anthem: Arizona Premiere Music - 06/06/08 02:27 PM
The guys at Arizona Premiere Living have done it again.  We've created a new blog, Arizona Premiere Music, to further add to the experience of our website,
Arizona Premiere Music is not only about the music happenings in Arizona, but for all music lovers everywhere.  Take a look,  we think you'll like it.
And if you like that blog check out All About Anthem and Arizona Premiere Sports too.

anthem: Anthem AZ Real Estate Market Update May 2008 - 06/04/08 05:37 AM
The market is definitely picking up in Anthem.  Here are the lastest stats for the week ending 5/31/08:
Active Listings: 495
Homes Pending: 134
Homes sold in last 30 days: 84 (up 25% over April '08, up 79% over May '07)
Burn rate (Inventory on market / by homes sold last 30 days) =  6 months supply
Avg. Sale price (Solds): $314,902 (Down 1% from April. '08, Down 19% from May '07)
Avg. price per sq. ft. (Solds): $125.69 (Up $.18 per Sq. Ft. from April. '08, Down 21% from May '07)
Avg. Days on Market (Solds): 126 (Down 14 days, 10% from April 08, Down 62 days, 25% from May '07)
For graphical … (0 comments)

anthem: Are We Finally at The Tipping Point? - 05/26/08 10:57 AM
As the price of gasoline continues to rise (albeit due to speculative causes) I think back to when my dad was a smoker.  When he did smoke my dad would always say, "I'll quit when cigarettes reach $1 a pack." Then it became $2 a pack, etc.  Eventually he did quit, but not because of economic reasons.
Our dependence on oil kind of reminds me of the same mentality.  At what point will Americans finally throw up their hands and say enough. At $4 a gallon? We're already there, and yet consumption in the U.S. has only fallen by 1%. $5 … (11 comments)

anthem: Anthem networking group gives back to the community... - 05/24/08 12:01 PM
On June 7th at the Ironwood Country club the Professional Resource Group will be hosting it's second annual charity golf tournament.  This year's title sponsor once again is Windermere Real Estate.
The Professional Resource Group is a networking/leads group that I helped form in Anthem over three years ago.  We started with 4 people and have grown over the years to as many as 22 members.
This year's golf tournament benefits the United Blood Centers of Arizona.  Last year the tournament raised over $6,000 on behalf of the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.  This year we hope to match or beat that amount.
For … (1 comments)

anthem: The genius of "and"... - 05/14/08 07:04 AM
If you watch the news or follow it by any other means (internet, newspapers, magazines, word of mouth) you can't escape the talk about this year's primaries and general election in November.  Throughout the process we've been witness to the cause of much our problems over the past couple of decades.  Namely divisevness and polarization.
If you've ever read the book "Built to Last" you will remember that the most successful business entities always embraced the genius of "and".  The leaders of these companies didn't let egos or agendas stand in the way of what was best for the company.  Our political … (3 comments)

anthem: 39613 N. Belfair Wy. Anthem, AZ 85086 - 05/14/08 02:32 AM

anthem: Create your own radio station... - 05/13/08 04:44 PM
Usually I like to keep my post related to real estate in some manner or other.  But once in while you have to just let go and write about something completely off subject.  And since music is one of my passions I thought I would write about a really cool site I found the other day.
The site is
It is a streaming audio site that basically lets you program your own online radio station.  They ask for very little personal information up front and there are no commercial interruptions.
Basically it works like this.
You logon, register, and then … (1 comments)

anthem: Are people more rude these days? - 04/30/08 05:50 AM
Driving into the office this morning one of the radio stations I listen to posed an interesting caller response question.  Do you think people are more rude these days?  Overwhelmingly the answer was yes.  Now you may ask, "what does this have to do with real estate."  Well, on the surface nothing.  But ours is a service industry.  And like other service industries we encounter the general public on a daily basis.  And I know ALL real estate agents have had their fair share of "rudeys".   From not returning phone calls to not showing up for appointments we've all had experiences … (8 comments)

anthem: Not everyone is bad.... - 04/19/08 06:36 AM
Bankers, lenders, mortgage backed securities investors lend me your ears!  Not everyone today is a credit risk. Just like not everyone in 2004 and 2005 was eligible to borrow.
With crisis always comes knee jerk reactions.  And in our current credit/financial crisis we have been seeing the lenders act as overly cautious as they were irresponsible just a few years ago.  No loan seems to go smoothly these days.  Even folks with 750 credit scores, six figure incomes, and steady employment are under the tightest scrutiny these days.
Let me say this to the lenders.  You're in the business to LEND MONEY! If you … (6 comments)

anthem: Highest and best offer... - 04/16/08 01:16 PM
My business partner and I have been working with several buyers lately who are interested in purchasing bank owned, R.E.O. properties.  And we can tell you first hand that the market for this segment of homes in the Phoenix area is red hot right now.  Which leads me to the title of this blog post, "highest and best offer."  Now tell me if I'm wrong, but I didn't think the real estate market was a silent auction.  We get this response a lot these days from the R.E.O. listing agents.  Is this really in the best interest for all involved?  It … (17 comments)

anthem: Anthem AZ area Real Estate Company does it again.... - 04/14/08 07:09 AM
As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, this weekend we at Windermere West Valley participated in Emma's Run 2, an annual fundrasing 5k/10k race to support local family oriented charities.  Windermere West Valley contributed $1,000 to the cause and had several runners participate in the race.  The Windermere Foundation is something that separates Windermere Real Estate from many of the other real estate brokerages around the country. 
To view photos of this weekends Emma's Run please visit:
For more information about Anthem AZ real estate, Phoenix AZ real estate or Scottsdale AZ real estate please visit our website at:

anthem: Do we ever really learn? - 04/09/08 11:52 AM
I just turned 40 last December.  So I feel I have some perspective to speak about history,  at least in my lifetime, and what is going on in our country now.
I am constantly amazed that we as a nation repeat the same mistakes over and over again and then act stunned when we have a meltdown like we are currently experiencing.  And of course the media and pundits act like it's the first time something like this has ever happened.  Let me retrace some of the boom and busts that have just occured in my 40 years of life in the … (7 comments)

anthem: Anthem AZ real estate - How the Fed bail out benefits us all... - 04/02/08 03:42 AM
On a recent post of mine I suggested that it would be a good idea if the Federal Government did something to bail out our current housing and financial crisis.  A few days later I received a rather vitrole comment stating that I was a bleeding heart liberal and entirely wrong to suggest that we as nation are in this together and we as a nation will have to foot the bill for this mess.
As far as me being a bleeding heart liberal, nothing could be further from the truth.  However, I do know an emergency when I see it.  Unfortunately … (0 comments)

anthem: Phoenix AZ Real Estate market update - 04/01/08 09:01 AM
For those interested in the Phoenix Arizona real estate market I will begin posting a update on the market there once a week.
So here it goes.  For the week ending 3/30/07:
Active Listings: 13,074
Homes Pending: 1,135
Homes sold in last 30 days: 768 (up 23% over February '08, down 45% over March '07)
Burn rate (Inventory on market/by homes sold last 30 days) = 17 months supply
Avg. Sale price (Solds): $274,846 (Up 6% from Feb. '08, Down 25% from March '07)
Avg. price per sq. ft. (Solds): $154.80 (Down $5 per Sq. Ft. up 4% from Feb. '08,  Down 18% from March '07)
Avg. Days on Market (Solds): 119 (Down … (2 comments)

anthem: Interconnectivity - 03/29/08 09:21 AM
The last couple of days my lower back was killing me.  I aggravated an old injury in the gym the other day no doubt.  Thankfully my experience as a personal trainer and knowledge of anatomy and proprioception, and knowledge gained from Chiropractic sessions allowed me to correct the problem this morning with some stretching exercises.  But it got me thinking about how everything in our lives and the universe is interconnected.  A concept that I don't think a lot of people understand these days.
I knew my back problem had something to do with the leg workout I did the other day in … (2 comments)

anthem: Anthem Arizona and it's charitable nature... - 03/28/08 04:21 AM
In many of my previous posts I've written about the community I live, Anthem Arizona. In addition to it's natural beauty, all the amenities it has to offer, and the friendly people who live there, I am always amazed at the charitable spirit of the Anthem Community.
It seems that every weekend there is some type of charitable event going on raising money for a local organization or family in need.  On my blog "All About Anthem" a couple of weeks ago I mentioned an upcoming event called "Emma's Run" to support the family of a young Anthem girl who died tragically a few … (0 comments)

anthem: Customer Service in the Banking Industry and how it affects the Real Estate Market - 03/27/08 03:38 AM
Now that short sales have become this year's black I'm sure that eveyone has experienced the joyful process of dealing with the loss mitigation departments of the various lenders.  Which leads me to the title of my blog.  And customer service. Or the lack thereof in the lending/bankiing industry.
Since the advent of ATM's, voice automated phone services, and online banking, the concept of customer service in our banking industry has become an oxymoron.  Ever try getting a hold of someone at your local branch, where YOUR money is deposited.  Good luck getting through the maze of the automated voice system.
Anyway, I … (3 comments)

anthem: The natural beauty of Phoenix, Arizona. - 03/26/08 02:26 AM
As I was at the gym this morning I was looking out the huge glass plate window that faces east over looking one of the fairways of our golf course and I was once again struck by the beauty of our Arizona landscape.  I live in Anthem, Arizona which is located at the northern most point of the Phoenix city limits.  We are elevated off the valley floor.  You would pass right by on your way to Sedona.  Anyway, we have some of the most fantastic vistas.  My business partner Ben Bailey has and will continue to post some terrific photos of the … (1 comments)

anthem: Phoenix Real Estate market heating up... - 03/25/08 08:58 AM
Today's news could be signaling the bottom of the real estate market in the Phoenix area. (Read more) According to the latest home sale figures for the month of February, homes sales increased 2.9% nationally and over 10% here in the Phoenix area.
A while back I wrote about the old Wall St. adage, "buy on the rumor, sell on the news." Well folks the news is starting to eek out.  Just last week I saw on one of the local newscasts a story about how home prices in Scottsdale and Gilbert increased in February.
My business partner Ben Bailey and I have noticed a … (1 comments)

anthem: Real estate boom and bust vs. Internet boom and bust - 03/24/08 06:50 AM
This weekend I was watching a show about the boom and bust of the dot com era in the late 90's.  As I was watching I could not help but notice the similarities of that market's run up and bust and that of our current real estate market's boom and bust.
Whereas the dot com's boom was fueled by a new technology, the housing market's boom was fueled by new lending practices.  Both booms were based on house of cards business practices, and both came crashing down in resounding fashion.  Having lived in San Francisco during the dot com boom I watched first … (4 comments)

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