chandler: Phoenix, AZ Real Estate Market Report - Dec. 2018 - 01/02/19 08:17 AM

Homes sales rose a bit but prices continued to decline during December in the Phoenix, AZ real estate market.  The number of homes sold rose by 1% over November but were down 10% year over year. The average sale price fell 3% from November, and was up 6% over December 2017. Sellers received about 98% of their list price during the month. The number of homes on the market fell 6% compared to November but is up 9% year over year.  The 12 month moving average sale price, now at $298,051 (up 8% from the previous year), continues to edge up ever so … (1 comments)

chandler: Scottsdale, AZ Real Estate Market Report - Nov. 2018 - 12/12/18 04:12 PM

Home sales and prices dropped in the Scottsdale real estate market during November. The number of homes sold was down 1% from October and down 11% from last November. This marks five out of the last six months of declining home sales in Scottsdale.  The average sale price decreased 2% from October but is up 4% from November 2017. The 12 month moving average sale price is up 9% from a year ago,  now standing at $579,774.  The number of homes on the market is 2,415, 3% less than October, and 8% less than November 2017.  The days on market is at … (1 comments)

chandler: Let's talk..... - 11/28/18 10:39 AM
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Please contact me or visit my website. Remember, I’m never too busy for your referrals and I’d love to hear from you.
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chandler: Search for homes and get home values on my mobile app.... - 10/26/18 10:06 AM

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chandler: Is 12% worth avoiding a Realtor? - 10/20/18 02:37 PM
Over the past year companies like Open Door and OfferPad have made some inroads into the Phoenix real estate market. Small inroads (about 3% of total sales valley wide over the past year), but inroads nonetheless.
For those not familiar with Open Door and OfferPad, they are companies that promise to buy your home for "market price" and close within days, alleviating the stress and hassle of selling your home.  In turn, they then make any repairs/updates necessary and then list the home for sale themselves.
But here's the catch, the "fee" they charge to purchase your home ranges anywhere from 6-12% of … (2 comments)

chandler: Scottsdale, AZ Real Estate Market Report - September 2018 - 10/06/18 01:21 PM

Home sales fell off dramatically and prices dipped a bit too in the Scottsdale real estate market  during September. The number of homes sold was down 6% from August but up 2% from last September. This is the fourth consecutive month we've seen home sales decline in Scottsdale.  The average sale price decreased 2% versus August but is up 7% from September 2017. The 12 month moving average sale price is up 8% from a year ago,  now standing at $571,215.  The number of homes on the market is 2,235, 5% more than August, and 6% less than September 2017.  The days … (3 comments)

chandler: Just Sold!!! Suprise, AZ home..... - 09/25/18 02:51 PM

Thinking of selling your Phoenix/Scottsdale area home?  Give me a call.  I help home buyers too.

chandler: Average monthly temperatures in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area.... - 07/25/18 04:05 PM

Since I work a lot with out of state buyers, and Phoenix has a very hot reputation, I am often asked how hot it really gets during the summer months here.  So I compiled an average high temperature chart below to assist those thinking of moving to the Valley of the Sun.  As you can see, and as expected, the summer months are hot!  We live in a desert, so that makes sense.  But I can tell you truthfully, 100 degrees here feels a lot cooler than 100 degrees in most other areas of the country due to the lack of … (2 comments)

chandler: Treasury Yields Flattening! What does it all mean? - 03/30/18 12:59 PM

Earlier in the week the stock market freaked a bit when the yields and on the 2 Year and 10 Year Treasury notes began to converge. ( ) This "flattening", when yields on the short term and long term treasury bonds start to close in on each other, has been a reliable predictor of oncoming recessions.  So, what does this mean for the real estate market?  Well, a lot.
You see, the last time these two yields converged and actually inverted (where the 10 year treasury yield falls below the 2 year yield) was 2008.  And we all know what happened that … (1 comments)

chandler: Anthem, AZ Weekly Sales Report: 8/14/17 - 8/20/17 - 08/23/17 04:22 PM

The following Anthem, AZ homes closed escrow during the week of 8/14/17 -  8/20/17:
39825 N. River Bend Rd., 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1,827 square feet, Pool, Traditional sale, $267,500;
4508 W. Rolling Rock Dr., 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 2,348 square feet, Traditional sale, $270.000;
2559 W. Morse Dr., 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2,143 square feet, Traditional sale, $290,000;
42014 N. Celebration Dr., 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1,822 square feet, Traditional Sale, $295,000;
2447 W. Clearview Trail, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2,128 square feet, Pool, Traditional sale, $315,000;
42138 N. Anthem Heights Dr., 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1,760 square feet, Traditional sale, $325,000;
2557 W. Shackleton Dr., 5 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 2,968 square feet, Pool, Traditional sale, $345,000;
2911 … (1 comments)

chandler: Just Listed For Lease - 4 bed, 3 bath Chandler home..... - 04/26/17 10:50 AM

We just listed listed this spacious 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home in Chandler, AZ for only $1,875 a month.
For more information and photos please click on the lnk below:

chandler: Just Listed! 3 bedroom centrally located Chandler, AZ home... - 03/01/17 03:20 PM

We just listed this 3 bedroom, newly refurbished, centrally located Chandler, AZ.
For more information and photos go to:
To search for other homes in Chandler, AZ just click here:

chandler: Buyers! Sellers! I may have an agent for you..... - 01/13/17 02:19 PM

I work a lot with people relocating from other states.  Often these folks are referred to me by an agent they use in their respective town.  But all too often buyers, and even sellers will choose an agent who they are unfamiliar with in an unfamiliar area. This is where I, or your agent can come in handy for you.  
We as agents are constantly networking with each other, either via sites like Active Rain, or industry releated conventions and events.  So we probably know of a good agent in your area or the area you're headed to who can assist … (3 comments)

chandler: 6 Signs That Your Market is Flipping to a Buyer's Market.... - 10/25/16 02:53 AM

For the past several years our, the Phoenix/Scottsdale area, market as well as many other markets around the country have been pretty much a seller's market.  But how can you tell when your market is shifting to a buyer's market? And I'm not talking about a free fall like 2008-2010, just a normal shift.  Well, there are several factors:
1. The days on market in a lot of areas is starting to grow.  Historically a balanced market (neither favoring sellers nor buyers) has been benchmarked by 90 days on the market for homes to sell.  So if you see the days on … (1 comments)

chandler: Scottsdale, AZ Market Report - July 2016 - 08/31/16 08:09 AM

The Scottsdale, AZ real estate market showed a bit of slide in month of July.  The number of homes sold was down dramatically from both June 2016 and July 2015. The 12 month moving average sale price remained the same month over month and year over year, and now resides at $501,883.  The number of homes on the market is 2,581 with the days on market at 113, 7% longer than last year.  The burn rate (homes pending/home sold) is at 3.72 months, which signals a slight seller's market.  One month does not spell a trend, but keep an eye out … (1 comments)

chandler: Phoenix, AZ Market Report - May 2016 - 06/01/16 11:32 AM

The Phoenix, AZ real estate market is continues to plow along through our prime selling season in the Valley of the Sun.  The number of homes sold was up 5% from a year ago, and the 12 month moving average sale price continues to edge up, climbing to $245,859, up 7% from the previous year and nearing our high pre crash.  The number of homes on the market is 3,962 with the days on market at 65, 4% less than last year, and well within the benchmark of a seller's market.  All of these statistics point to a very strong Phoenix, … (0 comments)

chandler: 5 Reasons You Need A Realtor When Buying a New Build - 12/28/15 06:34 AM
The home buying process is often a trying, confusing process for most home buyers.  Buying a resale home on the open market is tough enough, but if you choose to go the new build route it can be even more arduous.  Which is why you should have a trusted Realtor by your side during the process.  And here's why:
1. The builder's sales agent is not on your side.  Although they may come across as friendly and helpful, the sales agent at new construction sites work for the builder, not you.  Therefore they have the builder's best interest at heart, not yours.  … (3 comments)

chandler: Cash is not always King.... - 11/07/13 04:10 AM
Over my years in the real estate business I've encountered many a cash buyer, both as my direct client and as a listing agent representing sellers.  And a common trait I've noticed about cash buyers is what I might politely call "Over Confidence".  There seems to be a mind set amongst the cash buyer that because they DO have cash that they can get whatever they want at a severe discount (READ: Steal).  But that's not always the case.
I've represented buyers who are financing homes that have beaten out cash buyers on a purchase, simply because their offer was better.  If a … (0 comments)

chandler: As prices rise, foreclosures decrease in Phoenix.... - 10/21/13 10:52 AM

The Phoenix metropolitan area was one of the worst hit areas in the country during the housing market crash a few years ago. Looking back we can see that we hit the bottom sometime around September 2011.  Since then we've seen a significant increase in home prices (23% year over year from September 2012 - September 2013).  With this increase in home prices we've seen a significant drop in foreclosures.  According the Arizona Republic foreclosures in the Phoenix metropolitan area have fallen from a high of 5,100 in March of 2010 to only 697 in September.
This bodes very well for … (0 comments)

chandler: Chandler, AZ - Wow! 7 bedrooms! - 11/18/09 04:15 AM
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"> … (2 comments)

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