broward county: Did you miss me? - 05/10/11 01:26 PM
Ha, its been some time since I have written anything here on ActiveRain, thank you Chrissy for calling me. I do miss all the wonderful things this site has to offer!
But I do have some wonderful news! I passed my Broker's Exam this past summer and have now joined CondoDomain as the Broker of record here in South Florida! So will you be seeing more of me? You bet! This is the beginning of a wonderful relationship again here with you guys.
Thank you for still being here and for still having me! Did you miss me? You guys have … (0 comments)

broward county: To make things just a bit EASIER! - 01/04/10 04:44 AM
If you are like me, I carry my camera everywhere. Pictures for my listings, pictures of the neighborhood, or like what I am also doing, LOTS of BPO's.
Here is the problem I run into several times maybe a week. I take my pictures and have to wait till I get to a computer to upload my pictures. I have run into problems where I forget my card reader for the camera card. Would have to run home to get the card or just wait till I got home. Which would slow me down, and if you are like me are … (64 comments)

broward county: Broward County Property Appraisars going to the Business! - 06/24/09 12:36 PM
So I was reading the paper today and came across an article that Broward County Property Appraisers are going to business that owe in back taxes. The county is looking to collect around $8 million in back taxes.
FORT LAUDERDALE - Tax collectors hit the streets Wednesday in a sweep of hundreds of business -- demanding they pay delinquent bills or have their equipment and furnishings sold at auction. Customers were exercising at a downtown Fort Lauderdale gym when collection agents posted a lien for $9,900 in back taxes on its doors in the morning. Workers at a Quizno's sandwich shop … (2 comments)

broward county: So you are ready to buy.... Now What?? Part 2 - 05/19/09 02:04 AM
You are ready to buy your First Home, you found your Realtor not you want to know the next step? Getting your Pre – Approval letter. Here is some information on Pre – Approvals. Know the steps you need to take, know what you are getting into before hand. You don’t want to take any risks after you bought your First Home.....
Signing on the Dotted Line

What is it? “Pre-approval” means you have met with a loan officer, your credit files have been reviewed and the loan officer believes you can readily qualify for a given loan amount with … (3 comments)

broward county: Broward County School time Changes - 05/15/09 02:01 PM
Looks like there are several schools that will be changing there time schedules. As a parent with a child in Elementary school I believe in knowing ahead of time. So I wanted to get this info to you before the start of the new school year. I know we haven't finished this one yet, but you can never be too prepared!!
Heads up, students and parents: 15 Broward schools are changing their start and end times for the 2009-10 school year. In addition, two new elementary schools opening in August are setting their schedules for the first time. The School … (0 comments)

broward county: Broward County giving away FREE Paint!! - 04/25/09 01:04 PM

broward county: Help me understand this?!?! - 04/22/09 02:04 AM
I have been working with a buyer as you know from a previous post that we submitted an offer. It took a week for them to get back to us, with a signed contract (thank goodness!). So I forwarded it to my client for him to review.
I got the contract on Monday afternoon, my buyer is out of state so I sent him the contract he needed to look it over and would get it back to me the next morning. I wasn't worried, heck it took a week for the sellers to get it to me. Well Tuesday morning … (7 comments)

broward county: Update to ~~OK Now I'm Upset! - 04/20/09 08:39 AM
Last week I was ranting about an agent who I submitted an offer to. I went days without know anything. I would call everyday and still no word or no answer.
I headed to Daytona Beach this weekend for vacation time with this file in hand. I called him from the house, from the beach and so on. Left messages and everything. Well finally I was able to get him this morning. And it turns out that after a week of no news we find out that we got a signed contract from the sellers.
Now we have to wait on … (10 comments)

broward county: Living Tamarac - 03/29/09 03:43 AM
Living Tamarac At its best!! Driving around Tamarac you find several of these beautiful trees!
You might see more to come! And several other beautiful things that Living Tamarac means!
Jeannette Neerpat9000 Sheridan StreetPembroke Pines, Fl
Would you like a Free Market Analysis? Visit or call 954-993-4104.

broward county: First Time Home Buyer's Seminar - 03/17/09 07:53 AM
First Time Home Buyers Seminar  First Time Home Buyer Seminar coming your way to Tamarac, Fl. Do you have any questions about the home buying experience? Well now is your chance to get your questions answered all at the same time.
Subjects that will be covered:
New First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit!
Special Programs for Teachers!
Mortgage Rates
Federal State and Local Grants
We will have:
Mortgage Broker
Title Attorney 
Home inspector
to answer your questions.
Call to register at 954-993-4104, space is limited.
Jeannette Neerpat9000 Sheridan StreetPembroke Pines, Fl
Would you like a Free Market Analysis? Visit … (0 comments)

broward county: Coral Springs HUD Homes - 03/16/09 02:42 AM


broward county: Transfering my Domain~ What a Hassle! - 03/15/09 03:14 AM
OK my domain is set to expire in April through Point2Agent. I recently paid for the website for the year and now I am trying to transfer my domain over to
Problem is, I am having such a hard time doing it. First I had to register, ok I knew I had to do that. Then go through of transfering over and entering my domain with them. Only to have them send and email to acknowledge that I have done so.
Now I thought all I had to do was confirm it like any other normal site. No of course … (4 comments)

broward county: Homestead cheaters are being BUSTED! - 03/10/09 03:06 AM
It seems there are plenty of people who have been cheating the systems. (What's new?) It looks like people who have moved away and have been renting out there homes. It makes sense with the inventory still so high to at least cover the cost of the mortgage.
Here is the problem. Since they moved away its no longer consider a Primary Residence. So you are to report when you move away and you will be taxed differently. This money is used as our school money and for fire and police for starters. So here we are losing money because they … (5 comments)

broward county: Broward schools may lose some sports. - 03/10/09 02:46 AM
Here we are going through the budget once again because they need to cut back. Why is it that our kids are always the first ones hit with budget cuts? Broward County school officials are considering cutting several sports at middle and high schools because of budget cuts, the Broward County School Board learned during a budget workshop Monday.Middle school volleyball, softball and swimming could be cut, while high school golf, tennis, water polo and boys' volleyball also face elimination next year. What sports the school district would eliminate would be based on participation rates.
So now we have to sit … (0 comments)

broward county: As a Realtor you should...... - 03/09/09 07:27 AM
Part of being a Realtor youshould be able to do certain tasks. I mean if we are to sell, rent or help buy a home you should be a part of:
NAR- National Association of Realtors Far- (if you are in Florida) Florida Association of Reatlors Have access to your local MLS- that means being a part of your local Board of Association. You should be able to get into your local listings- That means if you need a SupraKey if the lockbox is not a combo lockbox. You need access to the internet, you should have at least a laptop … (4 comments)

broward county: Down Payment Assistance for the City of Lauderhill - 03/04/09 05:17 AM
Are you looking to buy a home and could use some money towards your down payment or closings cost? Well the City of Lauderhill is offering money to those who qualify. For guidlines read below: So, the city is still offering eight to 10 low-income applicants up to $20,000 each to buy new townhouses at the half-built Georgetown Homes subdivision, a two-year-old community of 190 townhomes east of State Road 7 just north of Sunrise Boulevard.As of last year, prices in the subdivision ranged from $164,900 for a one-bedroom, 1,268-square-foot townhouse to $199,900 for a three-bedroom townhouse, with 1,673 square feet.

broward county: For Sale~~3865 WINDMILL LAKE RD, Weston, Fl - 02/28/09 11:50 PM

broward county: Available HUD Homes - 02/26/09 02:04 AM


broward county: School Board looks to go to 4 day weeks. - 02/25/09 01:24 AM
It looks like Broward county school board is looking into 4 day school weeks for all Broward counthy High Schools. The pay wouldn't change for the teachers, but they would save on the overhead costs, EX light and water.
Here is a little exerpt from the Sun-Sentinel.
During a Tuesday workshop, board members directed Schools Superintendent James Notter to study the idea to prepare for up to $160 million in possible budget cuts from the state for the 2009-2010 school year.Such a move would take more than a School Board vote. Changing all high schools to a four-day week would require … (6 comments)

broward county: Broward School Boundaries will be Changing - 02/24/09 04:41 AM
Ok i saw this coming since there is a new school being built right siwn the street. And when boundaries are changed everyone gets upset. I know no one wants to have there child changed after getting use to a school.
But would you rather have them in a crowded school with no possiblity of getting one on one with a teacher when they have some diffucllties? If you want to know where the boundaries are and where there are being changed to, you can attend the hearings.
Seven elementary and middle schools in the county could have their attendance zones … (0 comments)

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