realtor: Autumn/Halloween Naisbitt-Bagley Team Newsletter! - 10/31/16 06:35 AM
Autumn/Halloween Naisbitt-Bagley Team Newsletter 2016 is Here for You from ERA Realty Center!
The leaves have been beautiful this year!  Fall is one of my favorite seasons!  We hope you are enjoying it and that all is well!  
Everywhere we go, people want to know, how's the real estate market?  We love to report that it is great!  It is on the rise, and we believe it is going to get even better!
Our real estate market is steady and successful!  The Utah Association of REALTORS (UAR) Local Market Update Report for August 2016 is attached.  It is the latest available since it takes … (2 comments)

realtor: It's time for our Fall Nasbitt-Bagley Team Newsletter Update! - 09/26/16 03:59 AM
Fall is in the air and it is time for our Naisbitt-Bagley Team Newsletter Update!
We love temperatures in the 70's and autumn leaves!  It doesn't get any better than living, working and contributing in Southern Utah where most people love to come to play!
Our Southern Utah Newspaper, The Spectrum & Daily News, 9/19/16 headline reads, "August jobs report shows Utah growth" by David DeMille.  To quote, "There's a term in economics called 'full employment,' and at least theoretically, Utah is there, state economists said last week."  According the chief economist with the state Department of Workforce Services, "Utah continues to show … (1 comments)

realtor: We're Having a Heat Wave! Summer 2016 Newsletter! - 07/27/16 06:14 AM
We're Having a Heat Wave!  Bask in the Warmth and Enjoy Our ERA Realty Center Naisbitt-Bagley Summer 2016 Newsletter!
We're feeling very patriotic this month as we continue to celebrate our freedom and independence in this great America the beautiful! With Pioneer Day and the 4th of July this month, how can we help but be filled with gratitude for those who have gone before us?  It is difficult to believe the middle of summer is upon us, but our beautiful Southern Utah sunshine is proof positive!
Real estate is one of my favorite subjects, and the right to own our own homes is … (0 comments)

realtor: 2016 Marches Forward with an Awesome Real Estate Year! - 03/23/16 08:10 AM
2016 Marches Forward with an Awesome Real Estate Year!  The Naisbitt-Bagley Team First Spring Newsletter from ERA Realty Center:  How's The Market?
According to the latest statistics available from the Utah Association of REALTORS (UAR), Beaver County Closed Sales are up 60% and their Median Sales Price is up 56.6% to $153,000!  Iron County Closed Sales are down 25.4% and the Median Sales Price is up 19.8% to $162,900.  Washington County Closed Sales are up 5.4% and the Median Sales Price is down l.8%.  Utah State Closed Sales are up 10.1% and Median Sales Price is now $225,000 which is up 4.7%.  … (0 comments)

Christmas was awesome!  We hope we all enjoyed the holiday magic of love and service to our fellow man!  Hopefully, we will continue to be a blessing in each other's lives all year!  The weather is a bit cold and frightful, but the market is delightful!  Homes do sell in winter and buyers searching for their home this time of year are serious and ready to move!
2015 was a great year for real estate in Southern Utah!  According to the latest Utah Association of REALTORS (UAR) … (0 comments)

realtor: Naisbitt-Bagley Team's 2nd Fall Newsleter 2015 - 10/26/15 08:30 AM
Naisbitt-Bagley Team's 2nd Fall Newsletter 2015
What's the market like in Southern UT?  Find answers in Naisbitt-Bagley Team's 2nd Fall Newsletter 2015
Everywhere we go; people want to know, "How's the market?"
Our market is steady with improvement!  It takes the Utah Association of REALTORs (UAR) approximately two months to compile the data, so the August 2015 report is the most recent available and is attached for every county.  Iron County number of closed sales is up 33.2% year to date (YTD) 2015 as compared to 2014. Median price is up  5.1% YTD to $145,000.  Washington County closed sales are up 19.8% YTD as … (0 comments)

realtor: First Fall 2015 Seller Newsletter - 09/28/15 08:16 AM

realtor: Summer's Second Sizzling Seller 2015 - 08/27/15 06:12 AM
Summer's Second Sizzling Seller 2015 Naisbitt-Bagley Team ERA Realty Center Newsletter Update
Summer has seen increased real estate activity and prices that are slightly up for most counties in Utah including Southern Utah.  Attached are the Utah Association of REALTORS (UAR) Local Market Updates by County for June 2015.  This is the latest report available since it takes UAR approximately 2-3 months to compile these statistics.   
Information for all Utah counties is attached.  Iron County Year to Date (YTD) closed sales for 2015 as compared to 2014 are up 31.6%. The Median Sales Price is up to $142,700 which is a … (0 comments)

realtor: Thanksgiving Should Last A Lifetime If We Want Happiness as Real Estate Agents! - 11/29/13 06:36 AM
It doesn't matter what we do in life, we are happier if our cup is half full rather than half empty. It is the same situation, but the outcome is either to feel great when we are looking at the half full or bright side or to feel down and depressed When we only look at the negative side. 
Recently, I saw a cartoon with two fish swimming in a bowl that was only half full Of water. One fish said to the other, "I like to think of my bowl as half full rather than half empty."  I love it! … (1 comments)

realtor: Naisbitt-Bagley May 2013 Newsletter - 05/28/13 05:00 AM
Naisbitt-Bagley Team May Newsletter
According to the attached recent Utah Association of REALTORS (UAR) "Local Market Updates by County," Iron County sales year to date are down 11.6% as compared to the same time last year.  I believe this may be due to the lack of inventory in this market rather than to the lack of buyer.
With the decrease in inventory, sometimes nice homes that are priced right will attract more than one buyer. Even though there are several buyers wanting a home, only one wins.  Therefore, only one sale occurs and one closing. The … (0 comments)

realtor: Foreclosures, Short sales and Bargain-Priced Homes Are Attracting Buyers! - 09/10/12 09:54 AM
At one of ERA Realty Center's office meeting recently, the real estate agents discussed the real estate market in the Cedar City, UT, area.  We have more buyers, less homes for sale, lower interest rates and lower prices.  No wonder we are getting multiple offers on homes under $150,000! 
Buyers can own their home for less than rent in many cases.  Supply and Demand should turn this market right around soon.  Maybe the homes in the lower price ranges are already experiencing a seller's market!  We are seeing buyers pay more than list price and more than appraisal to win their home over the … (1 comments)

realtor: Home Mortgage Rates Improve - 05/06/11 12:20 PM
Kent Reid of MGM Funding sent the following Mortgage Market News for the week ending May 6, 2011.  With his permission, let me quote, "Weaker than expected data helped mortgage rates improve for most of the week, but Friday's Employment report then surprised to the upside, causing mortgage rates to give back some of the improvement. In the end, as they have for each of the last few weeks, mortgage rates finished the week a little lower."
Who knows when rates will rise as people keep expecting them to do.  For now, we do know that they are affordable and prices … (0 comments)

realtor: Are Short Sales And Foreclosures Drying Up? - 02/26/10 04:54 PM
I spoke to an appraiser in our area recently who says it's too soon to tell, but he's seeing some good signs.  He watches the Notices of Default constantly and the foreclosures as they come on the market.  He mentioned that it seems to him that the homes being foreclosed now on average are not quite as nice as they were awhile back.  He thinks that more sellers are holding onto the nice homes but still letting go of the problematic homes.  I handle a huge % of the foreclosures in our arera, and I believe that there is some substance to … (6 comments)

realtor: Cedar City REALTORs Sold More Homes In 2009, But Market Prices Dipped! - 01/26/10 04:46 PM
I hope and pray that prices don't dip anymore!  I keep thinking that for sure this is the bottom.  Then prices dive again.  Then I find myself thinking again that this has got to be the bottom.  I really believe we have hit bottom, and the only way to go is up.  Don't you agree?
One thing this real estate market has taught me is that no one can predict the top or bottom of any market.  That's why I'm hanging onto my real estate!  I know it will go back up again; and in the meantime, I still have my real estate!  It … (3 comments)

realtor: Looking Forward to Restful Sunday After Busy Real Estate Week! - 01/09/10 10:20 AM
I had a great week!  It was both busy and productive!  I hope all of you are experiencing a successful 2010! 
Let's take a break tomorrow and enjoy some meditation, family and restful study!  Then we'll get back to a busy week next week.  What do you say?
For all your real estate needs, please email or call 800-934-3742.  Check out the website at!  Enjoy your Sabbath, and we'll talk to you Monday!  We can give you top service with every home!

realtor: Another Busy Day For Real Estate In Cedar City, Utah! - 12/05/09 11:27 AM
Life is great--cold but great!  My assistant, Matt, and I both worked hard today!  Looking at homes for sale can be really fun in Cedar City, Utah as long as you have a warm coat and gloves!  Homes are selling, and there is probably still time to be in yours before Christmas if you hurry! 
Wouldn't you have a wonderful feeling if you were to open Chistmas presents in your own living room?  There are not as many buyers this time of year, and there is a great selection of homes from which to choose.  Check out the listings of homes available on … (0 comments)

realtor: Cedar City Real Estate Moves In Cold and Warm Weather! - 12/01/09 11:53 AM
Our weather has been changing back and forth lately:  Icy cold to comfy warm.  You know the old saying in Cedar City:  "If you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes."  That's to give it ample time to change!
We are still busy selling real estate no matter what the weather.  We hope you'll give us a call to experience the cozy warmth of owning your own home!  There's no better way to be home for the holidays than in your own new home!
Please call Janet's team at 435-865-1019 or email  Please check the vast inventory at  Click … (1 comments)

realtor: R U Happy About The Tax Credit Extension and Addition For Home Owners? - 11/16/09 01:02 PM
I've heard lots of controversy on both sides for and against the up to $8,000 tax credit extension for home buyers who haven't owned a home in the last 3 years.  Back and forth; back and forth!  I've also heard pros and cons for the addition of current home owners who have owned their home 5 out of the last 8 years.  How about you? What do you think? Let's vote!  For?  Against?
I figure it really doesn't matter whether I agree thoroughly or don't agree at all.  It's here. 
I just hope buyers don't wait until the last minute to take advantage of … (2 comments)

realtor: How Did November Get Here Already? Let's Be Grateful for Real Estate! - 11/02/09 06:06 AM
Trick or treaters have gone and somehow November rushed in to take its place!  I love November and Thanksgiving and couldn't help but feel joyful as I crunched leaves walking to the office this morning!  I love crunching leaves!  Just a few days ago I was thinking how much fun it is to crunch snow!  Soon, I'll enjoy breaking layers of thin ice!  I do love the 4 seasons we enjoy here in Cedar City, Utah. 
Speaking of time, It's a great time to buy real estate while there is a crisp, cool feeling in the air! Interest rates are low and so are prices.  Great … (1 comments)

realtor: Do We Or Don't We Have An Extension For the $8,000 Tax Credit For Homes? - 10/30/09 11:58 AM
What about the extension for the up to $8,000 tax credit for first time buyers?  Do we have it for sure?  I keep hearing we do, and then I hear we don't.  Then I hear we almost do.  My mom taught me a miss is as good as a mile, so I still have no idea.  Please tell me; who knows? 
If we have it or get it, my concern is that people will think they can wait to buy until next April 2010.  Right now there are people scrambling to buy to meet the end of November deadline.  Some will … (1 comments)

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