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My website, blogs, TV and radio shows are planned to educate the public. I have several informative links from my website including a DVD with a tour of Cedar City. My goal is to provide top service and links and articles that will give beneficial information regarding real estate.



A small section of the President's budget proposal that was announced today has the potential to become a major problem to a recovery in real estate markets in the upper price levels in my opinion.  According to the plan, the amount of mortgage interest deductibility on families earning over $250...
I would say that the answer is yes!  I had a buyer today who had decided to rent for awhile until she found out the $8,000 incentive is a tax credit according to a local lender, Tim Prindle, at MGM mortgage!  Basically, he said that if the buyer owes $2,000 in taxes, he should get a $6,000 refund...
I now own 2 investment homes and 3 lots in my IRA.  Since losing nearly 3/4 of my stock investments, I wanted my money in real estate.  Homes typically don't disappear like my stock money did!  I thought I had chosen the best place for what's left of my meager retirement funds.  Today I received ...
It's true!  I own 2 investment homes in my IRA.  Would you like more information on how you can do the same?  Call Janet Naisbitt-Bagley at 435-865-1019 or 800-934-3742 for who to contact and how.  Then search the MLS on my website at www.homesincedarcity.com for foreclosures, short sales and all...
It's been a busy week for Cedar City, Utah, Real Estate!  I'm looking forward to my day off!  I wish you  peace, love and joy tomorrow!  Have a wonderful day!
Remember back when you were little?  How did you celebrate President's Day?   I remember spending hours at school celebrating our first president on Washington's day.  Remember the cherry tree?  That was a great story on honesty.  There was a separate day when we celebrated Lincoln's day.  We lea...
Remember back when you were little?  How did you celebrate Valentine's Day?  I remember spending hours making valentines with paper doilies and red hearts.  Then I'd run around to all my friends' homes and drop the card on the step, ring the bell and run and hide.  There was one widow named Mrs. ...
Is the Stimulus package a good idea?  I go back and forth in my thinking.  I was thinking today that further debt may not be the answer, but how would I know?  I'm just hoping that our government leaders do know and that they are making wise decisions for all of us including our children, grandch...
I have heard 3 different rumors and have tried to verify with one of my favorite mortgage officers what the reality is, and so far I've come up with people who think they know what they know and others who are not sure they know what they think.  It gets even more confusing than that as I try to ...
I was thinking today that I wish there was a way to put my blog here as well as on my website.  Does anyone know of a way to do that?  Right new I am blogging twice nearly every day.  I actually just finished an article on my website www.homesincedarcity.com about today's real estate market in Ce...

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