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Don't you feel good when  finding the right house for your buyers?  The pleasure of seeing the joy and excitement is almost as good as getting paid. In the midst of the appraisal, bank and money problems, good sales still occur. Doing the walk- through of their new Shell Knob lakefront home last ...
  Much has been said lately about appraisers - most of it not good.  Many pointed a finger at them for allowing the over-inflation of homes, which led to the current housing problems and even (some say) the recession.  Be that as it may, they are human - I was married to one once - and are now tr...
Walk Arounds Scheduled So what comes to mind when you hear the term "Walk Arounds"? Maybe it's like a home buyer doing a "Drive By" of a house that's for sale, but they get out of the car and walk around the property? Not Exactly. Shell Knob residents in Barry County (Shell Knob's area includes p...
Cassville Mayor Tracy Holle has signed the International Building Code and International Property Maintenance Code the Aldermen of the City of Cassville adopted in June.  This is a big step forward for the city.  As with any change, it has been met with opposition and will undoubtedly run into pr...
TO BE OR NOT TO BE.... THAT IS THE QUESTION In July, a notice came from the Stone County Health Department that effective August 1st, a certificate would be required that the septic system of any property sold was in good working order. As a REALTOR selling alot of Stone County and Shell Knob hom...
Plan Commission Stays It was a close vote, but Stone County Shell Knob  residents who wanted to retain the Planning Commisson prevailed. The vote was 51% yes and 49% no. Only 300 votes separated the yea's and nay's. The prospect of no zoning and unrestricted construction in the county, stirred em...

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