houses: Naisbitt Bagley Team Nearly-Spring Real Estate Newsletter 2014 Update - 03/06/14 05:27 AM
Naisbitt-Bagley Team Nearly-Spring Real Estate Newsletter 2014 Update:
The Utah Association of REALTORS (UAR) Local Market Updates by County are now available for December.  It usually takes UAR 2 to 3 months to compile all the information for this report.  The statistics for all counties in Utah are attached.  Iron County Median Sales Price is now $130,000.  The number of closed sales is up 2.3% Year To Date (YTD) as compared to last year.  December 2013 closed sales were up 20.4% as compared to December 2012.  This is good in our opinion since December is sometimes our slowest month and … (1 comments)

houses: Naisbitt-Bagley Team, Matt Bagley, Janet Naisbitt, Jennifer Corral: 2014 Winter Real Estate Newsletter Update - 02/18/14 04:20 AM
Naisbitt-Bagley Team, Matt Bagley, Janet Naisbitt, Jennifer Corral: 2014 Winter Real Estate Newsletter Update
The graphs are attached from the entire Iron County Board of REALTORS Multiple List Service (MLS) for 2013. Nearly 1000 homes sold under $200,000, but only 290 homes sold above $200,000 all the way up as high as prices go. ERA Realty Center agents sold more than any other office, which has been the case for many years.
Lots are selling but for bargain prices. Buyers are looking to pay as little as possible for lots in order to be able to build their homes for an amount that … (0 comments)

houses: December Seller Letter - 12/23/13 07:42 AM
We have attached the 2 latest Utah Association of REALTORs (UAR) “Local Market Updates by County” for September and October 2013.  It typically takes UAR 2 to 3 months to compile this data for all Utah counties.  We are happy to include both reports in this Real Estate Update.  You can review all counties.
Iron County Year to date (YTD) closed sales are down 2.1% according to September’s report.  Once again, I believe the reason is because … (0 comments)

Naisbitt-Bagley, ERA Realty Center, November Real Estate Market Update:
Happy Thanksgiving!  Having a gratitude attitude helps our health, emotions and mind!
Our Team sends you warm wishes for a very happy and thankful season. In spite of the economy, there is much for which to be grateful.  We are especially grateful for our clients!
Freezing temperatures have already arrived. Be sure everything is WINTERIZED!  Pipes, sprinkler systems, evaporative coolers, and, etc., are all in need of your immediate attention!
Attached is the Utah Association of REALTORs (UAR) Local Market Updates by County for August 2013. It takes the … (0 comments)

houses: REALTORS Can Make Reality of Your Realty Dreams! Find yours! - 09/25/13 07:53 AM
Real Estate Dreams can come true in this real estate market!  It is fun watching people finding bargains with great loans and wonderfully low interest rates and affordable monthly payments.  It is a great time to be selling homes and watching people succeed in reaching their home buying goals.  It makes a REALTOR happy to be part of someone's dream come true!
Buyers with good credit and investors with cash are really benefitting from the current bargains available.  We are also seeing people purchasing homes who had short sales and foreclosures in the past!  Home buying is outshining the rental market.  People do prefer … (0 comments)

houses: How Can Your Buyer Find Your Home And Buy It If It Isn't Listed? - 07/16/13 01:57 PM
Where did all the houses go?  Sellers thinking they can sell their home later for more money later may be surprised.  As interest rates rise, prices may just turn around and go the other way. No one knows for sure which way prices or rates will go.  I believe sellers should sell when they want to sell.  I have been a REALTOR for nearly 30 years, and now seems like a good time to sell to me while buyers want to buy!  
The inventory is indeed low for homes under $150,000 in the Cedar City, UT, area. We are seeing … (3 comments)

houses: REALTORS Are Professional And Want To Be Clients' Agents for life! - 04/09/13 03:26 AM
I was thinking today how important it is to be the kind of agent our clients want to serve them for life!  Lifetime isn't even enough!  I want to be so knowledgeable and service-oriented that my clients' children and their grandchildren turn to me to help them make all their real estate dreams come true forever.  When I was young, I had the same doctor until I got married and moved faraway because he was so good.  That's the kind of professional I want to be to fill my clients' real estate needs.  Then, if they do move, I want to refer them to the … (2 comments)

houses: Is The Tide Turning From Buyer's Market to Seller's? Watch and See! - 01/29/13 06:04 AM
Recently, a home in one of Cedar City, Utah's, nicest subdivisions sold for quite a bit more than homes had sold last year!  This is not a fluke nor is it a needle in a haystack!  The real estate market is changing before our eyes!  Another home in the same area got 4 offers and will sell for significantly more than list price!  It was fun to watch!  It felt good to hear the happy tones of the people involved. 
i have been selling real estate for 29 years, but I am not sure I have seen a sharper turn!  You … (0 comments)

houses: The Election Is Decided. Let's Now Band Together As Americans! - 11/07/12 12:38 AM
I have heard already this morning from people excited about the election results and from people who are sad.  I find myself going back in time many years to grade school when one of my teachers said that the important thing is for Americans to band together and support each other and America after an election.  I believe this is good advice for all of us every day.
Whatever our stand before the election, now is the time to be good Americans working for the best good of all America. 
My mother used to say, "A man convinced against his will … (1 comments)

houses: ERA Network News: "Back to School Means Back to Business for Homebuyers" - 10/11/12 01:31 PM
"Who buys in the fall?"  "The Fall Selling Season" survey completed by ERA Real Estate shows that "The higher ratio goes to first-time homebuyers and childless couples" at 27%.  The rest of the pie is divided as follows with 20% being Move-up buyers, 17% Downsizing & Retiring Buyers, 14% investors, 11% Military relocations, 6% Vacation buyers and 5% other.
The article says, "Blame it on the traditional school year engraved in our minds since childhood, but many people see Labor Day as the beginning of a new year.  Summer holidays are over and everyone goes back to school or buckles down … (0 comments)

houses: Become The Champion Real Estate Agents Your Clients Deserve! - 08/14/12 08:32 AM
How to keep buyers and sellers in pipeline:
ERA Realty Center's real estate broker recently asked me to share how to become a champion real estate agent.  Olympics make it clear that any sport requires excellence and mastery to become a champion, as do we.
If you want to become the very best, there are 2 activities to become champion REALTORS:
1.        Find the clients and customers to servel.
2.        Serve the clients and customers you find.
Sounds easy enough!  Be creative. Use games.  When we were brainstorming one day my assistant, Matt, had a hilarious idea involving toilet paper.  We didn't actually use his idea, but I do think … (1 comments)

houses: Cedar City, UT, Area Real Estate Market Is Selling More Homes! WHY? Trend? - 08/04/12 11:32 AM
Recent Utah Association of REALTORS (UAR) report shows Iron County home closed sales are up 14.2% and prices are down.  Maybe the $85,000 Median Sales Price is the reason our closed sales are up.  What do you think?  That would make sense to me.
Just a few years back buyers couldn't even find a home for $85,000.  Since many of the people in our area have low incomes, they couldn't qualify for the high-end homes of the past.  For those with good credit, the low interest and low prices make for a monthly payment often less than rent.  Buyers are excited … (1 comments)

houses: Real Estate In Big Cities Or Small Seems To have Bargain Price-Tags! - 07/26/12 11:11 AM
Wow!  I just submitted an offer for a home listed at only $45,000.  That's the price-tag for a 3 bedroom 2 bath home on a large lot that is move-in ready.  This home happens to be in a small town.  The price for a similar home in a larger town may be a bit more, but it's probably still a bargain!
I am amazed at the bargains available in the current real estate market.  I see no see-saw with prices up while interest rates are down.  Both rates and prices are incredily low at the same time.  Plus, if you are a buyer looking in the Cedar City, … (1 comments)

houses: Iron County, UT, Real Estate Closings Are Up! How About Your Areas? - 06/30/12 01:52 AM
Recent Utah Association of REALTORS statistics show conclusively that home closings are up in 2012!  Inventory is down this year as compared to last year.  With low interest rates and buyers who can reasonably qualify for the nothing down mortgages that are available inour area, our real estate market seems to have turned around in some price ranges.  How about markets in other areas in the country? Is this an overall national trend?
In some price ranges, multiple offers are coming in on homes priced right.  Since it is still a bargain-driven market, homes that are priced right are bargains.  Buyers … (1 comments)

houses: Steve Florio of ERA Mortgage Reports Improvements in Real Estate Market! - 05/03/12 11:21 AM
Steve reports in his email of today, "Pending home sales are at their highest level since April 2010, according to the National Assn. of Realtors. Lawrence Yun, the group's chief economist, said the market 'has clearly turned the corner.'"  This is good news for our economy as well as the real estate market. 
Steve goes on to say, "Price declines are easing.  Housing data provider Zillow said last week that home values are bottoming in most major markets and are set to begin rising in metropolital areas such as Los Angeles."  According to UAR statistics as of February YTD, the median price … (0 comments)

houses: Cedar City, UT, Area Experiences Investor and Homeowner Home Shopping! - 03/26/12 10:17 AM
We all agree that we are still in a buyer's market.  However, the homes for sale in the lower price ranges are attracting multiple offers, and I believe this is a steady market that will soon experience rising prices.  Do you agree?  Investors and homeowners seem to be fighting over the available homes less than $100,000 and even as high as $200,000.  Often there's a rush to get the offer in immediately.
Today I had a buyer call me to put an offer in on a home.  When I called the listing agent, I was told that 2 offers had come … (0 comments)

houses: UAR Reports That Utah's Housing Market Continued To Improve.... - 03/12/12 10:43 AM
According to the Utah Association of REALTORS (UAR) Report for January, "Rising home sales and declining housing inventory are boosting Utah's real estate market.  2012 was the best January in five years in terms of homes sold."  The report also pointed out, "This is the eighth consecutive month that home sales have increased compared to the same month a year earlier."
The data from the Utah Association of Realtors states, "Signs point to a strong spring for home buying.  The number of contracts signed to buy homes (pending sales) in January increased 20 percent, signaling a likely rise in February closed sales."  We'll … (1 comments)

houses: Dare To Dream The Impossible Dream! Apparently, Nothing is Impossible! - 01/24/12 10:09 AM
Dare To Dream The Impossible Dream! Apparently, Nothing is Impossible!
Steve Florio of Mortgage Family emailed an article "Field of possibilities" that caught my attention.  Let me quote, "Whatever it is you desire to have, to be, or to experience, already exists within the realm of possibility.  The more fully you express that desire, the more completely it appears in your life."  The above statement requires some thought beyond just reading.  I do firmly believe that if you think positively, live courageously, and believe in yourself, dreams do come true.  I also believe that it is of the utmost importance to make sure that our positive thoughts … (2 comments)

houses: Janet's Team is Wishing The Best To You The Whole Year Through in 2012! - 01/13/12 03:43 AM
The American dream is a reality!  Let's wake up to beautiful new homes for all Americans!
My prediction is that 2012 is going to be a fantastic year for helping with the home ownership process!  We as REALTORS are in a position to provide an incredible service!  
In years past, some buyers were unable to purchase homes because prices were simply too high for them to qualify.  Some homes in some ranges are now priced like 20 years ago.  With low interest rates that didn't exist 20 years ago, buyers can enjoy some of the lowest monthly payments available for … (1 comments)

houses: May We All Experience The Most Joyous And Beautiful New Year Ever! - 01/01/12 07:24 AM

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