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My website, blogs, TV and radio shows are planned to educate the public. I have several informative links from my website including a DVD with a tour of Cedar City. My goal is to provide top service and links and articles that will give beneficial information regarding real estate.



I do!  The real estate market certainly has attracted more buyers so far in 2009!  I was thinking last night, after showing homes all day to a really great buyer, that it's no wonder buyers still buy homes no matter what the economy is!  We all need a place to live, and it gives an absolutely won...
In our field as REALTORS, we often forget that most people hear these terms in the news but are kind of confused.  They don't work with them every day!  Since I just had a buyer ask the above question of me, I thought I would give a very short summary: Short-Sale:  When the seller can't sell the ...
"How's the market?" Recently, I was talking to a group of people at a gathering.  One of them commented, "I know this is the time to buy, but I don't know where to start or how to begin?"  I gave the person 7 important points to answer that question: 1.  Choose an expert that is very experienced ...
I believe the market is moving toward improvement for Cedar City, Utah, real estate!  Today was so busy, and that's how it's been since January 2, 2009!  If you're a REALTOR in Iron County, please let me know if you are seeing more activity, also.  If you're a buyer, don't delay!  Call Janet's te...
I was at a closing today with one of my all-time favorite clients.  As they were signing the paperwork that would allow them to move in and enjoy one of the most gorgeous homes I've seen, we were discussing the negative impact the media is having on our current national economic situation.  We de...
I recently attended excellent training for REALTORS in the current real estate market.  Our trainer told us that only 6% of the homes in the nation are in foreclosure.  That means that 94% of the people are paying their payments on time.  Just for fun, he asked several people he saw how many home...
I was pondering today about the inauguration, and I couldn't help but think that there is incredible significance in what occurred yesterday!  Whether Obama is able to help America remains to be seen.  The important thing is the hope that impossible dreams can come true for all of us!  What do yo...
I was thinking today as I watched the news about past inaugurations, that there is a lot of excitement surrounding the upcoming inauguration.  I could't help but think that the bargains, interest rates, and great loan programs available right now right here in Cedar City, UT, were just as excitin...
Why do I love selling real estate in Cedar City, UT and all outlying areas?  That's easy!  There are great people who live here and equally great people moving here!  I had a buyer recently tell me that he thinks pretty soon all of the really good people from his area in California will be living...
One quarter of a century is a long time to be selling real estate in Cedar City, UT; but my experience goes back even farther than that.  My 92 year old mother is visiting me this week, and I can't help but remember the many years that I spent growing up in Bountiful, Utah.  My dad was a real est...

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