cedar city homes for sale: Cedar City, Utah, Real Estate Bargains Are Selling & Some Going Up! - 10/27/10 12:32 PM
At our office real estate training meeting today, one of the agents mentioned doing a BPO about a year ago on a home that she believes the value has increased.  That was music to my ears!  I do believe prices, interest rates and inventory are at a point now to strongly benefit buyers.  Why wait until the rates and prices are up and inventory is down? 
I'd love to help with all your real estate needs whether buying or selling.  Please act now and call Janet's team at 435-865-1019 or email naisbitt@infowest.com.  Check out the MLS on www.homesincedarcity.com. 

cedar city homes for sale: How Is The Real Estate Market In Cedar City, Utah? - 10/02/10 04:55 AM
Everywhere I go, this is the question I'm asked.  If you're a real estate agent, I'm sure you hear that alot!  If you are a buyer or seller, you probably want that answer!  I always explain that no one has a crystal ball in this market to predict the future.  Here is the present:
Homes under $150,000 seem to be getting offers quickly if they are bargain-priced.  Some are even attracting multiple offers.  If they are true bargains, they may even see offers well above the listing price.
Most of our home buyers are under $200,000 and many are even under … (0 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Buyers Choose Practical Home In This Real Estate Market Over Dream Home! - 09/28/10 10:15 AM
I have been working with a buyer for several days that just sold their home in San Diego.  They are retiring here in Cedar City to be near their grandchildren.  They narrowed down their Cedar City purchase to 2 homes.  One home was absolutely the home of their dreams.  They could have stretched to buy it but chose the practical home.  Was that the right decision when there are so many beautiful bargains at such great prices from which to choose?
These good people considered many things beyond the price.  They had cash, so loan rates were not a problem.  The big road blocks to choosing the luxury … (2 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Its Not Too Late To Own Your Own Happy Home Unless You Wait Too Long! - 09/10/10 02:50 PM
I am amazed at the bargain prices available in homes for sale in Cedar City, Utah.  I just showed a beautiful home tonight to some dear friends that is only $150,000 in a prime location in Cedar City!  Yes, it did need some work, but it was in a location that the work was worth doing to improve the value. 
If you are interested in owning a property either for yourself or as a rental in a college town, check out the real estate inventory in the Cedar City, UT, area at www.homesincedarcity.com.  You'll find bargain after bargain after bargain including, … (0 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Rural Development Direct Money Must Be Used Now For Your New Home! - 09/02/10 02:58 PM
I just read a joke in Pillar To Post's "Just For Fun."  I got permission to share it:  "The dream ofthe older generation was to pay off a mortgage.  The dream of today's young families is to get one."  I love it! 
Right now if it's your dream to buy a home, you may as well do it today while you can still get Rural Development money for Cedar City, Utah homes with nothing down. 
Call Janet's team at 435-865-1019 for information or email naisbitt@infowest.com. 
Check out the inventory of bargain-priced homes for sale including foreclosures, short sales, new construction at www.homesincedarcity.com.  Janet's team at … (2 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Census Affects Cedar City, Utah, RD Loan Availability for Low Income Buyers! - 08/25/10 05:30 PM
I am very sad to learn today that one of my favorite loans, Rural Development (RD), will no longer be available soon due to our population growing too large in Cedar City, Utah.  I think the criteria should be that our incomes have grown too large not the population!  Don't you agree? 
We still have a lot of low-income buyers that need this loan with its no downpayment requirement.  Even the subsidized low-income loan and very low-income loans will soon no longer be available in Cedar City.  The problem is that the low-income buyers are still available. 
I have been selling real estate … (2 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Investors Take Advantage of Sea of Opportunity in Real Estate Bargains! - 08/09/10 06:48 AM
We are seeing investors taking advantage of low prices, low interest rates and huge inventories of homes and multi-units from which to choose.  Why not let your renter buy your rental home for you? 
What other investment can you make where someone else invests money for you?  No one ever added any money to my stock funds, and they all but disappeared in the economic down turn.  My rental units may have dropped in value, but the same rental units are still there!  I love it that my renters are making the monthly payments for me! 
Since real estate goes up over … (2 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Sellers Succeed In Doing Loan Modifications to Keep Their Homes! - 08/01/10 08:34 PM
I was speaking to an agent last week that said he believes loan modifications are just a stall tactic from the banks.  He believes they are not really successful at all and probably just reduce payments by a minimal amount like $13.00 per month.
I have heard otherwise from 2 sellers that I had their homes listed. One of the sellers asked if I would take his home off the market, so he could do a loan modification and see about keeping the home if possible.  It was a gorgeous home.  Of course, I said yes.  Why would I want to sell a … (4 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Be Sure to Take All 4 Steps to Selling Homes In This Real Estate Market! - 07/16/10 04:18 PM
1.  Aggressive marketing is paramount!  I spend a huge fortune on internet including banner ads, featured ads, and more.  My listings with their slide shows have global exposure on line.  My website www.homesincedarcity.com is enhanced.  You can tour Cedar City, check out the MLS, find many free informative reports and link to Cedar City and Area events, features, etc.  I also do radio, TV, real estate magazines and much more.  I try to have an ad wherever I think a buyer might be.
#1 is my job, and it will be done.  #2, #3, and #4 are up to the seller.  … (5 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Southern Utah, Buy a Home in the Best and Most Beautiful Spot In The World! - 07/14/10 09:09 AM
This may be a matter of opinion, but we are talking about my opinion, so we're safe.  I love living in Cedar City, Iron County, Utah.  I honestly do not believe there is a more beautiful place in the country if not the entire world.  In fact, let's expand to the universe, excluding heaven, of course.  It is my belief that Heaven is the only place that could outrank Southern Utah for being gorgeous, and I am absolutely happy with the home town, friendly community atmosphere that feels good.
Awhile back, I had a buyer walk-in to my office wanting to … (0 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: So Many Positives For Buyers In The Real Estate Market Should Start A Boom! - 07/12/10 09:17 AM
Doesn't everyone need a place to live?  I don't see anywhere for this real estate market to go but up with home prices and interest rates low while inventory is high!  Weren't millions made after the depression by smart real estate investors buyin in times like we are experiencing now? 
Whether your are buying, selling or referring, please call Janet's team at 435-865-1019 or email naisbitt@infowest.com for help with all of your real estate needs.  Check out the inventory by first clicking on search MLS at www.homesincedarcity.com.  We'll work hard to make your transaction fun and easy.

cedar city homes for sale: America's Independence Goes Hand-in-Hand With Home Ownership! - 07/06/10 06:53 AM
Utah experienced celebrations Saturday, Sunday and Monday!  I loved the feeling of patriotism that still thrives in the country that we shared.  What a great country and what wonderful people!  Land of the free takes on a special meaning as we realize all the troubles in other countries.  Not that we are perfect--far from it.  The wonderful thing is that we are so blessed!  My heart is filled with gratitude for all that have, do, and will sacrifice so much to preserve this land and its freedoms.  Even the American Dream of home-ownership is a great blessing to all of us.  God … (0 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Have You Thought Of A New Home For Father's Day? If So, You Win! - 06/19/10 01:11 PM
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY:  You deserve your own home with all of the features you need and as many of the wants as your budget will allow.  That's the definition of a dream home! 
You may be surprised at the incredible bargains available in gorgeous homea not just in foreclosures and short sales but also in new construction and homes priced-like foreclosures! 
With the low interest rates, your monthly payment on the home you most love may be as affordable as you have dreamed!  It may even be less than your rent in many cases.  You may qualify for more home than you … (0 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Lawmakers May Decide to Extend the "close-by" Deadlines For the Tax Credit! - 06/12/10 05:16 PM
According to Kent Reid at MGM Funding, this bill, if passed, would only extend the "close-by" deadline for those who got their signed contract by April 30.  It may relieve some of the pressure to close by June 30 which would probably be a good thing.  It will not help anyone new get the tax credit because contracts would still need to have been signed by April 30 to qualify for this extension.
Whether you are a seller, buyer, or referral agent, I would love to help with all of your real estate needs.  Please call Janet Naisbitt-Bagley at ERA Realty Center … (2 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: This Is My Country! I Love It! Memorial Day is An Opportunity For Gratitude! - 05/31/10 05:28 AM
Taking time to ponder the many joys and freedoms God blesses us with in this great United States of America is a blessing we enjoy on Memorial Day and hopefully every day of our lives.  I give my heartfelt gratitude to all those past, present, and future who have, do and will sacrifice in order for Americans to enjoy being free!  God bless America.  I love living in the land of the free.  Janet Naisbitt-Bagley 435-865-1019 at ERA Realty Center.

cedar city homes for sale: Open House at ERA Realty Center 5/26/10--Fun Time to Visit Old Friends! - 05/26/10 01:30 PM
Recently, ERA Realty Center beautifully remodeled, professionally decorated and staged their office.  To add to the fun, an open house was planned and scheduled.  Title companies, lenders, buyers, sellers, real estate agents, clients, customers, and etc., were all invited to share in the festivities.  We even invited our entire data base, which is quite a number after 27 years of selling real estate!  What fun!  What a successful event!  It was delightful saying hi to old friends and colleagues. 
Agents, I highly recommend a similar event for your office!  By the way, I love referrals. 
Buyers and sellers, please me know if there is … (0 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Real Estate Sales Seem To Be Up and Doing Well This Spring! - 05/25/10 04:29 PM
Cedar City, Utah, real estate is moving!  Apparently so is the rest of the real estate in the nation according to reports I've heard from 2 clients today!  I hear the number of home sales is up 14%!  I'd love to have that report in writing if anyone can tell me where to get it!  Get yours while the inventory is gorgeous!
For help with all your real estate needs, please call Janet's team at 435-865-1019 or 800-934-3742 at ERA Realty Center while home inventory is high and while prices and interest rates are both low at the same time.  Click … (4 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Is Rural Development Funding as Important in Your State As It Is In Utah? - 04/14/10 04:58 PM
Since a huge portion of the home mortgage loans in our rural area of Cedar City, UT, are funded by Rural Development (RD), I am really hoping that H.R. bill 5003, "The Rural Housing Improvement Act," will pass.  If I understand the bill correctly, I believe this bill is necessary to continue the economic improvement in our country since home sales are a major factor in accomplishing our nation's financial stability.  Are RD loans as important in other states as they are in Utah?
We have been hearing recent urgent warnings from lenders saying the RD guaranteed funds were nearly exhausted and that the program may be … (1 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Open Houses All Over The Country, Saturday, April 10, 2010! Let's go! - 04/09/10 05:12 PM
I wonder how many open homes there will be nationwide this weekend?  I'll have 4 houses open.  I've got ads in the paper, on REALTOR.com, Homes.com and the Iron County MLS.  We'll be setting out flags and balloons and serving cookies.  How about you?
Hopefully, many buyers will take advantage of the $8,000 and $6500 tax credits before it's too late!  April 30 is just around the corner when homes have to be under contract.  Then they must close by June 30, 2010.  This weekend is an ideal time nationwide for buyers to search the open homes for their dream home.

cedar city homes for sale: Five Mistakes Sellers Make In This Real Estate Market - 03/30/10 11:45 AM
The 5 Mistakes Sellers make that could be avoided by working with an experienced real estate professional:
*OVERPRICED!  If your home hasn't sold or at least gotten an offer in 30 days, it is probably too high and needs a market adjustment in price.  Call Janet's team at ERA Realty Center 435-865-1019 for sold & active comparables.
*FRUMPY LOOK!  If your home isn't show-perfect, it probably needs a face-lift to attract the offer once the buyer tours the home.  Staging homes is big in this market.  Call your real estate agent, Janet's team at 435-865-1019 for suggestions.
*CAN'T GET IN!  In this market there … (1 comments)

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