? The short and disappointing answer is: No, housing in general isn’t now, nor has it ever been a great investment. But the long answer is somewhat more complicated and offers hope for homeowners or those ...
In today’s competitive housing market, sellers can create an exterior sanctuary to gain an advantage when selling. With consumers maintaining a tight grip on their purses, many are looking for ways to make their home environment more attractive and enjoyable. And with the warm summer months just ...
Little more than a year ago President Obama announced the Home Affordability and Stability Plan in a commitment to save 7 – 9 million homeowners from foreclosure. Under the program, several initiatives were established to accomplish his goal. One of them, The Home Affordable Modification Program ...
                                                                                                                                                              For those who need to reduce both their home maintenance costs as well as their investment, this home plan just may be the perfect answer. ...
Last fall I wrote a POST in which I made several predictions regarding the direction of the housing market and overall economy; and now that we’re three months into the year, I’d like to offer my revised economic forecast for 2010. My post, which was quoted by both the SF Chronicle and Huffington...
Just released numbers from NAR and reported in MarketWatch show that sales of existing homes remain in a slump, and in fact, have now fallen for the third consecutive month. Despite the lowest prices in several years, low interest rates, and the Home Buyer Tax Credit, the market is showing little...
Homeowners in the Waleska, Canton, Cartersville, and Jasper, GA areas who are in need of tree services, have a valuable resource in the services of Tim Jones and the talented crew of T. J.’s Tree Service & Stump Removal, Inc. Those who have suffered storm damage, have dead or dying trees, or who ...
North Georgia consumers who prefer a more “holistic” approach to treating illness will be happy to discover Herb Shop * Healing Center in Holly Springs, GA. Offering a complete inventory of high quality vitamins, minerals, and herbal products, both bottled and in bulk, Herb Shop * Healing Center ...
With new home prices unable to compete with foreclosures, U. S. Home builder sentiment remains negative. According to a March 15th report on MarketWatch, the builder confidence index has fallen 2 points since February, with home builders continuing to struggle against foreclosures and short sales...

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