shell knob: TABLE ROCK MATERIALS - 04/19/07 06:12 AM
Five miles north of the Shell Knob Plaza, on the corner of Hwy 39 and Hwy 76 East, sits Table Rock Materials.  Brandon Street opened the Garden and Landscape Center in 2006, and has almost doubled the amount of space with 3000 sq ft in a new indoor Gift Store filled with interesting garden accessories, chimes, bird houses and bird baths.
Sales Associate/Manager Patsy Gilbert, offers knowlegable hints on plants and seed.
From the unique exterior of the new shop to the outdoor products offered,  Shell Knob residents will enjoy browsing, while getting their mulch, top soil, gravel and compost … (0 comments)

shell knob: FOX WOODS - 04/08/07 10:27 AM
This is a pleasant, settled area, approximately 2 miles south of the Shell Knob bridge, with both waterfront and second tier, waterview homes. 
 Homes are mainly ranch style.  Many have walk-out basements.
 Prices range from $100,000 to $198,000.  Community docks with slips are held by many residents.
 For additional real estate or area information, Call Joan, Toll Free at 888-823-4125

shell knob: 7 STEPS TO INSTALLING SEPTIC SYSTEMS - 04/04/07 04:05 AM
In times past, persons wanting to build a summer cottage on Table Rock Lake, would sink a 50 gallon oil drum in a hole in the ground, and call that their septic system.  This obviously turned into a problem as leaching from the barrel could contaminate their well water, or drain into the lake.  That has all changed.  As a Shell Knob Realtor, I'm happy to report that the Stone County Health Department requires more now.
A site evaluation is required in Stone County for every septic system needed,  This evaluation must be done by … (2 comments)

shell knob: TURTLE-LIKE SPEEDS AROUND SHELL KNOB - 04/02/07 07:32 AM
SLOW DOWN SHELL KNOB  Traveling around Shell Knob?  Slow down and keep alert for turtles crossing the road.  You have a greater chance of not injuring the turtles, and it will give you better gas mileage. Turtles are the oldest known group of reptiles that are still with us today.  Turtle fossils date back 200 million years.
The three- toed box turtle thrives in the Ozarks.  It is the one with the plain olive brown colored shell.  The ornate box turtle has a dark shell streaked with yellow lines. They are plentiful and for some obscure reason, about twice a year they … (0 comments)

shell knob: SHELL KNOB LAKEFRONT LOTS - 03/27/07 03:28 AM
                 S O L D            S O L D            SOLD            SOLD     
Like to do your own thing?      Don't want to be in a subdivision?      Hate traffic?  
Then Check out these beautiful lots filled with oak, walnut, dogwood and redbud trees.
Walk down to the water and cast your line in for a nice lunker bass or flathead.
Enjoy the birds, deer, fox, turkeys … (4 comments)

shell knob: HUMMINGBIRD SEASON FOR SHELL KNOB - 03/25/07 05:24 PM
There was a discussion at the grocery check-out in Shell Knob today,  about hummingbirds and when to put the feeders  up this spring.  The store's management had deftly exhibited it's sugar on an end-cap, surrounding new hummingbird feeders. 
I know that Shell Knob is not the hummingbird capital of the world, but we more than get our share of them.  There have been times when I've counted over 30 hummers at a time in and around a couple of feeders!  Now that's alot of birds!Getting back to putting out the feeders, I usually go by the date shown on the … (2 comments)

shell knob: GROW WITH VANDERHOOF IN SHELL KNOB - 03/23/07 08:12 AM
Springtime is planting time. 
Plants and trees and flowers and bushes, name it and Marion and Mike Vanderhoof will probably have it at their nursery.  The Vanderhoofs have become the local go-to couple if there are questions about gardens and landscaping.
Located just off Hwy 39, off the road that goes behind the Bridgeway Plaza.  They have been in Shell Knob for seven years.

 Marion Vanderhoof is a landscape specialist and a walking encyclopedia on matters of gardening. Need to know what will do well in this climate, as well as sun or shade requirements?  This is … (0 comments)

shell knob: EAGLE BLUFF ESTATES IN SHELL KNOB - 03/22/07 10:29 AM
EAGLE BLUFF ESTATESEagle Bluff Estates offers the amenities that would be expected in a quality subdivision - wooded lots, open space, paved roads, electric, water and sewer, plus a community swim dock and boat slips.  Annual dues of $475,  include fees for sewer, water and road maintenance.  Homes will range from 3,000 to 4,800 square feet.  Have 3 bedrooms and an office or 4 bedrooms, 3 baths.  Great water views.

Home prices range from $350,000 to $500,000 
for the discerning buyer. 

shell knob: OAK TREE POINT IN SHELL KNOB - 03/22/07 09:53 AM
Oak Tree Point Subdivision
This is a quiet, somewhat gated, community on a quiet dead-end road.  All the homes are on the waterfront.  There is a community dock available for the residents.  The gate is rarely closed in this peaceful community.
 Three or four bedrooms can be expected, with approximately 3,000 square foot living space.  The hilly terrain allows easily for walk-out basements, which are normally finished.
Home prices range from $340,000  up to $400,000                                                                                    

 Community boat dock with swim … (0 comments)

shell knob: GOT YOUR SHOW TICKETS YET? - 03/17/07 07:16 AM
Branson Area Appreciation Time 
Platters Review     
Springtime heralds the arrival of new shows in Branson, Missouri.  For Shell Knob and Table Rock Lake residents, that means discounted ticket prices.  Discounted prices are called Area Appreciation shows and are offered to locals to make up for residents experiencing additional traffic and congestion during the height of tourist season, which I, as a realtor in Shell Knob appreciate. 
The window of opportunity to see shows at reduced prices is short, usually less than a week, but various offerings are spread out for most of the month of March.    It is a little like … (0 comments)

shell knob: WANT TO WALK TO THE WATER? - 03/06/07 02:38 AM
 Four wooded lots available -  close to Table Rock Lake. 
You can walk to the water from any of these four wooded lots in Regency Cove, Shell Knob, Missouri.  A Community well provides water, and electricity is also at each lot.  The gentle slope of the land would lend any of the lots to building a home with a walk-out basement.
The generous size of these lots, just over an acre, makes them a rare bargain at a price of $19,500 in their  peaceful location by the Mark Twain National Forest.  The main channel of Table Rock Lake this cove is on , … (1 comments)

shell knob: NEW BOAT FOR TABLE ROCK LAKE THIS SEASON? - 02/27/07 03:45 PM
Two boat dealers in Shell Knob are  offering an excellent variety of boats and equipment.SPORT BOATS U.S.A. has their offices and home showroom in Ozark, Missouri.  They have been in boat sales since 1988.  Their satellite in Shell Knob is on Hwy 39, south of the bridge over Table Rock Lake.The 'Hot' boat for the 2007 season has got to be the Cobalt 252.  It's a real beauty and  shares the spotlight with the new luxurius Bentley Pontoon.   Their line-up also includes Monterey, Polar-Kraft, Parti-Kraft and Charger Bass Boats.Sport Boats services what they sell, as well as offers … (0 comments)

shell knob: BOAT TO PIZZA HUT IN SHELL KNOB, MO - 02/26/07 05:51 AM
The popular pizza provider, Pizza Hut,  is located at the Hwy 39 bridge in Shell Knob.
  They also have their own dock for pizza lovers to be able to fill their appetites easily.   Customers get a great view of the bridge and watch boats and water skiers on Table Rock Lake as they wait for their order.  
 The Pizza Hut dock, located just below the restaurant, is provided for the convenience of local boating residents and vacationers alike.  Call ahead and the order may be ready for pick-up and consumption on your boat, or make the … (0 comments)

shell knob: A MOSQUITO- FREE LAKE? - 02/25/07 07:57 AM
Table Rock at Shell Knob, Missouri Table Rock Lake is like none I've ever known.  Lake levels flucuate,  go up and down as if  we had an ocean tide, except they don't do it twice daily.    From a distance, going by boat, the shoreline  of this clean clear water ,looks sandy, but the only sandy beaches are where the sand has been imported for one specific location.  What appears to be sand from a distance, is really small rocks.  This is  a lake where you need swim shoes to protect  toes because instead of sand, there is rock and stone.  Therefore the … (0 comments)

shell knob: STUMPY IN SHELL KNOB - 02/24/07 04:17 AM
CHOW TIMESTUMPY BURGER is the new kid on the block in Shell Knob restaurants, and is already getting a reputation for one of the best hamburgers in town.  They are located on The Plaza and easily assessible, with lots of parking.Just as their name implies, their speciality is hamburgers - small, medium and large, but with more imaginative names. A bowl of their Corn Chip Chili will fill most lunchtime munchies.  For a BIG appetite, they offer a Double Patty Cheezie Burger that will challenge the largest appetite.  If someone still has room for dessert, Stumpcake, Ice Cream or Frozen Banana … (0 comments)

shell knob: EVER HAVE A LANDLOCKED PROBLEM? - 02/24/07 03:24 AM
Listing Unsellable In Shell Knob, MO
 I received a call last week from an individual who I had contacted A year ago.  I was quite pleased when he said he was ready to sell his waterfront lot.  We discussed details of current market values, commission,legal description, etc.  He lives out of state, so I emailed him the listing contract.  Called our County Assessor's office and had a copy of the lot map faxed, this was not in a … (2 comments)

shell knob: READY FOR FISHING? - 02/15/07 07:30 AM
 Time to get the fishing tackle out the fish are calling.
March 1st kicked off the Trout Fishing season.  And in this neck of the woods, that almost qualifies as a national holiday.  Cassville, Missouri, just west of Shell Knob declares a school holiday on the first.  That is so that all the natives and visitors can stand knee deep in freezing waters at the Roaring River State Park  to fish when the  hatchery opens for the first time of the season in hopes of getting a record making trout.
March is also the beginning of fishing on Table … (0 comments)

shell knob: EUREKA SPRINGS CLOSE TO SHELL KNOB - 02/08/07 06:06 AM
Shell Knob, Missouri IS known as the quiet end of Table Rock Lake, but it has the advantage of being close to many interesting attractions and towns.  Two of these are Branson, MO and Eureka Springs, Arkansas.   Whenever we get visitors, ( the first year someone relocates here they will get alot of company)  we take a break from boating and sunburns to play tourist.  
A favorite with us, and our visitors,  is Eureka Springs , only a pleasant 40 minute drive SW of Shell Knob.  Read more about Shell Knob   Eureka Springs is a unique and colorful town, founded in … (2 comments)

shell knob: WHO WANTS A QUIET VACATION HOME? - 02/02/07 08:26 AM
SHELL KNOB - 65747-QUIET END?Why is Shell Knob called the 'quiet' end of Table Rock Lake?  Shell Knob is a family destination for vacations or retirement.  It's the place you go to to relax, lay back and enjoy the tranquility of open waters, peaceful nights with a sky full of stars.  The town sits past  the mid-way part of the lake, which travels from Branson, MO at the Corps of Engineers dam, past Kimblering City, then branches in one direction to Cape Fair, but continuing on and taking alot of turns, finally reaches Shell Knob.  It's 745 miles of shoreline, twisting … (6 comments)

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