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My website, blogs, TV and radio shows are planned to educate the public. I have several informative links from my website including a DVD with a tour of Cedar City. My goal is to provide top service and links and articles that will give beneficial information regarding real estate.



After all the doom and gloom, it is my strong belief that real estate remains the #1 sought after asset among investors with self-directed IRA's, pension plans, or investors building their investment portfolios.  I honestly believe that real estate is the best investment in the world, and I do fo...
As promised, this is Item #2 of FIFTEEN POINTS FOR YOUR REAL ESTATE SUCCESS:  Start A College Fund--great idea!  How do you get someone else to put money into your child's college fund?  Buy a rental unit each time one of your children is born into this beautiful world.  Let your renters pay it o...
MY NEXT FIFTEEN NEWS BLOGS WILL ACTUALLY BE FIFTEEN INCREDIBLY GOOD REASONS WHY I BELIEVE YOUR REAL ESTATE SUCCESS BEGINS WITH BUYING RIGHT NOW! 1.  Interest rates are down today after going up just last week.  If you are thinking of buying real estate any time in the future, I believe that now i...
Where did all my money go?  I'm missing lots of stock money right now, as I am sure many are in our country.  My homes all remain standing.  It's true that they aren't worth as much as they were awhile back, but they didn't just disappear!  My stock market money is simply gone--that's where--just...
What is happening?  The prime goes down but mortgage interest rates are up?  Did I hear 6.7%?  Did I hear that they are going up by another 1/2 % soon?  Please tell me that's not true!  As interest rates go up, the amount of home that a buyer can qualify for will go down.  It's not too late.  6.7...
Where do you want to put your money now?  With incredibly low interest rates, huge inventory, bargain prices and great loan programs available in in our area, I'm voting for buying real estate in the Cedar City/Iron County, UT area.  I can't remember when I've seen all 4 in line to benefit buyers...
Are you a little tired of reading the newspaper and feeling a pit of fear in your stomach?  I realize sensationalism sells papers, but it's gone too far in my opinion.  Do you agree? I honestly believe there is good news out there that could be reported that would inspire a positive outlook and t...
We are all reading the newspapers.  Right?  The news is definately benefiting the newspapers!  Inspiring fear sells papers.  We start to wonder, as we read, if mortgage funds are still available to buy homes.  The answer is a resounding, "yes!"  Don't believe all you read.  Iron County has great ...
Everywhere I go; people want to know, "How's the Market," so I tell them!  The real estate market is simply not all doom and gloom as the media portrays. Cedar City still has a healthy real estate market compared to many areas in the nation.  We still have 100% financing and 3% down loans availab...
We are receiving both negative and positive reports on whether the government bailout will work.  My thoughts typically turn to the positive.  Why not give it a chance and move forward with life, love, work and laughter as always?  Is the news media causing fear and panic in order to sell papers?...

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