cedar city homes for sale: Selling Real Estate In Cedar City, UT, For Fun! Would You Believe Heavenly? - 10/16/09 08:08 AM
Have you recently enjoyed a Heavenly Closing in this market?  Sometimes we can't even remember what an easy transaction is like with the current economy and problems in the lending industry and with out of town appraisers, etc. 
This week we experienced a closing that makes the stress of daily real estate sales seem all worthwhile!  We had the perfect buyer with cash buying her dream home quickly!  She was delightful to work with and absolutely thrilled with us and our service as well as on top of the world with excitement about moving into her home! 
It felt warm and fuzzy inside knowing that we helped a great lady make … (2 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Cedar City, Utah, Real Estate Short Sale Blues - 10/13/09 12:55 PM
Hopefully, none of our Cedar City, UT, real estate short sales have come to the point that is mentioned in a recent news article!  The article was titled, "Banks Going After Short Sale Owners."  Has anyone heard of this actually happening to your sellers?  I do short sales, but I tell them to make sure their bank is not going to come after them for a deficiency and to check accountant for tax problems and lawyer for legal problems.  Anyone had any problems?

cedar city homes for sale: Cedar City, UT, Real Estate Market News! - 10/06/09 01:30 PM
I just received the Utah Association of REALTORS 2009 2nd quarter market statistics--quarterly comparison.  Wow!  We are doing well in Iron County!  For single family homes, we sold 94 in 1st quarter and 133 in 2nd quarter which means we have an increase of 41.49%!  That's something to shout about!  For condos and townhomes, we sold 25 last quarter and 35 this quarter which is a 40% increase in real estate sales mostly in Cedar City, Utah, but also in outlying areas in the entire county! 
I can't wait to see 3rd quarter statistics because our market seems to be bustling … (0 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: What Reallty Counts Is Honesty In The Real Estate Industry From All! - 09/29/09 02:38 PM
I have just been reading some of the blog comments from you fine real estate agents on Active Rain!  Some of them made me want to confirm that when all is said and done, the most important part of every transaction is honesty from the buyer, seller and real estate agents.  Without it, we might as well find a new place to work! 
I would say that "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you," would apply to all concerned here.  We need to start caring for each other in this world starting now.  What do you think?

cedar city homes for sale: I Took My First Class Today On Social Networking in Southern Utah Today! - 09/25/09 06:13 PM
I now know the difference between Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter!  Facebook is for people--right?  Linkedin is for business--right?  Did you know that you can use twitter as a bridge to other places like Facebook, and then you can update all at once?  Of course, that may not be a good idea to have the same message on both Facebook and Linkedin.  I also learned that I am too old to use Myspace. 
Please help me figure out how I can have time to put videos, pictures, links, events, comments for everyone, etc., on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter?   How do you fit … (3 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Are You Letting The Clock Tick Away Your $8,000 In Free Tax Credit Money? - 09/16/09 01:00 PM
$8,000 is a lot of money to pass up!  It's like getting a bonus and throwing it in the trash!  You will have to act now to get your home under contract in order to close by the end of November.  Some people think it is the end of the year, but that is not true.  If you have not owned a home in the last 3 years and if you meet the criteria, that money could really be yours.  Please call today for details and start searching for your very own home!
If the home you pick also happens to be new … (2 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Cedar City, Utah, Is A Busy Place In The Real Estate Market! - 07/31/09 03:01 PM
The market seems to be buzzing with multiple offers on the lower priced homes.  We just had 3 offers on one of our foreclosures.  If you are interested in buying in the Cedar City real estate area, please make sure you have a pre-qualification letter before you even look.  That is a requirement of the bank properties, foreclosures and short sales.  It's also a requirement of many of the sellers. 
If you find the home you want, you will want to make a good offer quickly.  We are seeing some offers higher than list price.  I do believe it's a great time to … (0 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Have A Great Weekend--Hopefully Buying Cedar City, Utah, Real Estate! - 06/19/09 06:29 PM
I spoke to an appraiser yesterday that believes the market may have bottomed out in March for Cedar City, Utah real estate.  My assistant Matt and I are working with 3 buyers tomorrow.  We are certainly seeing more accepted offers on properties and are very busy working with buyers and making offers and negotiating contracts.  It's too soon to tell if the market may be turning around, but I believe it is definitely more active.  I hope the appraiser is correct and that it is not just a spurt.  It's tough to guess the bottom, so I believe you should buy now.  … (0 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: What Happens If Interest Rates Go Up? Buy Now While Rates Are Low! - 06/13/09 09:23 AM
When I started selling real estate nearly 26 years ago (WOW! That's a long time!), rates were approximately 18%!  When rates are that high, you can't afford very much home! We had a celebration when they dropped to 13% and shouted for joy when they plummeted to 11%.  It is possible with inflation that rates will rise again.  They have already risen a bit.  I recommend buying now while interest rates and prices are both low at the same time and before the large inventory of attractive homes dwindles.
Even if rates go up to 9%, they're still great.  We've been spoiled … (0 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Let's Get Together For a Great Match With Buyers & Sellers Wanting Homes! - 06/12/09 10:22 AM
The market seems to have picked up!  We're hoping it's a trend!  We are busy negotiating contracts and making sales!  There is still increased buyer activity in the Cedar City, Utah, Real Estate Market.
We are seeing more buyers looking at homes and making offers.  We are seeing an increase in sales.  I believe that is due to great no and low downpayment loan programs, as well as buyers are loving the huge inventory of homes from which to choose and the low prices.  We are seeing multiple offers on some of the bargain priced homes.
The $8,000 tax credit is … (0 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Cedar City, UT, Real Estate Market Is Experiencing Increased # of Buyers Now - 12/10/08 11:08 AM
Could it be the fact that the interest rates have dropped to the incredibly low 5% range?  Could it be that sales prices have dropped to seemingly rock bottom lows?  Could it be that there is a huge selection of attractive homes available?  Could it be that Cedar City, Utah, real estate loans are still easy to get with reasonable credit?  Could it be that loans are availabe with no downpayment and only 3% downpayments in our area?  I firmly believe that the market couldn't get any better than this for buyers!
For whatever reason, our Cedar City real estate market seems to … (0 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: 5 Wist Steps to Select Your Agent: (Pt.10 of 15pts.for your R.E.Success!) - 11/17/08 11:21 AM
1.  Seclect an expert--you'll need one in this market to help you maximize your success--How?  Ask questions and check out the technology.
2.  Select experience--Choose a professional that has experience in all markets--at least 20 years.
3.  Select training--Make sure your agent is an ABR, CRS, GRI, and is an Associate Broker.
4.  Select caring service--You'll need good, hard, honest service and someone that cares about you.
5.  Select your professional for life--once you find the REALTOR that has the technology, expertise, experience, training, knowledge and service you deserve--never let them go!  They deserve your loyalty, and they'll know you and know how to best … (0 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: More on: WINNING REQUIRES HOMES STAGING (Back to Pt. #6of15 pts.) - 11/13/08 07:57 AM
How many of you have heard of or were trained by Barb Schwarz?  How many of you REALTORS use her materials to train sellers to stage their homes?  Have any of you buyers ever chosen a staged home over another home just because you really appreciated how nice the home looked and you knew it would feel good to live there?  How many of you sellers have been trained to stage homes by Barb's DVD or an agent trained by Barb Schwarz?  How many of you have seen her on TV?  In my opinion, shes the best!
I recommend staging homes for all sellers … (1 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: In Your Lifetime, You'll Buy a Home for Someone:(Pt.7of15 pts. for RE Success) - 11/10/08 12:51 PM
According to recent statistics, new home sales in most regions of the country stayed the same or declined; however, the west saw an increase.  Hey--that's where we live!  What a great time for buyers to pick up their own real estate bargain while rates and prices are low and affordable.  Why buy a home for your landlord?  Buy your own home and enjoy Christmas in the cozy warmth of your own dream-come-true! Home ownership brings great satisfaction.  Enjoy the incredible feeling of self-confidence that comes from owning your own home.  It might as well be now, and it might as well be for you rather than for your landlord. 
Please call … (1 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: Winning Requires Home Staging: (Pt. #6 of 15 Pts. for real estate success) - 11/08/08 10:18 AM
Approximately 20 years ago, I attended excellent training on preparing your home for sale by Barbara Swartz at an ERA Convention.  I loved her presentation and bought her videos.  She made staging your home look so vital and yet so fun by saying that the way you live in a home and the way you show a home are two different things.  She did it in a way that was not offensive but delightful.  Have you ever been to her training or seen her on TV?  Isn't she fabulous and so incredibly talented?
Several years later, I gave out the last copy of her … (6 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: REAL ESTATE REMAINS THE #1 ASSET: (item #4 of 15 Pts. for R. E. Success) - 10/27/08 03:48 PM
After all the doom and gloom, it is my strong belief that real estate remains the #1 sought after asset among investors with self-directed IRA's, pension plans, or investors building their investment portfolios.  I honestly believe that real estate is the best investment in the world, and I do follow my own advice and have approximately 11 rental properties that I own. 
Did you hear the recent news that there are a few states that believe the market has bottomed and is starting up?  I believe it because Saturday, my office received a call from a REALTOR in California that has referred many clients to … (1 comments)

cedar city homes for sale: LET SOMEONE ELSE INVEST IN YOUR CHILD'S COLLEGE FUND! - 10/24/08 12:41 PM
As promised, this is Item #2 of FIFTEEN POINTS FOR YOUR REAL ESTATE SUCCESS:  Start A College Fund--great idea!  How do you get someone else to put money into your child's college fund?  Buy a rental unit each time one of your children is born into this beautiful world.  Let your renters pay it off for you while rents and the home appreciate--building your equity.  Renters just seem to love to pay off your buildings for you.  By the time your child is ready to go to college, your rental properties should be paid off, especially if you've paid just a little extra each … (1 comments)

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