cedar city homes for sale: Great Advice to "Calm your mind" In The Busy World of Real Estate! - 06/21/11 07:04 AM
Steve Florio of Mortgage Family often emails real estate agents some really good stuff!  I really liked his advice June 20, 2011.  He quotes Ralph Marston as follows, "You can choose your thoughts.  And you can choose, for a while, to be free of those thoughts."  Those are the first lines of 6 paragraphs, and these words caused me to stop, ponder and feel.  I will save the rest for another day!
How do you choose your thoughts?  Carefully!  I am a strong believer in "what you think you become."  I've practiced replacing thoughts with other thoughts.  For example, if I find … (2 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: "Why Self-Image Is A Key Part of Your Personality" (In Home Sales or Other!) - 06/15/11 03:57 PM
Steve Florio Of Mortgage Family sends out an informative email from time to time.  I especially like his June 13, 2011 "Monday Motivator."  He says, "You always behave on the outside in a manner consistent with the picture you have of yourself on the inside." 
He goes on to say, "For example, if you see yourself, as calm, confident and competent in any aspect of selling, when you are engaged in that activity, you will feel calm, confident and competent.  You will be positive and happy.  You will perform well and get excellent results.  If, for any reason, it doesn't go … (1 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Smart Real Estate Buyer Believes Now Is the Time to Purchase Rentals! - 05/12/11 10:40 AM
I have a client that seems to have a 6th sense when it comes to real estate.  She purchased beautiful land NW of Cedar City years ago, in spite of her husband's objections, because she knew it would go up in value.  When everyone thought real estate development land would keep on going up for years to come, she said it wouldn't go up anymore and wanted to sell her land right away. 
I've been her REALTOR  for many years and acted as her agent to get her land sold at top dollar.  She was absolutely right.  The market turned around after we got … (2 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Home Mortgage Rates Improve - 05/06/11 12:20 PM
Kent Reid of MGM Funding sent the following Mortgage Market News for the week ending May 6, 2011.  With his permission, let me quote, "Weaker than expected data helped mortgage rates improve for most of the week, but Friday's Employment report then surprised to the upside, causing mortgage rates to give back some of the improvement. In the end, as they have for each of the last few weeks, mortgage rates finished the week a little lower."
Who knows when rates will rise as people keep expecting them to do.  For now, we do know that they are affordable and prices … (0 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: ERA Realty Center In Cedar City, UT, Has Powerful Real Estate Tools! - 04/18/11 06:48 AM
Many times people ask me, "What does ERA stand for?"  ERA stands for "Electronic Realty Association!"  Here's why:  Many years ago, ERA Real Estate developed the ability to electronically send information on their homes for sale to another office in another state in only 6 minutes.  Since fax machines were not around yet, that ability was a real estate technological first. 
Now that we live in a world of fax machines, emails, and internet, I strongly believe that ERA is still ahead of the group with its Seller's Security Plan, luxury home marketing, home staging, home warranty, social networking, technology, negotiating training, pricing grid, commitment to service, agent … (0 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Are Home Mortgage Interest Rates On The Rise? - 03/25/11 11:44 AM
According to an email I received from Steve Florio at Mortgage Family on March 24, 2011, "Mortgage interest rates reversed course this week, rising as the U.S. Treasury began selling off mortgage-backed securities and investors' optimism about the U.S. economy overcame concerns about global events." 
According to Steve's email, it appears that the focus has gone back to inflaction rather than global disasters, which is the probable cause for a rise in mortgage rates.  Many economists and analysts predict a further increase in rates while approximately an equal number predict no changes in the next few weeks.  Very few experts expect a … (0 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: "Mortgage Applications Up 15% as Rates and job Market Improve" - 03/17/11 02:09 PM
This news is exciting for the real estate industry.  The above is a quote from Steve Florio of ERA Mortgage.  He emailed me on March 10, 2011, "Applications for home mortgages jumped to the highest level in 3 months last week, buoyed by improvements in the job market, an industry group said on Wednesday."
With mortgage interest rates and home prices both low at the same time, what are buyer's waiting for?  I believe the time to buy is now while there is a beautiful inventory of homes with bargain prices including short sales, foreclosures, new construction and homes priced-like foreclosures.  … (1 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Homes Can Be Purchased with no or low-downpayment in Cedar City, UT - 02/22/11 11:34 AM
In Cedar City, UT, and surrounding areas, Rural Development loans are still available with nothing down.  Closing costs can be added into the loan as long as the home appraises high enough to cover.  That means it is possible to purchase your dream home with nothing down.
FHA loans are available with 3.5% downpayment.  This is also an attractive option for buyers.
Sales prices are low and interest rates are also!  See the many bargain-priced homes available including foeclosures, short sales, new construction and other great values on the MLS at www.homesincedarcity.com. 
Janet's team can give you top service with every … (0 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: UAR Nov. Update: Iron County Closed Sales Up 14.4% 2010 YTD Over 2009! - 01/26/11 09:03 AM
A 14.4% increase in closed sales is very good news for the Cedar City area real estate market!  The median price range has dropped 12% according to this same report to $132,000, which is also a good thing for the buyers looking to purchase their dream homes.  Sales prices are still at bargain lows and interest rates still help buyers realize affordable monthly payments for their happy home!
Check out the attractive inventory of real estate bargains in the Cedar City, Utah, area real estate market at www.homesincedarcity.com including short sales, foreclosures, new construction and homes priced like foreclosures. 
Then call Janet Naisbitt-Bagley … (0 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Cedar City ERA Realty Center Home Sales Are Reported Up 2010 Over 2009! - 01/21/11 08:09 AM
Great news!  At ERA's Yearly Awards Breakfast yesterday it was reported that ERA sold $2,000,000 more homes in 2010 than in 2009--nearly $80,000,000!  That's incredible, and 2011 is off to a great start in exceeding that!  ERA reported nearly 80 more sales 2010 over 2009 which is also significant for current real estate market conditions. 
It's a great time to buy while rates and prices are at bargain low levels.  Please call Janet's team today at 435-865-1019 or email naisbitt@infowest.com to begin your exciting tour of homes including foreclosures, short sales, new construction and other bargain-priced homes.  Choose from a beautiful inventory at … (0 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Cedar City, UT, Real Estate Sales Are Booming! - 01/03/11 12:19 PM
In some of the past years in Cedar City, Utah, real estate sales between December 25 and January 1 have been extremely slow and near death.  This year, Naisbitt-Bagley of ERA Realty Center and her team have been enjoying a very busy and successful post holiday season that has included 5 closings, several accepted offers and several new listings!  They are also negotiating some new contracts!
If the above trend continues, the 2011 real estate market promises to be strong and successful!  What is your experience for real estate sales in other areas?  I'd love to hear more reports of success!
For help with all your real estate needs, … (1 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Real Estate In Cedar City, Utah, Is Not On Hold For The Holidays Yet! - 12/17/10 05:07 AM
Janet and her team of licensed real estate agents are still showing homes and selling homes, and our listings are still attracting offers!  Christmas shoppers are including homes in their shopping list this year!  It may be too late to close the sale before Christmas, but it certainly would make a fabulous New Year to realize the joy and satisfaction that comes from home ownership.
Please call the Janet Naisbitt-Bagley team at ERA Realty Center at 435-865-1019, 800-934-3742 or email naisbitt@infowest.com for help with all of your real estate needs.  Check out the inventory of homes for sale in the Cedar City, UT, … (0 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Real Estate Home Mortgage Interest Rates On The Rise! - 12/16/10 08:30 AM
I spoke to Morgan at MGM Financial today and learned the rumor is true that interest rates rose from approximately 4 1/2 % last week to 5% today.  This is on a 30-year conventional loan with 20% down.
We've all known that interest rates couldn't stay that low forever, but we were hoping they would anyway.  5% is still a great rate!  Buyers, take advantage of that low rate!  Let's hope they don't go up anymore! 
I was thinking back to the early 80's when I got my real estate license.  Interest rates were near the 20% level.  ERA Realty Center had a celebration … (0 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Short Sale Success For No Deficiency On Home In Utah! - 12/13/10 11:44 AM
Utah is one of the states that allows deficiency judgments.  Recently, one of our sellers held out and would not close unless the Bank put in writing that they would not go after the seller for the deficiency.  Even though the deadline for closing was past; and the seller realized they were risking losing the short sale, they held out and won!  The bank did put in writing that the the short sale paid the note in full!  Success!
Whether buying or selling, please call Janet Naisbitt-Bagley for help with all of your real estate needs at 435-865-1019 or email naisbitt@infowest.com.  You … (2 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Short Sale Woes Can Sometimes Be Overcome With a Happy Home Buyer! - 12/10/10 10:36 AM
Short Sales turn some buyers away.  Other buyers are patient, stick it out, close and move into their new happy home!  Buying a short sale may make some buyer's dreams come true, so it's worth considering. In most cases, fast sales are not an option with a short sale.  Therefore, if you want to move into a home quickly like before Christmas, try another home.
Sellers do need to check with professionals such as accountants and attorneys regarding the pitfalls and make sure they are comfortable.  If they decide it is important to them to avoid foreclosure, their home may be just … (2 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: If You Want The Home, Accept The Counter! - 12/08/10 12:26 PM
Foreclosed homes in the Cedar City, Utah, area are typically priced right and sell quickly.  It may be a buyer's market, but don't count on the home sitting around and waiting for you to buy it!  We often get multiple offers on our lower priced homes! 
Recently, one of our buyers made an offer on a foreclosed home that was countered by the bank.  There were 3 to 5 other buyers interested in the home.  If the buyer accepts, they move forward to a happy closing.  A counter from the buyer typically opens the field for offers to come in from the other buyers. 

cedar city homes for sale: In Your Own Home For The Christmas Season Could be The Best Gift Ever! - 11/30/10 11:12 AM
It is possible to be in your own home by Christmas in the best gift ever!  I don't know of anything more satisfying, warm and comforting than home-ownership!  "There's no place like home" starts with a house, it's true.  However, it becomes your home when you mix in wonderful people and lots of love! 
Hurry!  If you call Janet's team today, you may be eating pumpkin pie around your very own dining table in your very own home!  Check out the attractive list of homes at www.homesincedarcity.com.  Janet's team can help you with every home which saves you hours of time.

cedar city homes for sale: Tomorrow Is Thanksgiving; And I, For One, Am Very Grateful For My Home! - 11/24/10 03:08 PM
What an amazing blessing it is to own your own home!  I can't think of anything more satisfying except relationships with family friends and loved ones.
Why rent?  Why buy a home for your landlord?  Why deal with someone telling you whether you can hang pictures on your wall or have your dog in the home?  Why let your landlord have the tax write-offs that you need?
With everything in line to benefit the buyers in this market including large inventory of beautiful homes, low interest rates, affordable home pricing and low-down loans, I would think there would be a rush to buy … (4 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Cedar City, Utah, Real Estate, Foreclosures & Homes Priced-Like Foreclosures! - 11/19/10 11:59 AM
Buyers often call and want a list of foreclosures!  That blocks out many of the best buys on-the-market!  Many sellers are pricing to compete with the foreclosures to catch the buyers.  Therefore, buyers will also want to ask for the bargain homes that are priced-like-foreclosures.  It benefits the buyers to look at the entire inventory when selecting the homes they want to tour at www.homesincedarcity.com.  Naisbitt-Bagley team can help with every home which saves hours of time for the buyer! 
New construction is also a good value option in our real estate market.   Two of my favorite subdivisions are Hidden Hills Cove and Equestrian … (0 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Negotiate The Home Offer Until There Is A Win-Win Meeting Of The Minds! - 10/29/10 09:18 AM
Remember back in the old days when buyers and sellers worked together to make a win-win situation for all concerned?  This market seems to take longer to get to the same point, but it does happen if you stay positive and train as you go.
Some buyers in this market seem to think they have to "steal" a home.  Some sellers in this market still have the attitude of not wanting to "give their home away." The market is what it is, and it takes time and patience to help all concerned understand what it takes to make a win-win situation … (2 comments)

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