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My website, blogs, TV and radio shows are planned to educate the public. I have several informative links from my website including a DVD with a tour of Cedar City. My goal is to provide top service and links and articles that will give beneficial information regarding real estate.



The answer is a resounding, YES!"  I was thinking today about a trip coming up for me in the near future!  I love relaxing to the sound of ocean waves while reading a book and napping in the warm sun!  Suddenly, I felt gratitude for my licensed assistants.  I can leave with the knowledge that my ...
I hope and pray that prices don't dip anymore!  I keep thinking that for sure this is the bottom.  Then prices dive again.  Then I find myself thinking again that this has got to be the bottom.  I really believe we have hit bottom, and the only way to go is up.  Don't you agree? One thing this re...
It's time to make sure you get your $8,000!  Time has wings and is quickly running away from us.  January is nearly over!  Don't miss the deadline again and lose out!  $8,000 is a lot of money!  How many months would it take for someone to earn that much on their job?  What a gift!  It's much bet...
I'm sure I'm not the only one working today!  The thing that surprised me is that all of my assistants worked today also!  We did take time out for breakfast to honor Martin Luther King Day.  After work, my husband made a delicious meal of beef stew, and our daughter made home-made bread.  It was...
I went to see The Princess and The Frog today with 2 adorable grandchildren and their grandfather!  As their grandmother, I actually thought valuable lessons were taught that applied to real life including real estate!  Without ruining the story-line for you, I will just say that you must not jus...
Recently I attended training put on by REALTOR.com for REALTORS in the Cedar City, Utah area.  There was a lot of valuable information.  I only wish that I could put it all into use and am working on some of the high points. One of the things that was recommended in the class was that I sign up t...
According to Chris Dahlin, our Iron County Board of REALTORS president, local real estate agents sold a few more homes this year than last which is very good news.  Chris made this comment at our board luncheon today.  He said our median price range had gone down, however, which is not surprising...
I sent a blog on Saturday commenting on what a busy and productive week it had been.  I got a blog back from an agent saying he didn't know if the word "busy" could be used any more in conjunction with real estate.  i can't resist commenting that I have been in the real estate business for over 2...
I had a great week!  It was both busy and productive!  I hope all of you are experiencing a successful 2010!  Let's take a break tomorrow and enjoy some meditation, family and restful study!  Then we'll get back to a busy week next week.  What do you say? For all your real estate needs, please em...
The holidays were great and celebrated with approximately 35 family members from Minnesota, Alabama, Illinois and many parts of Utah!  That doesn't even count the families we visited!  What a great holiday season!  It just doesn't get any better than family love and companionship with games, fun,...

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