shell knob real estate: Agent Weeding - Recession Continues - 01/14/11 07:01 AM
In boom times, Real Estate License schools had full classes.  Ozark Brokers had the pick of the crop to  boost their company sales.  I didn't keep track in Shell Knob of  new members added to our local board in recent years, but the rolls filled out.
Some have said that slow markets in  real estate are also good for  business, because they weed out the hot shots who took the cream of the sales, but did not plant roots to see them through a recession.
As 2010 ended, the number of listings that expired was huge, and may have been a reflection of  business … (2 comments)

shell knob real estate: YOU GOTTA HAVE HEART - 03/05/09 04:16 AM
Love Your Listings?
Do you fall in love with your listings? I mean, are you so impressed and elated with marketing this jewel, that you can hardly contain your excitement?
Let's be honest. They aren't all featured on the cover of the Home and Garden magazine. There are some sellers we can't convince to clean or paint. Houses that smell from cigarettes or animals, etc

I know an amazing agent who continually puts her heart in her listings, and to listen to her describe a property is a real treat.
 She has a rich melodious voice that builds in excitement as she … (9 comments)

shell knob real estate: Thru The Looking Glass? - 02/01/09 08:54 AM
I felt a little like Alice In Wonderland yesterday.  I have the PERFECT buyers  - the kind you dream of getting a  call from when you are on Floor Time.
They have no debt.  Both Mr. & Mrs are Federal employees - (read good income)  Have paid off the mortgage on their current home.   A-1 (guess that term dates me?) credit, a substantial down payment, and are pre-qualified by the lender they have dealt with for years.
So what's the problem?  Their lender told them that they were #3 on the waiting list to get a mortgage - check back … (7 comments)

shell knob real estate: Can Your Will Prevent A War? - 01/09/09 07:01 AM
The divorce rate is holding at about 50% nation wide.  It would appear that our small chunk of the planet, Shell Knob, MO, is  no different.  Divorcee's or widows,  often re-marry.  Both bride and groom have children from the previous marriage, but unfortunately, The Brady Bunch is more myth than reality.
 Mom and Dad are now gone.  The lakehouse in Shell Knob, has to be sold.  According to the will, the children will now share equally in the proceeds -  all six of them and their spouses.
Now the fun begins.  Turns out there are … (0 comments)

shell knob real estate: FROGGIN' TIME IS HERE - 06/28/08 09:16 AM
Do you start to salivate at the thought of a special delicasie sauted in garlic butter?  This treat can be  expensive, but  persons of a mind for this tastey delight can start collecting it this week -  free for the taking.

 I'm speaking of  FROG SEASON in the Ozarks.  It starts June 30 and runs through October   31.  It's classified as both a hunting and a fishing season, depending on the method used to   catch the bullfrogs.

Shades of Mark Twain - bullfrog hunting is as much a tradition for the Ozarks as some of … (3 comments)

shell knob real estate: UNCLAIMED MISSOURI MONEY - 12/03/07 03:53 AM
Missouri is known as the "Show Me" state, so this Shell Knob real estate agent was a little puzzled when I read a short paragraph in the newspaper that the State Treasurer had returned more than $3.5 million in unclaimed funds and property.
And after this disbursement, the state still is holding more than $220 million in unclaimed property and funds in more than 1.5 million owner accounts.  Who are these people who forget where their money is?  I can understand not finding your car keys, or even where you parked your car in a large shopping mall, but … (6 comments)

shell knob real estate: WEB OFFERS WINDOW SHOPPING - 07/27/07 03:52 AM
SECOND HOME TREND?  Window Shopping for second homes seems to have morphed into a slightly different form. Buyers shop...look at houses...waterfront lots, but the last 3 out-of-state leads I've received from my blog at AR are doing some considerable travel coming from greater distances to check us out. Typically, our area around Shell Knob attracts people from neighboring states trying to find the perfect vacation/retirement lake home within a convenient distance of their current domicile
I knew we were receiving a large number of Californians wanting to achieve a lower cost of living, and that does seem to be what … (1 comments)

shell knob real estate: OVER 4,000 FEET OF LIVING SPACE - 06/25/07 07:03 AM
This beautifully landscaped, spacious home has room inside and out.  It sits on six country acres with it's 3 bedrooms and 3 baths.  The living room is a generous 15 x 25 ft. with an open floor plan expanding into a 20 x 16 kitchen.
A huge wrap around deck has 864 sq ft,  to enjoy countryside views, plus another 40 x 12 covered patio on the lower level walk out from the family room.
Just 9 miles north of Shell Knob and Table Rock Lake, there is also a security system, storm shelter and out buildings.   More acreage is … (0 comments)

shell knob real estate: MOSQUITO FREE LAKE - 05/28/07 08:05 AM
 Would you like to have a summer home at a lake where you didn't need to swat mosquitos?  Then let me show you around some Shell Knob real estate on Table Rock Lake.  Yes, you read correctly - I said NO Mosquitos on the lake. 
How can this be? 
The typical lakefront cottage has to have a screened in porch for residents to be able to enjoy swat-free meals,  while  lighting  citronella candles. The lack of this annoying insect occurs at Table Rock due to the type of terrain that makes up the lake.  The hills in the Ozarks have … (3 comments)

shell knob real estate: IT LIFTS YOU UP - 04/30/07 09:17 AM
Boat docks have been a big item in Shell Knob real estate lately, as we ease into the summer mindset of sun and water.  I sold a lovely waterfront lot Friday and there was a nice new dock with slips available, so this client wanted to secure a slip in the dock for their boat.  The next question was about boat lifts, which of course, lift you and your boat up. 
How do you protect your boat when you are absent from your cottage or summer home?  The answer is to buy a boat-lift. This item will keep … (0 comments)

shell knob real estate: I WANT TO BE MAGNETIZED - 04/27/07 04:33 PM
Business appears to often come in cycles.  Everything may be quiet for a week or two and you wonder why your ad didn't draw at least one call, then BOOM the phone rings with a lead.  That breaks the dam, and you get call after call, email leads, referrals.  Like draws  to like.  It's a strange mystery involving magnetic energy.
Have you noticed that there is something in the air that pulls the calls?  It seems that once the pot is stirred, it draws , like a magnet, more and more to come in?  I've seen that in listings.  A … (10 comments)

shell knob real estate: DEMAND EXCEEDS SUPPLY IN SHELL KNOB - 04/26/07 05:59 PM
Recently I discussed the problems of  finding boat slips and boat docks on Table Rock Lake.  For the past two weeks I have been advertising several waterfront lots I have listed in the Shell Knob area.  The ads have resulted in my receiving several calls and emails from potential buyers. 

So what's the problem?  I wanted new clients, of course, and I now have 20 new potential buyers wanting to buy  waterfront lots.  The problem is that these lots do not have any boatdocks. 
Most people not only want to have a great view of the water, they … (0 comments)

shell knob real estate: KINGS RIVER SUBDIVISION - 04/15/07 08:36 AM
KINGS RIVER DEVELOPMENT is approximately four miles south of Shell Knob, and west of Hwy 39. 
It boasts of having a popular golf course. 
There are several new homes sitting high on a bluff with magnificent lake views.  Prices range from $150,000 for interior homes, and some with lake views, up to $390,000 for waterfront homes.
 Fishing is excellent on the Kings River end of Table Rock Lake.

shell knob real estate: TO DOCK OR NOT TO DOCK - 04/15/07 08:04 AM
A BOAT DILEMABoats can be a problem.  What's that old axiom?  'A boat is a hole in the water that you throw money into?'  I don't think I have that exactly right, but the fact remains that you buy a boat to put it in the water and go boating.  
The problem arises when you are through boating for that particular day, where do you put it?  As a Shell Knob real estate agent, one of the first questions I get from clients is "Where is the boat dock?"Getting a boat on and off a trailer continually can be a … (5 comments)

shell knob real estate: SHIFT HAPPENS - 04/10/07 04:10 AM
Are we used car salesmen?Watching the evening news last night I listened to the announcement and introduction of the new basketball coach for the University of Arkansas.  They take their basketball VERY seriously in Arkansas.    His acceptance speech made me think of how people perceive real estate agents.  The new coach proclaimed that he intended to teach his ballplayers how to keep their opponents under " constant pressure and harassment", and thererfore, WIN! 
Is that how we as, real estate agents, are pictured?  Are we like the car saleman who, presumably to check out the trade-in price of your car, takes the … (8 comments)

shell knob real estate: WOULD YOU LIKE SMALL TOWN SHELL KNOB, MISSOURI LIFE? - 03/08/07 07:17 AM
There was a recent incident that brought a smile to my face.  Smiles are good, right?First, I should explain,  Having spent most of my life in big cities, I realized when we relocated to the Ozarks, that although the  usa was a 'melting pot' , we still have some cultural differences in the States.  Missouri is in the center of the country, but it is also the border between North and South.  Life tends to be slower here, and once I adjusted to it, I decided that slow is not bad.  Slower doesn't mean inefficient, but … (2 comments)

shell knob real estate: WHAT ABOUT SHELL KNOB REAL ESTATE? - 02/12/07 03:45 AM
City Mouse or Country Mouse?
When working with a client who wants to move to the Shell Knob area, I try to determine what their "Want to's and Got To's" are. 
We all have such a list in our minds, but may not have actually sorted it out completely.  You know what I mean:  Must have at least 3 bedrooms and 2+ baths, plus be on the water with a  GREAT VIEW and  BOAT DOCK.............and we want to stay price-wise, under $150,000, (I'm smiling.)In this area of Table Rock Lake,  there is also the decision of living in a housing development, … (0 comments)

shell knob real estate: WHO WANTS A LAKE HOUSE BARGAIN? - 02/09/07 06:05 AM
The Spring Real Estate Market in Shell KnobYou have decided that you want to buy a lake house in Shell Knob this year.  You've heard about a drop in home sales, the over inflated real estate  market is in a slump, and it sounds like bargains to be had, or so all the news  media people would have us believe.   Dollar signs flash before your eyes.  People will be begging you to take their property off their hands, right?    Wellllll ....maybe,  and then again,  maybe not. 
Early springtime is a good time to look at lake property here at Table Rock … (0 comments)

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