bossier realtor: $8000 Can be used as down payment - 05/18/09 02:05 PM

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO ME?       Based on this information, you can now purchase a home with the Tax Credit money.  This could be        as much as $8000!!  You only have limited time so don't wait.  This is an opportunity of a lifetime,        please, do not pass this up!!
CALL ME NOW!          (318) 213-0410DON'T MISS OUT                         

bossier realtor: Buy Neighborhoods not homes!! - 05/18/09 02:00 PM
How to Evaluate a Good Neighborhood when Buying a House"It's important to choose the highest quality neighborhood when buying a house. It's not only good for you and your family, but you will realize the highest increase of appreciation. In other words, your property value will rise faster in a better neighborhood." - Regina P. Brown, San Luis Obispo, CAHome buyers don't buy HOUSES. They buy NEIGHBORHOODS. In fact, neighborhoods are more important than individual houses. If you have a house for sale, and a prospective buyer drives down your street, and feels uncomfortable with the neighborhood atmosphere, they will keep … (1 comments)

bossier realtor: Should I Owner Finance my home?? - 05/18/09 01:54 PM
With the Banks' tightening of the money, there has been a resurgence of Lease to Own Agreements lately. Although these deals are popular with both Buyers and Sellers, they are not to be taken lightly. Here's why these instruments are potentially dangerous:Danger for the Seller: If the Buyers stop making payments under a Lease to Own Agreement, the Seller can not evict them. Instead, the Seller has to institute foreclosure action, which can take many months. In essence, the Owner could potentially have tenants who don't pay rent for a very long time (foreclosure action may take over a year), without … (0 comments)

bossier realtor: Harder to Purchase a Home - 04/07/09 12:55 PM
It has been my experience that potential home buyers are not able to purchase a home right now due to higher and tougher credit requirements from lenders.  The $700 Billion Bail Out was put in place to free up money, however it has had the opposite effect.  Write or call your Congressman and let them know that you are not helping the lending industry make more money on us!!  Go to

bossier realtor: What is the Housing Stimulus Bill & can I get $8000?? - 03/24/09 12:47 PM
2009 Housing Stimulus bill: $8000 Home buyer tax credit for home buyers
If you were ever thinking of BUYING or SELLING a home, now is the time.  Please read this email in its entirety and see how you can get your share of this $8000 FREE money just for buying a home.  This is not a gimmick.  This is your tax dollars in action.  Please call me if you have any questions.
The $789 billion economic stimulus package proposed by Obama government, contains a key housing stimulus bill designed to help first time homebuyers in order to revive the US … (1 comments)

bossier realtor: Can I purchase a home with the credit crunch?? - 03/24/09 12:42 PM
Now thats a loaded question.  The quick answer is, if you have good credit and money to put down on the home.  Now there are still 100% LTV (loan to value) loans available, however you will need to meet the requirements of those loans.  Most 100% LTV's are outside the city limits so be prepared to ask a certified loan officer the requirements for such a loan.
For more on this information, contact Jonathan Newton with Team Newton, Keller Williams Realty at

bossier realtor: Interest rates are at 4.5% for an FHA/VA 30 year fixed - 03/24/09 12:36 PM
If you were ever thinking about buying or selling your home, NOW is the time!!  Interest rates are at an all time low which directly effects your payment.  You can buy more of a home now for less money monthly vs waiting for interest rates to go back up.  NOW is the time.
For example:
$200,000 home @ 6 % interest is $1200 for Principle and Interest
The same home at a lower interest rate
$200,000 home @ 4.5% interest is $1013 for Principle and Interest
What would you do with the extra $$$???  Pay off the home quicker!!
For more … (0 comments)

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