cedar city homes for sale: Great Sunday! Now It's Monday! Have a Great Real Estate Top Service Day! - 03/22/10 06:47 AM
I've always felt that service is all we have to offer, so It better be tops!  We don't own the inventory, and it's our job to get homes and properties sold at top dollar in the least amount of time.  I spend a fortune in time and money doing just that. 
In this market the only way to get top dollar quickly is to advertise like crazy especially internet.  However, I've found that it doesn't matter how much I advertise in this market if the price isn't right, the phone won't ring and the real estate won't get shown.  People search square footgage and price.  Buyers want bargains, and … (1 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Real Estate News: USDA/Rural Development Home Money Is Going Fast! - 03/17/10 02:17 PM
A local lender gave some figures at our Real Estate training meeting today that are very interesting.  He said that 75% of the mortgage loans for homes in our area are USDA/Rural Development (RD) and that 15% are FHA.  He said only about 5% are Conventional loans which leaves about 0% for cash buyers.  We do have a few cash buyers, but they are rare in this low-income area.
He said that RD mortgage loan money may not be refunded for awhile and will be gone approximately mid-April or the end of April.  If that's the case, I would assume that FHA loans will … (0 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Back To Cedar City Utah Real Estate Market After Meditating In Sedona, AZ! - 03/08/10 05:58 AM
I learned all kinds of fun things while enjoying the breathtaking beauty of Sedona including the spiritual benefits of hugging a tree to both you and the tree!  Is that where the term tree-huggers originated?  My beautician had explained a little about a Vortex before I left, but I took a class while there to try to understand more and visited a Vortex Area.  I enjoyed Cowboy Music and Native flute music, as well as the red rocks and Montezuma's Well and Montezuma Castle and more! 
I traveled home to the spectacular beauty, gorgeous views and red mountains that I love … (0 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Are Short Sales And Foreclosures Drying Up? - 02/26/10 04:54 PM
I spoke to an appraiser in our area recently who says it's too soon to tell, but he's seeing some good signs.  He watches the Notices of Default constantly and the foreclosures as they come on the market.  He mentioned that it seems to him that the homes being foreclosed now on average are not quite as nice as they were awhile back.  He thinks that more sellers are holding onto the nice homes but still letting go of the problematic homes.  I handle a huge % of the foreclosures in our arera, and I believe that there is some substance to … (6 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Many Buyers Are Afraid They Won't Qualify For Their Home Loan! TRY! - 02/24/10 04:29 PM
I was talking to a buyer recently who was looking for a lease option.  Since there are many homes on the market such as foreclosures, short sales, bargains, new construction, etc., and only a very few who will consider lease options, I asked why this buyer wanted to wait to buy.  I was told that they didn't think they could qualify.  After checking with a lender, they do qualify!  There were a couple of credit issues, but they were easily resolved in a short time.  They are now enjoying the security and joy of owning their own home.
Don't tell yourself … (0 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Some REALTORS Just Don't Know When To Quit! I Mean Me! It's Bedtime! - 02/23/10 04:50 PM
It's nearly midnight in Cedar City, Utah, which is on Mountain Time!  You'd think I'd be asleep already at least an hour ago.  No!  Not me!  I'm in here blogging again.  Why?  I couldn't resist!  Does this mean I've become addicted to blogging? 
It is kind of fun to just put down your thoughts.  You don't even know if anyone will read them or not, but you still blog.  Maybe it's like a journal which is a good thing except everyone in the world could possible read it.  Right? 
It's been a busy day and a profitable one.  I even went … (7 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Is Blogging On Active Rain Or On Your Own Website The Place to Blog? - 02/22/10 02:52 PM
I noticed one of the real estate agents in our area who used to blog regularly on active rain is no longer blogging here.  I asked him why, and he said he doesn't have time to blog both blogs, so he blogs only on  his website.  He feels that's all the matters anyway. 
I'm actually trying to simplify my life, also.  I wonder if anyone has an opinion as to whether both are necessary and why?  I'd love some input.  Thank you.

cedar city homes for sale: Exciting Real Estate Career Benefits From Resting On Sunday! - 02/20/10 11:49 AM
I love working and I love my real estate career!  There are not very many things better than the excitement and joy of helping people reach their real estate goals. 
It's especially fulfilling to help buyers get into their first home!  First time home buyers are often so thrilled that they give you a hug and tell you how grateful they are with tears of joy in their eyes.  What an upper!
As much as I love selling real estate, my favorite day is Sunday!  I love my day of rest with my husband, family and friends.  It keeps me going all week long!  … (8 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Happy Valentines Day and Presidents Day! Are they Real Estate Holidays? - 02/12/10 07:51 AM
I was just talking to some of the real estate agents in our office about whether we are taking Presidents day off of our real estate selling time schedule.  Of course, it's a given that we'll be taking Valentines Day off because that's Sunday.  Cedar City people like to take Sundays off for a day of rest.  President's Day, however, will probably find most real estate agents working according to the concensus of opinions that I just got.  What about you?  Will you be honoring presidents on Monday by working or taking a holiday? 
No matter where you are and what you are … (1 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Cedar City, Utah, Real Estate Moves! - 02/11/10 11:33 AM
I believe I blogged awhile back about how excited I am that more homes sold in Cedar City in 2009 than in 2008.  I just received the Utah Association of REALTORS 2009 Fourth Quarter Market Statistics--Year-Over-Year Comparison.  Iron County statistics show that in 4th quarter of 2008, only 115 homes sold while in 4th quarter 2009, 155 homes sold.  That's an increase of 34.89%.  The really exciting thing is that, as far as I know, 4th quarter has been the slowest selling quarter in the 26 years that I have been marketing real estate in our area.
Also, a local appraiser … (1 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Real Estate Assistants: To Be Licensed or Not--That Is The Question! - 01/28/10 12:35 PM
The answer is a resounding, YES!"  I was thinking today about a trip coming up for me in the near future!  I love relaxing to the sound of ocean waves while reading a book and napping in the warm sun!  Suddenly, I felt gratitude for my licensed assistants.  I can leave with the knowledge that my assistants will continue to give my clients the same quality of service that they would get if I were there!  That's very comforting because it is very important to me to always give top service.
I have had real estate agents try to talk me … (2 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Time is Shorter Than Short For Getting that $8,000 Tax Credit! Hurry! Call! - 01/22/10 05:07 PM
It's time to make sure you get your $8,000!  Time has wings and is quickly running away from us.  January is nearly over!  Don't miss the deadline again and lose out!  $8,000 is a lot of money!  How many months would it take for someone to earn that much on their job?  What a gift!  It's much better than most of us can imagine to receive that much for free!
All you have to do if you haven't owned a home in the last 3 years and meet the criteria is buy your bargain home now at low interest rates with nothing or … (0 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Cedar City, Utah, REALTORS sold more homes in 2009 than 2008! - 01/13/10 03:16 PM
According to Chris Dahlin, our Iron County Board of REALTORS president, local real estate agents sold a few more homes this year than last which is very good news.  Chris made this comment at our board luncheon today.  He said our median price range had gone down, however, which is not surprising considering the number of foreclosures on the market.  The thing that makes me really happy is that we seem to be getting more buyers. That's good news for everyone no matter how you look at it!
The real estate market seems to be on the rebound for 2010.  Real estate agents … (1 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: 2010 Is Off To A Great Start For Real Estate Success! Happy New Year! - 01/05/10 02:40 PM
The holidays were great and celebrated with approximately 35 family members from Minnesota, Alabama, Illinois and many parts of Utah!  That doesn't even count the families we visited!  What a great holiday season!  It just doesn't get any better than family love and companionship with games, fun, food, lights and travel!  What great blessings we enjoy in this life!
When I arrived home in beautiful Cedar City, Utah, I looked in my very full in-box and found an "Awards and Recognition" letter from ERA Franchise Systems--National!  It states that I am in the top 25 in ERA nationwide for both Total … (0 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Real Estate News Goes Back and Forth and Stays the Same. - 12/19/09 07:59 AM
I received a report from a local lender saying that the Fed says the economy is slowly improving and that the housing sector is a little better.  Doesn't that sound like much the same story as we've heard for awhile on the national level? 
In the Cedar City, Utah, area, the real estate market seems to be showing signs of improvement. We are still unsure how the foreclosures will affect our market.  How are other areas of the country?
Either way, I do believe 2010 is a good time to add real estate to your investment portfolio.  It's also a great … (0 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Foreclosures, bargains, short sales Still Attracting Real Estate Buyers! - 12/11/09 12:38 PM
Even though it's definitely looking a lot like Christmas in Cedar City, Utah, we are still getting calls from buyers wanting to find their dream homes.  We definitely do have a huge inventory of homes to offer them!  The real estate market is staging a big Christmas Sale, and buyer's are taking advantage of it. 
Sales price reductions seem to be everywhere in the Cedar City, UT, area on beautiful homes!  Buyers have a huge selection of attractive bargain-priced homes from which to choose including short sales, bargains, and new construction! 
There's a sale on interest rates also if you think about … (1 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Cedar City Real Estate Moves In Cold and Warm Weather! - 12/01/09 11:53 AM
Our weather has been changing back and forth lately:  Icy cold to comfy warm.  You know the old saying in Cedar City:  "If you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes."  That's to give it ample time to change!
We are still busy selling real estate no matter what the weather.  We hope you'll give us a call to experience the cozy warmth of owning your own home!  There's no better way to be home for the holidays than in your own new home!
Please call Janet's team at 435-865-1019 or email naisbitt@infowest.com.  Please check the vast inventory at www.homesincedarcity.com.  Click … (1 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Reading Real Estate Blogs on Active Rain Has Really Caught My Time! It's Fun! - 11/24/09 11:53 AM
If I blog, I'm giving up some important aspect of my time that I really can't do without, but I believe it's of great importance to enter the new world in which I've lived for over 60 years and sometimes don't even recognize!  The fact that I blog is proof that impossible things can happen every day!
Now I've added reading other people's blogs to my life!  I don't know where it can possible squeeze into my fully packed day, but I'm there.  It's amazing what I've learned.  Today I toured subdivisions with the Cannon team.  There are lots of beautiful … (1 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Cedar City, Utah, Real Estate Buyers: Ask About $6500 and $8000! - 11/06/09 01:26 PM
Official word!  $6500 tax credit expansion for buyers who have owned a home 5 out of the last 8 years that meet the criteris!  I did think it was a little unfair that they should be left out of the benefits for buyers!  What about you?  How do you feel about the extension and expansion?
The $8,000 extension will help some of the buyers who thought they could close by November 30 but who have just had the startling news that a delay in the appraisal or some other part of the loan process has occurred (not unusual in this market)! 

cedar city homes for sale: Do You Believe? Our Heavenly Home Buyer Just Topped It Off With Lunch! - 10/20/09 12:18 PM
Do you remember my blog telling you about the unbelieveably heavenly buyer that just closed on her dream home with me and my team recently?  She was thrilled and actually appreciated all our hard work and everything we did to help her.  I wouldn't have believed that she could be any more "practically perfect in every way" than she was already.  Then she brought in chips, cookies and a huge tray of sandwiches this week!  Normally, we're the ones that give the thank you gifts!  I just want all of you real estate agents out there to realize that there are still really wonderful … (1 comments)

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