marketing: Setting Boundaries - 2011 December Blogging Challenge: Day 8 - 12/17/11 08:00 PM
The Las Vegas valley is a lot bigger than many people realize. With a population of just under 2 million, it can take 45 minutes to drive from one side to the other if traffic is favorable. Henderson is Nevada's second-largest city at 277,502 and covers roughly one quarter of the valley.
On day 2 I set a goal of earning $120,000 in 2012, and figured out on day 4 that I would have to sell 23 homes at $200,000 to achieve it.
The key question was "Am I willing to do what it takes to achieve this level of success?" or to put it … (1 comments)

marketing: Driving Traffic to Your Blog with Comments - 11/03/07 04:57 PM
Would you like to have more readers, more subscribers, more prospects and clients from your blog? Of course! We've all read about the importance of reciprocating comments and commenting on other blogs within ActiveRain, but how can you expand your reach to the general public and the rest of the world?
In "Building Blog Readership by Monitoring What Other Bloggers are Writing", Problogger's Darren Rowse offers a solution. Each of us has a unique perspective on real estate and our markets, and it's just a matter of sharing our knowledge in the right places around the web.
Rowse suggests two keyword monitoring tools that … (42 comments)

marketing: Focus on revenue-producing activities in 2008 - 11/02/07 06:40 PM
Quick... make a list of all of the things that you do in your real estate business. Prospecting, blogging, pulling comps, designing flyers, showing property, updating your website, building your database, ordering yard signs, optimizing photos, scheduling and attending inspections, preparing your monthly mailout, sending relo packets, responding to phone calls and email, inputting listings, creating virtual tours, setting up buyer searches.
None of the activities in the first paragraph directly produce revenue. They may lead to future clients or help get your listings sold, but nobody hands you a check when you finish them. The two items you must focus on are … (28 comments)

marketing: Marketing Pilgrim - a feast of internet news and reviews - 11/02/07 02:31 PM
It used to be that Pilgrims were only thought of during Thanksgiving or John Wayne impersonations. Now Marketing Pilgrim brings them from Plymouth Rock to the World Wide Web.
Internet marketing expert Andy Beal started the site in 2005, and it is currently the eighth-ranked media and marketing blog in the AdAge Power 150. Visit his blog for a FREE book, "The Marketing Pilgrim Essays", a compilation of articles about search engine optimization, pay-per-click management, and social media marketing.
Stop by and say "Howdy!" to Marketing Pilgrim, and enjoy the buffet of internet marketing news and tips. Just remember to save room for dessert!

marketing: Connecting with Generation X - 11/02/07 10:34 AM
Over at Geek Estate Blog, San Diego agent Denny Oh has an entertaining post comparing the technological differences between Gen X'ers and their parents. Nearly 50 million strong, this tech-savvy demographic prefers email and texting to phones calls, and expects responses in minutes rather than hours.
When you consider the tremendous buying power of Generation X, it's clear that real estate agents need to leverage technology if they want a share of that business. Oh calls it Real Estate 2.0.
Read the full post: Generation X - Caution: Read Instructions Before Use

marketing: Las Vegas MLS promotes Fair Housing compliance - 06/01/07 02:42 PM
The Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS® will soon be rolling out a system to check the Directions, Remarks, and Agent-to-Agent Remarks fields in MLS listings for words that may trigger Fair Housing violations. Designed to protect both brokers and agents, the system will not allow a listing to be entered that contains Prohibited words. It will also highight potential Warning words so they can be changed.
The list of Prohibited words includes:
active adult communityboard approval requiredcoupleempty nesterspreferred communitysenior discounttraditional neighborhoodThe list of Warning words includes:
55 and older, 62 and olderclose todesirable neighborhoodexclusiveexecutivehandyman's dreamideal for, perfect forprivatesafe neighborhoodsecludedsecuretranquil settingWhile we should all … (10 comments)

marketing: Don't take it personally ... It is what it is - 12/09/06 10:38 AM
If your market is anything like ours in Las Vegas (20,000+ available resales, 9-10 month supply, prices flat to slightly declining) you know it can be tough to be a listing agent. Sellers may get frustrated by the lack of activity (especially relative to the boom of 2003-4), and a simple 'market update' call or visit can quickly turn into a firestorm. "Why isn't my home sold? How come you didn't do an open house last weekend? You've never shown my house! All of you agents are the same! I could do better on my own!"
When this happens, understand that 99% of … (26 comments)

marketing: So much to read, so little time - 11/18/06 04:11 PM
While browsing the business section at the local bookstore, I found The Marketing Gurus: Lessons from the Best Marketing Books of All Time by Chris Murray. The book consists of seventeen summaries of the top marketing books over the last fifteen years, including:
The Tipping Point by Malcolm GladwellPositioning by Jack Trout and Al RiesThe Popcorn Report by Faith PopcornPurple Cow by Seth GodinRelationship Marketing by Regis McKennaReading further, I saw that these summaries were produced by Soundview Executive Book Summaries. This looks like a great resource! Through their site, you can access summaries of 30 books per year for only $119. A CD version is … (8 comments)

marketing: Columnists lack local perspective - 10/16/06 04:54 PM
The Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS® (GLVAR) website has a feed from Inman news. Two stories caught my attention today.
The first was subtitled "What sellers need to know in current property market." In it, Dian Hymer started by making three suggestions: price it right, make it look impeccable, and have a comprehensive marketing effort. Great advice, but then she goes on to say "Today's listings often aren't being shown to a lot of buyers before they sell. One house in Sonoma County, Calif., recently sold in only 12 days." I think those statements give sellers unrealistic expectations, but overall … (2 comments)

marketing: Lead Generation - Database Ratios and Forecasting - 10/11/06 01:01 PM
Your single most important asset in real estate is your contact database. Without people, all of the scripts, websites, inventory knowledge and negotiating skills are meaningless. In its most basic sense, the real estate business isn't about selling houses, it's about people.
In The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, Gary Keller talks about the importance of building and consistently feeding a database. He divides the database into two groups - 'Met' and 'Haven't Met'.
Your Met group consists of:
Network Group - People who have met you in person. This includes your family, friends, doctor, accountant, mechanic, hairdresser, teachers, neighbors, etc.Allied Resources - People you know … (13 comments)

marketing: Chamber of Commerce is a great resource - 10/02/06 01:30 PM
Hoping to find some great content for my websites and blogging, I stopped by my local Chamber of Commerce this afternoon. I introduced myself to the receptionist, told her I was a local real estate agent, and asked if they had a relocation package I could buy. "We only charge for maps or if we have to mail something," she replied. "But everything on that wall is free."
'The wall' was a 6' x 12' area filled with brochures, flyers, and magazines. What a find! Here's a sampling:
a Demographic Summarythe 2006 Chamber Business Directorythe Chamber Connection newsletterLas Vegas Life, Las Vegas Home & Design, Southern Nevada … (2 comments)

marketing: Experts go beyond the MLS - 09/29/06 07:54 AM
It's always amusing to me when I get a flyer or postcard from another agent who claims to be 'the neighborhood expert.' They tout a recent listing or sale and include the basic MLS statistics for the area. When I check further, I often find that they don't even live in the same city, and this is their only sale in my neighborhood!
A real Neighborhood Expert goes beyond the MLS. They know where the nearest elementary school is, how to get there, and whether it's 9-month or year round; what is going to be built on the parcel across the street; … (2 comments)

marketing: Day in the Park - 09/28/06 03:11 PM
A marketing event that has been particularly successful for me is 'Day in the Park.' I pick an area of about 500 homes that has a neighborhood park with grills and picnic tables. About 1-2 weeks before the event I distribute flyers to each home saying "Come out and meet your neighbors! Enjoy FREE food and drinks, get the latest real estate and mortgage info, and enter to win free prizes."
The cost is split with a mortgage and/or title rep. We shop at a warehouse store for hot dogs, hamburgers, condiments, chips, water and soda. To make it an attractive event for families … (4 comments)

marketing: Building a better blog - 09/27/06 01:35 PM
Neil Patel, from ProNet Advertising recently published a blog called "5 Ways to Building a Better Blog". With Technorati estimating that there are 75,000 new blogs launched every day, competition is fierce for readership. Patel's tips cover five categories:
ContentWrite consistent, quality content that is short and to the point, and participate in conversations.UsabilityYour blog should be organized, easy to navigate, searchable, and have an RSS subscription button that's easy for readers to find.VisibilityOptimize your blog for the major search engines and the blog search engines. Also link to social mediums like digg and del.icio.usUniquenessUse video, tools and your content to stand out … (1 comments)

marketing: How real estate is like football - 09/17/06 05:34 PM
Third down and ten. The quarterback drops back... the halfback picks up a blitzing linebacker while the wide receiver turns his route into a quick slant... the QB hits him in stride, he gets a great downfield block... Touchdown!!
We see this happen every week in football stadiums across the country. Intensive preparation, precision timing, flawless execution. The pros make it look easy. In those few seconds everything clicks. But did you ever stop to think how many hours, days, and weeks went into preparing for that one play?
It starts in the off-season when players focus on cardio and strength training. … (3 comments)

marketing: Marketing from a different perspective - 08/30/06 06:57 AM
Feeling a little tired with the same old Just Listed/Just Sold/Market Stats marketing pieces? One creative way to break out of that rut is to write from a different perspective. Here's a farming letter that is successful for me, 'written' by my dog, Sundance.==========
John helped me find a home and he can help you too!! 
Five years ago, John adopted me from the Henderson Animal Shelter. We became fast friends, and I quickly grew to love my new home. Since then, I've enjoyed lots of long walks in the park and through South Valley Ranch, meeting many wonderful people and … (8 comments)

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