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Nickelsen Home Inspections, LLC is proud to be performing home inspections in all of the Clark County Washington and the Greater Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA metro areas. We specialize in offering a complete inspection process, from the inspection to the report, on site and in an expedient yet thorough manner. Prior to taking on the form of Nickelsen Home Inspections, LLC in 2005, Inspection Consulting was one of the original home inspection companies in Clark County. We have collectively performed over 10,000 home inspections in the last 12 years, and we put all of this experience to work for you. -- If you need a home inspector in Vancouver WA, or anywhere in SW Washington and NW Oregon, Nickelsen Home Inspections, LLC will offer you the most experience, the best service, and we guarantee it! Call Today: WA: 360.907.9648 OR: 503.502.1495 Toll Free: 1.866.284.3151
Tip From Nickelsen Home Inspections, LLC: If your roof is 11-16 years old and you haven't checked it out closely in many years you should.  95% of all homes that we inspect will have cracked plumbing vent boot/jack necks, which is the #1 cause of small leaks into attics: leaks that eventually bec...
We are coming off of the summer, our driest time of the year, and this year's dry period was also marked by the longest streak of no rain in the (recorded) history of SW Washington and NW Oregon (don't you miss it already?). As we move into the colder season a lot of people will be moved to buy a...
The Word: “Dry Rot”   The primary purpose of language is to convey meaning between two parties so that there is understanding between them.  In that sense, as long as both parties understand that by “fish” they mean “dog” then I suppose all is fine.  But ideally we want to be as accurate as possi...
I am regularly finding roof vents installed improperly.  In this area, I would say that at least 80-90% of them are installed improperly by nailing or stapling them in the flange/field, even though there are clearly pilot holes/key holes that are made for this and even though most of the vents cl...
It was so sad to see one of the original Burgervilles torn down this last year.  How many times I ate there as a kid!  How many times I took my own kids there!  And, with call in orders, how many times I called (on speed dial) their store when I was passing by around lunch time while on my way to...
March 5, - The Columbian (Vancouver, WA ) Homebuilders will showcase two concepts at this year’s 2012 Parade of Homes, a September showcase of spacious models overlooking the Columbia River and smaller abodes built with eco-friendly practices. They’ll break ground Thursday on the first of those c...
Just about 2-3 times a week I get a contact from a client who says, "My relator gave me a list of inspectors and said that it was against the Law for her to refer one, so I am contacting everyone on the list," or "I asked my realtor for a home inspection referral and she said it was against the L...
Nice Review Just Found on Yelp (although, Yelp doesn't allow you to see it... it filters it because it is positive... I guess): I can always depend on Nickelsen Home Inspection to keep my buyers needs a priority. These inspectors reflect a business philosophy of excellent customer service, giving...
Just got a IMPORTANT REMINDER (quote-un-quote) in the mail to have my HVAC system checked. It reads: IT'S TIME TO HAVE YOUR PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE CHECK.  Please call our service department at ... to schedule your appointment.  (If you have already made your appointment, please disregard this n...
The proliferation of vacant homes in the last few years, due to foreclosure and shortsale (when vacant), has led to a subsequent proliferation in particular problems.  I could list dozens of issues that are more common on such properties, but one that I wanted to mention is "the damaged garage d...

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